Best Names For Grandma List

Whatever you want to call her, grandmother, nana, grandma, or any other grandma moniker, she will always love us no matter what happens in our lives.

A grandmother tries her best to make us feel better by providing comfort. What’s wrong with giving her a few of grandma’s nicknames to make her feel extra special every now and then?

Grandmother names that are original, lovely, and adorable will undoubtedly bring a smile to her face. Our grandmother wishes to remain as close to the family as possible, and giving her affectionate nicknames such as Mimi, Yia Yia, Tutu, or even a southern style of ‘Gigi’ as a nickname for grandma helps her feel like the most loved part of the family. Grammy, Cici, Mia, Nan, and Amm are some of the other names for grandma. Consider the names on the lists below for alternative grandma names that are cute and unusual, and that would be ideal for your one gorgeous grandmother.

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Grandma’s Traditional Given Names

Do you want to know what people call their grandmother’s nicknames? Yes, without a doubt! Grandma nicknames have been around since the beginning of time. This list contains a few popular G and M-sounding, sweet alternative granny nicknames that your grandmother is sure to love.

  1. Gabby.
  2. Gadji.
  3. Gamma.
  4. Gammy.
  5. Gemma; is a common term used for older women.
  6. Gidgee.
  7. Gigi, a trendy term used as the first name by Gigi Hadid, will surely make your grandma feel like the new star of the house. Using the same term twice always makes names for grandma quite attractive.
  8. Gimmy.
  9. Gogo.
  10. Golly.
  11. Gram.
  12. Gram-Gran; is a combination of two terms used as grandparent names.
  13. Gramma.
  14. Grammers.
  15. Grammy; why not give your music lover grandma the famous award by naming her after the ‘Grammy’ awards.
  16. Grams.
  17. Gran.
  18. Grancy.
  19. Grandma; how can the list be complete without the simple grandma name that tops all charts behind?
  20. Grandmama.
  21. Grandmom.
  22. Grand Momma.
  23. Grand nana.
  24. Mama.
  25. Marmee; a name used for a mother or the older woman in the literary work named ‘Little women’ can be something that relates the best to your grandma.
  26. Meems.
  27. Mema.
  28. Mima.
  29. Moo.
  30. Mooti.

Grannies With Different Nationalities Have Different Names

Every language has a different name for the word ‘grandmother,’ which is a direct translation. These cute little names that you may use to refer to your grandmother have a distinct sound to them and can be used to refer to your favorite elder member of the family.

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  1. Abuela – Spanish term for a grandma.
  2. Avo – Portuguese.
  3. Ayeeyo – Somali.
  4. Babushka – Russian; it is quite a unique name for a grandma.
  5. Babcia – Polish.
  6. Bomma – Flemish. This can be one of the great alternative names for grandma.
  7. Bubbe – Yiddish is a perfectly cute term for your bub or the cute little grandma.
  8. Dadi/Daadee – Hindi.
  9. Grand-mère – French for grandma.
  10. Halmeoni – Korean.
  11. Lola – Filipino; quite a name that follows the famous film named ‘Run Lola Run’.
  12. Mhamó – Irish.
  13. Muthashi – Malayalam.
  14. Nene – Turkish.
  15. Nonna – Italian for grandma; it is quite a common term used by non-Italians too.
  16. Obaachan – One of the Japanese names for grandma.
  17. Oma – German; is the opposite of Opa use for a grandfather.
  18. Ouma – Afrikaans.
  19. Savta – Hebrew.
  20. Seanmhathair – the Irish word for grandmother.
  21. Senelė – Lithuanian; gives an intimate feel of the sound and meaning of the moon.
  22. Sobo – Another one of the Japanese names for grandma.
  23. Tutu – Hawaiian; it is a cute name for an old lady who loves the beachy vibes.
  24. Vovo – Portuguese.
  25. YaYa – Greek for grandma.
  26. Zumu – one of the Chinese alternative names for a grandma.

Grandmothers With Traditional Surnames

Many families continue to refer to their grandmother by the same traditional name. Others make minor tweaks to the formula. Such differences are useful in a variety of situations, such as distinguishing between a grandmother and a great-grandmother. Examples of such modifications include changing Grannie to Gran-Gran, or Grannie B, to distinguish between the generations.

The majority of these names have been around for what seems like an eternity.

  1. Gammy or Gamma or Gams
  2. Gram or Grams
  3. Gramma
  4. Grammy or Grammie
  5. Grandma or Grandmaw
  6. Grandmama
  7. Grandmom
  8. Grandmother
  9. Grannie or Granny
  10. Gran or Gran-Gran
  11. Marmee or Marmi
  12. Mammy
  13. Mema or MeMa or Mima

Names Of Grandmothers In The Modern Era

Some grandmothers believe that they do not match the mold of the traditional grandmother and are looking for more modern grandma names to represent themselves. They may be younger than the normal grandmother or they may be hip grandmothers, but more often than not, they simply want grandma names that reflect their personalities and that they can relate to. Those who want to go by their given name are generally met with opposition from a grandchild or other family member who bestows a nickname.

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A growing number of baby boomer grandparents are choosing hip grandma names, which has become something of a craze. Listed below are only a few of the moniker choices made by the organization.

  1. Abba
  2. Amma
  3. Babe
  4. Bamba or Bama
  5. BeBe
  6. Bella or Belle
  7. Birdy or Birdie
  8. Bunny
  9. CeeCee or Cici
  10. Coco
  11. Gabby or Gabbi
  12. Gaddy or Gadgi
  13. GiGi
  14. GoGo or Gogi
  15. G-Ma or G-Mom (also spelled Geema or Geemom)
  16. Glamma or Glammy
  17. Grancy or Gracie
  18. Kitty
  19. LaLa
  20. MayMay
  21. Mia
  22. Mimi
  23. Nina
  24. Pippy or Pippa
  25. Teenie or Teeny

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