Best Bone Puns Inspirations to Help You ‘Humerusly’ Learn About Bones

It’s incredible to think that our bodies are made up of so many bones, 206 to be exact.

These insane bone puns will tickle your funny bone and make pun enthusiasts squirm. You can’t stop us because we’ve got a skeleton’s worth of hilarious skeleton and amusing bone jokes under our sleeves.

The funny bone is that strange bone that gives us an odd sensation when we accidentally bang our elbow against something. What most people don’t realize about the bone is that it isn’t actually a bone at all! It’s actually a nerve called the ulnar nerve that rubs on the humerus and transmits a humorous message to your brain. People began to refer to the weird sensation striking your “funny bone” since the word humerus sounds so similar to the word amusing, which is what we use to describe all of Kidadl’s great puns and jokes.

What a humorous skeleton fact, but we’re confident you’ll agree that facts about skeletons pale in comparison to our hilarious skull puns, broken bone puns, rib puns, and a slew of other bone puns. If you’re tired of hearing the same skeleton puns on Halloween, get the skeletons out of the joke cabinet and learn some of the greatest bone puns out there to distinguish yourself apart from the rest of the frightening Halloween crowd.

If you’re looking for some more rib-tickling laughter this Halloween season, check out our terrifying skeleton jokes, and if you want to scratch your head, try our scary Halloween riddles.

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The Most Hilarious Bone Puns

There are plenty of humorous bone puns out there, with hundreds of them in our bodies, so we’ve compiled a skeleton of them for you.

  1. I had a feeling the skull wouldn’t win the debate. It couldn’t stand since it didn’t have a leg to stand on.
  2. The skeleton was a complete dunderhead.
  3. Leg bones have a reputation for always telling the truth. They find it simple, to be honest.
  4. Because of all the windy days in the fall, ribcages are prone to becoming ill. A shiver runs down their spines.
  5. Getting harmed is a heartbreaking sensation, but it’s impossible to deny that it’s also a spine-tingling one.
  6. I adore my sense of humor. There’s no denying that it makes me laugh.
  7. Despite her best efforts, the skeleton was unable to get out of bed. She was exhausted.
  8. Ribcages are notoriously bad liars. It is possible to see right through them.
  9. When a spine thinks your bone puns are amusing, you can always tell. They begin to laugh.
  10. The bone was irritating me because he kept lying. He was a complete phony-ba-boney, in my opinion.
  11. The skeleton wanted to play the trombone, but I suggested the saxophone instead. To be honest, when you’re feeling boney, both instruments may be pretty humerus.
  12. As an apology for all the skeleton joke articles I’d been writing, I purchased my skeleton a new plant. His bonsai tree is his greatest favorite.
  13. The skeleton was unable to see the spare ribs I was preparing. He couldn’t do it since he didn’t have the stomach for it.
  14. On Halloween, the ribcage was desperate to start a fight. He harbored a grudge towards the werewolf.
  15. Bone lovers prefer to spend their time in the woods. It’s because they like the s-pine trees, I discovered.
  16. We had to punish the misbehaving skeleton, so we imprisoned him in a rib cage.
  17. Have you heard about the bone that a pack of wild dogs almost ate? It had been a miraculous escape.
  18. I used to have a lot of great spine jokes, but they’re all gone now. Clearly, I wasn’t as famous as I assumed.
  19. For a while, I went to a school where I learned about bones. I’m disappointed I graduated since I enjoyed going to osteoclasts.
  20. I asked for t-bones from my butcher, but he delivered me sirloins instead. It wasn’t until I came home that I realized he’d made a mistake with the steak.
  21. In the restaurant, the rib cage would always order a full-bodied wine; I didn’t say anything, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because it didn’t have one.
  22. Bones are always in such a good mood. Nothing manages to irritate them.
  23. American skeletons adore the country’s heritage. The section about Napoleon Bone-a-part is their favourite.
  24. The ribcage enjoys playing his organ for the crowd every Sunday.
  25. Your pals’ funny bones are probably shattered if they don’t laugh at these amusing bone jokes.
  26. I was concerned that my bone humor would fall flat, but then I utilized it.
  27. No one wants to know, but I actually kneed you.
  28. I came across a femur that had broken away from the rest of the skeleton. He was in a really bad mood.
  29. I had to incarcerate my spine. It was rotten to the core.
  30. Backbones are excellent in felling trees. They make fantastic lumbar supports.
  31. My dearest friend assured me that he was on my side. That was something I’d been curious about.
  32. I exposed a skull to the sun. It became completely dehydrated.
  33. If you don’t like them, I suppose I could learn some femur bone puns.
  34. I’d like to deliver some more amusing bone jokes, but I don’t think I’m brave enough.
  35. My skull is unconcerned when I refer to it as a bonehead.
  36. It was obvious that the skeleton was enjoying himself at the party. He appeared to be having an osteoblast.
  37. Tibia, To be honest, memorizing jokes and puns about the bones in the skeleton requires a lot of effort.
  38. I had to cancel an art display for the skull pictures that I had planned. It wasn’t in my heart.
  39. Many bones try to be chic, but none will ever be more fashionable than the hip.
  40. When I changed into a skeleton, I knew what was about to happen. It was as though I could feel it in my bones.
  41. Just hold on tight; everything is going to plan.
  42. This article is just a huge list of funny skeleton jokes that tries much too hard.
  43. When the skeleton realized he didn’t have a body, he felt terribly lonely.
  44. My bones don’t follow the norms of physics. They’ve gone bone tibia crazy.
  45. These skeleton jokes and anatomy puns are hilarious to me.
  46. Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Bone is a dog’s favorite book.
  47. I once saw a snake that was a skeleton, and it terrified me. It was a rattler, of course.
  48. I competed in an anatomy beauty pageant. It was a bit tedious, and no one came out on top.
  49. I had a bone guitar pick that I misplaced someplace in my room. I’m pretty irritated with myself for being so careless.

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  1. I went to the store and picked up a bag of bones that I had ordered online. They weigh a sale-tonne, which astonished me.
  2. Two thigh bones were too lazy to get out of bed, so they stayed in bed. Bones that are sluggish.
  3. On the front of my Harley Davidson motorcycle, I painted a skull. What can I say, I’m born to be a free spirit.
  4. I asked a skeleton to supper and promised to prepare a t-bone steak for him. He gently rejected, stating that he lacked the stomach for it.
  5. You might be able to turn your funny bone into a laughing stock if you decide to boil it.
  6. I’d want to spend some time with you.
  7. In an attempt to propose to the radius, the femur said, “Will you marrow me?”
  8. I’ll be right back; I just got an SMS on my cell phone.
  9. Do you know how many bones a human hand contains? I’m not sure, but I’m guessing it’s quite a few.

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