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The addition of Stands changed the universe of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure forever. The series’ most powerful stands are listed below. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most popular anime/manga series of all time, created by Hirohiko Araki. While the first two parts of the series were excellent, Araki changed the game with the introduction of the Stands in part three, Stardust Crusaders.

Every Jojo Protagonist, Ranked From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Each Stand is a tangible embodiment of a person’s fighting spirit, and each one is unique to its owner. The power of a Stand might be simple and straightforward in some circumstances. Some Stands, on the other hand, have highly complex but strong abilities to the point where they could be deemed godlike. The most powerful Stands from Araki’s popular Shonen/Seinen series are featured on this list.

Louis Kemner’s May 18th, 2020 update: This long-running saga is more popular than ever before, thanks to the English manga Diamond is Unbreakable and the Golden Wind anime dub. From Stardust Crusaders forward, fans can see a wide range of deadly and awe-inspiring stances, and it’s time to pick five more that rate among the best of all time. In the series, both heroes and villains may be genuine powerhouses, and in the right hands, a stand can accomplish almost anything.

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Chariot Of Silver

The Silver Chariot stand is a formidable weapon, and if Jean-Pierre Polnareff were more cunning and vicious, he could fully exploit it. However, he falls short of that, therefore Silver Chariot is only powerful rather than catastrophic in practice.

Nonetheless, any adversary should be wary of this stance. It has incredible speed, which is amplified when its armor is removed. Its rapier is razor-sharp, and it can quickly slice fire in two or cut stone into any shape. Any physical attack or obstacle is at risk of being sliced by Silver Chariot.

Fingers That Are Sticky

This stand, sometimes known as “Zipper Man,” is one of the most powerful not because of its overwhelming hitting power (which is only average for melee stands), but because of its incredible flexibility. This stand can make zippers out of anything, including living creatures.

Bruno Bucciarati can use this ability to construct portals to attack and retreat, split an enemy’s body apart, hide inside something, or even split up his own body to avoid detection (just ask Beach Boy). Bucciarati is astute, quick-witted, and ruthless, allowing him to maximize Sticky Fingers’ potential.

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Man Who Is Hung

  1. Geil, a terrible stand user who does unspeakable crimes on his victims, owns this evil stand. His stand, which resembles the tarot’s Hanged Man, can go through any reflective surface, including a person’s own eyes. The Hanged Man can strike with incredible speed, even faster than the Silver Chariot, and its knife can slit an opponent’s throat before they realize what’s going on. Hanged Man is also extremely tough to escape or throw off the trail due to its mirror attraction.

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The White Album Is A Collection Of Songs Released In

This is one of the few stances that emerges as a suit that the user wears like armor, rather than a separate creature that fights on their behalf (hence “stand”). The ability of this stand is simple but effective: it has the potential to freeze anything.

Ice powers are among the most powerful in many works of fiction, and Ghiaccio can freeze anything solid, including water vapor, as well as make ultra-tough armor and skate around on the ice. To fight Ghiaccio and this frigid stand, both Mista and Giorno were pushed to their limits.

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