Best Polish Girl Names That Are Delightful

Choosing a name for your child is an extremely personal decision, and with so many beautiful names to choose from, it can be difficult to limit it down to just one. Poland is home to a plethora of lovely girls’ given names. We’ve compiled a collection of 100 of our favorite quotes, along with their meanings, for you to peruse and be inspired by as you please.

What Is The Most Popular Girl’s Name In Poland, And Why Is It So Popular?

A staggering number of different names can be found in the Polish language. Some of the names are variants of prominent names prevalent throughout Europe, while others are completely unique to the country in question. The most popular name for girls and women in Poland is Anna, however, names such as Julia, Maja, Zuzanna, and Lena have become increasingly popular among Polish parents in recent years. All of those items, as well as a slew of other, more unique selections, have made it onto this list.

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Polish Girl’s Names That Are Delightful

All-female Polish names begin with the letter “a,” making them easily distinguishable from male names. The majority of Polish girls’ names are feminine versions of boys’ names with the letter “a” added at the end.

  • Aleksandra (a-leh-KSAN-dra): variant of Alexandra, “to defend men”
  • Alicja (a-LYEE-tsya): variant of Alice, “noble type”
  • Amelia (a-MEH-lya): work
  • Hanna (KHAN-na): grace
  • Julia (YOO-lya): downy-bearded
  • Lena (LEH-na): torch
  • Maja (MA-ya): variant of Maia, “good mother”
  • Maria (MAR-ya): unknown
  • Zofia (Zaw-fya): variant of Sophia, “wisdom”
  • Zuzanna (Zoo-ZAN-na): variant of Susanna, “lily”

Common Names for Girls in Poland

  • Antonina (an-taw-NYEE-na): unknown
  • Iga (EE-ga): war battle
  • Marcelina (mar-tseh-LYEE-na): male
  • Natalia (na-TA-lya): Christmas Day
  • Owliwia (aw-LEE-vya): variant of Olivia, “olive”
  • Pola (PAW-la): unknown
  • Wiktoria (vyeek-TAW-rya): variant of Victoria, “victory”

Polish Versions of Common Names for Girls

  • Brygida (bri-GYEE-da): Bridget; exalted one
  • Dorota (daw-RAW-ta): Dorothea; gift of God
  • Elzbieta (elzh-BYEH-ta): Elizabeth; my God is an oath
  • Estera (eh-STEH-ra): Esther; star
  • Hania (KHA-nya): Hanna; grace
  • Ilona (ee-LAW-na): Helen; torch
  • Iwona (ee-VAW-na): Yvon; yew
  • Judyta (yoo-DI-ta): Judith; Jewish woman
  • Melania (meh-LA-nya): Melanie; dark
  • Ruta (ROO-ta): Ruth; friend
  • Weronika (veh-raw-NYEE-ka): Veronica; true image
  • Wioleta (vyaw-LEH-ta): Violet; purple flower
  • Zaklina (zhak-LYEE-na): Jaqueline; supplanter

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Short And Cute Polish Names For Girls

  • Ada (A-da; “a” as in “cat”): noble
  • Agatka (a-GAKH-ta): good
  • Aldona (al-DAW-na): unknown
  • Aneta (a-NEH-ta): grace
  • Asia (A-sha): Yahweh is gracious
  • Basia (BA-sha): foreign
  • Bogna (BAWG-na): given by God
  • Dosia (DAW-zya): giving to God
  • Edyta (eh-DI-ta): war fortune
  • Gaja (GA-ya): earth
  • Gosia (GAW-sha): pearl
  • Iza (EE-za): my God is an oath
  • Jola (YAW-la): violet
  • Kasia (KA-sha): unknown
  • Kinga (KYEENG-ga): family war
  • Ola (AW-la): defender of men
  • Zyta (ZIH-ta): little girl

Rare Slavic Names For Girls

  • Eligia (eh-LEE-gya): to choose
  • Eunika (ew-NYEE-ka): good victory
  • Felicyta (feh-lee-TSI-ta): good fortune
  • Filipina (fee-lee-PEE-na): a friend of horses
  • Izolda (ee-ZAWL-da): unknown
  • Jagusia (ya-GOO-sha): chaste
  • Jaroslawa (ya-raw-SWA-va): fierce and glorious
  • Kunegunda (koo-neh-GOON-da): family war
  • Lada (Leh-dih): Slavic fertility goddess, meaning unknown
  • Morana (mor-an-na): goddess of death, “death”
  • Mokosh (MOH-kosh): Slavic goddess of weaving, women, water, and fertility, “wet”
  • Ziva (Zee-vah): Slavic goddess of life, “alive”
  • Zula (zwla): lily

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