Best Khajiit Names

Are you a fan of Elder Scrolls games? Then you’re well aware of the term “Khajiit.” If you don’t, you should know that the Khaiit are a mythical race of fantastical beings that resemble cats. Apart from humans and monsters, the Khajiit is one of the most popular races in the game. But it’s not as straightforward as that.

In fact, the Elder Scrolls fanbase has built an entire universe of Khajiit heroes who are well-known for their abilities as thieves and warriors. That is why individuals try so hard to come up with unique names for their characters.

So, if you want to enthrall other players and give your Khajiit distinctive names, you’ve come to the proper location! Continue reading to learn more than 60 different female and male Khajiit names and surnames, as well as their meanings! But first, let’s figure out how to properly name Khajiits.

How To Give A Khajiit A Proper Name

Before you choose your preferred name from our list, make sure you understand how to name your Khajiit properly. In the Elder Scrolls universe, names have a lot of power. Characters’ abilities or talents are described by their names. It’s preferable to use honorifics while naming them.

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But What Are The Honorifics Of The Khajiits?

The honorific is a prefix placed before a Khajiit’s name that expresses the Khajiit’s regard or honor. It’s crucial for identifying your character’s place in society. Because the entire fanbase is aware of honorifics, you should avoid using them incorrectly. You may be perplexed right now, but there is nothing difficult or complicated about it. Just keep the following in mind:

Honorifics are usually gender-specific, which means that male and female Khajiit have different names.

Prefixes and suffixes denote your Khajiit’s personality traits or cultural position. The names are usually preceded or followed by a prefix or a suffix.

If a name contains both a prefix and a suffix, it indicates that the person is important and has a higher cultural value.

A hyphen or an apostrophe is frequently used to separate the prefix from the name.

The Meanings Of Khajiit Names

Now that you’ve learned the basic criteria for naming your Khajiit, you may browse over the list of 60+ Khajiit names, learn what they mean, and pick the best one for your character based on their personality and location in the community.

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Khajiit Female Names

Kiheh- is a Hawaiian name that roughly translates to “cloak, blanket, or cape.” It has a warm connotation because it is a lightweight blanket that children in Hawaii used to sleep with.

Khanita -is a name with Arabic roots that means “heavenly flower.” It is related to obedience in Korea, while it means “a sister” in the Philippines.

Rijjan- is an Indian name that means “future possibilities,” “friendliness,” and “sparkles in the eyes,” among other things.

Nasrin- is a very feminine name that works well for strong-willed people. Nasrin literally means “a wild rose” or “a blue fragrant rose.”

Ohama – Ohama or Ohemaa is a Ghanaian royal name. This name is given to many princesses and queens since it implies “my name means queen.”

Faiha – translated as “sweet smell from heaven,” this name has a highly good connotation.

Elashima is a Khajiit girl who is an expert in her area and adapts well to new conditions. Khajiit with this name appear secretive and is always on the lookout for happiness.

Sotima -is an ideal name for a female Khajiit with a lovely, caring nature who values kindness in her surroundings.

Zahana- is a French name that translates to “lovely.” For young and beautiful Khajiit girls, this is a highly feminine name.

Naahin — Khajiit women with this name are known to be daring and risk-takers. They like taking charge of the group and putting their needs before everyone else’s.

Khariba- is an African girl name that means “where the waters have been imprisoned.”

Mojja – Female Khajiit with this name are particularly gentle and mild. They have a tendency to solve problems without adding to the complexity.

Rinita -is a Hindu name that translates to “God’s gift.” This name is given to Khajiit who are born lucky.

Shatima- is a lovely female Khajiit name with a laid-back personality. The kind and loving personality of Khajiit girls with this name stand out.

Sotima- is an uncommon Khajiit female name that means “purchased baby.” This moniker is given to Khajiit who look after their families and loved ones.

Taraya- is an Indian name that translates to “stars.” This name is associated with lucky Khajiit girls who endeavour to pursue their path wherever it leads them.

Azijjan- is the moniker given to social Khajiit girls who enjoy mingling with others and learning about new people. They, too, like taking on new challenges.

Fafeliz – Khajiit with this name put their own interests first. They make every effort to attain their objectives.

Mosrin- is a moniker given to female Khajiit who are known for their bravery. They are powerful women with a positive outlook on the future.

Zahrazad – female Khajiit with these names are warm and genuine. They have a distinct perspective on the world.

Afeliz – Khajiit with the name Afeliz are doomed to battle evil. They have a sixth sense and can foresee potential danger.

Atima – Khajiit with the lovely name Atima are appreciated by those who know them. Even their adversaries are easily drawn to them.

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Khajiit Male Names

Nair- is a Hindi name for a warrior Khajiit, and it means “strong, powerful, giving, and caring.”

Mojir- is an Arabic name that is appropriate for a hopeless romantic male Khajiit.

Akh’noud – “Noud” is a Dutch name that means “to observe the rules,” and “akh” is a prefix for male Khajiit names.

In Sanskrit,- Amtabe or Amitabh means “immeasurable brilliance.”

Amder- is a beautiful name for Khajiit men that means “reasonable reasoning.”

Sinbil- is a prestigious name given to respected Khajiit men.

Zan’bar – “Zan” is an English name that means “gift,” and “bar” is a frequent suffix for male Khajiit names.

Mohamnoud- is a prominent Islamic name that means “honour” and “desire.”

Omtaba – A Hawaiian name given to brilliant Khajiit guys who excel in sports or music.

Nataba -is an excellent name for social Khajiit who make excellent mates.

K’arr -is a Scandinavian name that means “from the swampy land.”

Helnar – Khajiit with this name are logical thinkers who are dependable and dedicated.

Dar’har- is a Khajiit boy’s name with Hebrew roots that means “pearl.”

“Searching ends when sharing begins,” says Jotdar, a great moniker for explorers.

Urjdumiwa -is a Turkish-Khajiit boy’s name that means “moonlight.”

Amdul- is an Arabic name that derives from the word “Abdul,” which meaning “servant.”

Sinnoud – The suffix “noud” is a popular suffix for male Khajiit names, and it comes from the word “sin.”

Sinnir- is a Chinese-Khajiit name that is a variant of Sinnoud with the suffix “ir.”

Omar- is a prominent Persian name that means “flourishing, long-lived.”

Ab’ar -is a topographic name in Spanish that means “son of Arphaxad and grandson of Shem.”

Omder, a Khajiit name with the ending “der,” is derived from an Arabic baby name that means “first son.”

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Surnames- of Khajiit

Raioni- is a term given to Khajiit that means “region” in Georgian.

Sioni- is a Jewish surname that means “pure” or “gracious.”

Romanni -is a nomadic people who are also known as Gypsies.

Jastae- is a Persian surname that means “ugliness.”

Solbus- is a Khajiit name that means “luxury and bliss.”

Sistae -is derived from the Latin word “sister,” which means “truthful.”

Davi- is a boy’s name that means “beloved,” and “hammu” is a male Khajiit name prefix.

Astae -is a term given to Khajiit households who are gifted and open-minded.

Raivandi – “rai” in Japanese means “faith” or “thunder,” and “vandi” is a Khajiit suffix.

Khaspoor – “spoor” is a Dutch metonymic occupational name, and “kha” is a typical prefix for Khajiit.

“Achiever, peacemaker, more attractive,” says Zatani.

Sihir- is an Indonesian surname that means “pleasant, great mankind, charming.”

In Anglo-Saxon culture, “ro” denotes “red-haired,” while “manni” is a Khajiit suffix.

Kistae- is a surname of a Spanish origin that means “wisdom.”

Baramanni- is an Arabic surname that means “innocence” or “creative.”

Satani – “tani” in Spanish means “to make renowned,” and “sa” is a Khajiiit prefix.

Raitani- is a Japanese name that means “faith” or “thunder,” and is related to Raivandi.

Kidavi- is a Khajiit surname that means “father” and has Hebrew roots.

“Tavak” -is a Khajiit prefix, while “davi” means “beloved” in English.

Kirabi – “Rabi” is an Arabic surname that means “springtime,” and “ki” is a Khajiit prefix.

Atani- is an African surname that means “bell.”

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