What Is The Best Way To Learn Web Design?

Web design and development is one of the best jobs out there. However, it’s not an easy job to learn as the process of designing and developing a website is quite complex. 

They say that experience is a great teacher. That is true in most ways, but when it comes to web design, that is just not enough. There are definitely important technical matters that you have to learn before you can start earning money from it. 

But there are important reasons that could make you find the best way to learn web design. Here are some of them:

Web designing is one of the most marketable skills out there. There are always people and companies looking for a web designer and developer. 

Every company needs to have a website in order to succeed in its industry. It’s even the same for people now. Freelancers have to market themselves. Having a website is a great marketing tool. 

In other words, if you are into web designing and development, you have a lot of options in the wide ocean. You can cast your net and you are sure to catch a lot of fish, some small and some big. 

There are so many opportunities for you to earn.

  • Good income opportunity

Speaking of earning, web designers earn a lot of money. Website designers earn a median annual salary of around $47,000 while web developers earn so much more at $76,000. The median income in the U.S. is only $31,000. 

Also, you have to take into consideration that this is just a median income. If you work as an independent contractor, there is no limit to how much you can actually earn. 

Remember, this is an in-demand job as companies and freelancers would need a website to market themselves. 

Now, if you prefer working for a stable company, then that’s good too. As a web designer, you have the opportunity to work for the biggest tech companies in the world. These companies, of course, provide good salary packages. 

  • You can work anywhere

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the importance of remote work. The good thing is that being a web designer allows you to work anywhere. You just need to be armed with your laptop to do your work. 

Whether the pandemic ends soon or not, you always have the option to work wherever you think is most comfortable. When the pandemic does end, companies, for sure, would already have an option to make remote work an option. It has been proven that it works and remote work actually makes lower overhead costs.

  • Great way to channel your creativity

This is certainly a job that doesn’t revolve around routines. Every project is different. It’s also a great exercise of creativity but within the confines of technology. 

When you have something to channel your creativity, it’s always fun. When it comes to web design, your creativity also has to be balanced with the science of web design and development. It’s actually a great exercise of intellect and passion. 

What Is The Best Way To Learn Web Design?

Now that we’ve covered how good a career in web design is, it’s time to look at ways on how to learn it. 

  • Navigate the world wide web

The internet is really a buffet of educational materials. You can learn everything just by browsing the internet. 

However, just like any buffet, not all things you get are tasty. When it comes to your web design education, you have to be discerning of the materials that you devour. You don’t want to make the mistake of gaining information from an incredible source.

You’ve heard of fake news so many times. It’s the same with information. There is always fake information out there. 

As long as you are able to choose the right materials to learn from, the internet is a huge library of information. 

Read everything you can about web design—from the basics to the more complex information and all things in between. Even reading about the creative part of it will really help you learn the process of design. 

  • Find a mentor

You should complement what you’ve read and learned with a good mentor. Find someone who can really teach you about web design. 

Reading is different from seeing somebody actually doing it. 

If you can’t find a mentor who is willing to do this for free, then it’s still a great investment. The return on investment can be two-fold or more. 

  • Understand the languages

You have to learn about HTML or hypertext markup language, CSS or cascading style sheets, and JavaScript. These are important languages for web design. If you don’t learn these, then you might as well forget your career in web design and development. 

HTML is like the basic structure of web design. This is the core language that you really need to learn so that you can understand the process. Just like with any language, as soon as you learn it, you can start communicating. 

If HTML is how you write, the CSS is the presentation. This goes hand in hand with HTML when you want to create a good design for a website. 

When you have mastered these two languages, then you can move on to more complex ones like JavaScript. This tech language will allow you to make your website more interactive. 

  • Practice

Just like with any skills, you need to practice before you become great at this task. Every free time you have should be spent practicing your web designing skills. 

Putting theory into practice will also help you determine what works and what doesn’t. 

  • Learn from other websites

What websites do you enjoy navigating? Why do you enjoy these websites? 

When you learn the answer to those questions, you can then start educating yourself about how to achieve those things you like. 

Take notice of the color theme and the interaction of the different colors. What makes the typography attractive for you? How was the layout?

You will also notice through browsing that there are best practices when it comes to web design. There are always design principles that designers follow. 

  • Put design on paper

You might think that pen and paper would be too backward considering that you are learning how to design a website. Don’t think like that. 

Sketching on paper still works at making you think clearly. Sometimes, when you see a concrete design on paper, it will allow you to easily determine what works and what doesn’t. 

  • Keep up with design trends

Unlike fashion design, when it comes to websites and technology, there is no such thing as retro. Technology is always evolving and upgrading. You have to be on top of these trends so your design will never be behind. As a result, you will never be left behind. 

Continue to read different credible resources on the internet. Even if you have already learned what you need in order to design websites, you should be open to learning more.

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