Best Shaman Names List

Shamans are spiritual practitioners who have long been connected with a connection to the spirit world, both good and evil. They are also associated with healing and divine knowledge. Despite the fact that they are not affiliated with modern religion, baby names that signify shaman have unmistakable ties to the supernatural and natural realms, they are a unique spin on a spiritual appellation.

In Asian and Native American civilizations, shamanism is most closely related, and many shaman names have been derived straight from Asian and Native American dialects.

Names Of Real Shamans

Throughout this part, we’ll look at the names of real Shamans from around the world, each of whose spiritual healing abilities is nothing short of awe-inspiring in their own right.

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  1. Abijiya
  2. Alumbrada
  3. Angakok 
  4. Asog 
  5. Ayahuasquero
  6. Baal Shem
  7. Babalawo
  8. Babaylans
  9. Baqshi
  10. Bean Feasa 
  11. Beata
  12. Bobohizan
  13. Boge 
  14. Bombo 
  15. Bomoh
  16. Bongthing 
  17. Boo
  18. Curandero
  19. Dahia al-Kahina 
  20. Dukun
  21. Eem 
  22. Fear Feasa 
  23. Idugai 
  24. Inyanga
  25. Iyeska
  26. Jhakri
  27. Jigari
  28. Kadji 
  29. Kahuna 
  30. Lhapa 
  31. Lhamo 
  32. Lukomon
  33. Lukomor 
  34. Machi 
  35. Mambo 
  36. Mananambal
  37. Mangkukulam
  38. Mambabarang 
  39. Mara’akame
  40. Menye Waempo 
  41. Menye Baada
  42. Mun
  43. Miko 
  44. Mikogami 
  45. Molfar 
  46. Mudang 
  47. Natigai 
  48. Noaidi 
  49. Noro
  50. P’aqo
  51. Paje
  52. Pau 
  53. Paumo
  54. Pawang 
  55. Quam 
  56. Rishi
  57. Sadhu 
  58. Sangoma 
  59. Seidhkona
  60. Szeptuchy
  61. Taltos 
  62. Tang-ki 
  63. Tngri 
  64. Udgan 
  65. Ueinkarkur 
  66. Vala
  67. Veleda
  68. Voelva 
  69. Volva
  70. Wolchwy 
  71. Wulla-mullung 
  72. Yaskomo 
  73. Yatiri
  74. Yuta 
  75. Zer mashitum 

Famous Female Rebel Shamans

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Over the centuries, numerous female rebel Shamans and Priestesses have been at the forefront of liberation movements around the world that have shaped Shaman history. A female Shaman, sometimes, is called Shamanka. In this section, we’ll take a look at their names so that you are ready to read more about them, their achievements, and the Shamans’ history.

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  1. Alinesitoue – Refers to Alinesitoue Diatta from Senegal.
  2. Antonia – A reference to Antonia Luzia from Brazil.
  3. Cecile – Refers to Cecile Fatiman from Haiti.
  4. Jeanne – A reference to France’s Jeanne d’Arc.
  5. Juana – Refers to Juana Icha, a famous Shaman from Peru.
  6. Kimba – A reference to Kimba Vita from Congo.
  7. Kumari – Refers to Nepal’s Kumari of Taleju.
  8. Lozen – This refers to the famous Priestess called Lozen from Apache Nation.
  9. Maria – A reference to Maria Candelaria from Chiapas.
  10. Nanny – Refers to Queen Nanny of the Maroons from Jamaica.
  11. Muhumusa – Refers to Muhumusa, a priestess from Uganda.
  12. Nehanda – A reference to Zimbabwe’s Nehanda Nyakasikana.
  13. Nomtetha – Refers to the South African shaman Nomtetha Nkwenkwe.
  14. Tang – A reference to China’s Tang Saier.
  15. Teresa – Refers to Sonora’s famed priestess, Teresa de Cabora.
  16. Toypurina – Refers to California’s Toypurina.
  17. Wanankhucha – A reference to the famous Somalian shaman.

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