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The delicious, robust, and distinctive names that are associated with Nordic culture are numerous and varied. For those looking for something truly daring, there’s no better source of inspiration than the ancient Scandinavian culture. They were renowned for their vast expeditions and militaristic strength, and they were ferocious Scandinavian warriors. Our list of the top female Viking names includes everything from Estrid to Inga, and we hope you enjoy browsing through them.

You might also draw inspiration from the Valkyries, who were mythological spirit maidens who served Odin, the God of war, and who appear in Old Norse folklore on a number of occasions. This group of wild female warriors is said to have flown over battlefields in search of the bravest of the fallen soldiers and escorted them to the ‘hall of killed warriors,’ which was built by Odin. They have established themselves as a legendary symbol of feminine strength and tenacity, making their names a fantastic choice for parents looking for girl names that are dynamic and powerful in their own right. From Radgrid to Mist, Gondul to Hildr, there are a plethora of options available for you to consider.

You’ll find plenty of Norse names to consider here, no matter what you’re looking for. Browse through our collection of female given names to pick your favorite!

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Names For Nordic Girls That Are Popular

These female names are some of the most popular Nordic names for girls, and they are commonly found in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, among other Nordic countries.

1) Aada – this Finnish name means ‘noble type’.

2) Aino – this Finnish name means ‘the only one’.

3) Alma – this Swedish girls’ name means ‘loving’.

4) Annika – means ‘grace’ or ‘favor’.

5) Ansa – this Finnish name means ‘virtue’.

6) Asa – (pronounced aw-suh) means ‘goddess’.

7) Bergdis – this Norwegian name means ‘spirit protection’.

8) Birgit – means ‘strong’ or ‘powerful’.

9) Birgitta – (pronounced b-eer-jee-tah) means ‘strength’.

10) Ebba – this popular Swedish girls’ name means ‘queen of riches’.

11) Eevi – the Finnish version of the British ‘Evie’ means ‘living’.

12) Elea – this well-loved Finnish name means ‘strange’; it was the top name for girls in Finland in 2019!

13) Elin – a sweet name for your baby girl meaning ‘light’.

14) Elsa – a popular name in Sweden, Elsa means ‘noble’.

15) Filippa – means ‘lover/friend of horses’.

16) Inger – meaning ‘hero’s daughter’.

17) Karin – meaning ‘pure’.

18) Kerstin – (pronounced key-ear-stin) is the Scandinavian form of ‘Christine’, and it means ‘Christian woman’.

19) Linnea – (pronounced lin-nay-ah) means ‘twinflower’.

20) Maja –(m-eye-ah) means ‘pearl’.

21) Margareta – means ‘pearl’.

22) Mia – means ‘mine’.

23) Noora – means ‘light’.

24) Stina – means ‘Christian woman’.

25) Tyra – (pronounced tee-rah) means ‘God of battle’.

26) Ulla – (pronounced eu-la) means ‘determination’.

27) Wilma – means ‘resolute protection.

28) Abellona – this Norwegian name means ‘the sun Goddess’.

29) Agneta – (pronounced ang-nyeta) means ‘pure’ or ‘sacred’.

30) Agnetha – means  ‘pure’ or ‘holy’.

31) Anja – (pronounced an-yah) means ‘merciful’ or ‘gracious’.

32) Annalina – this sweet Swedish baby name means ‘graceful light’.

33) Atalie – means ‘pure’.

34) Carin – meaning ‘pure’.

35) Carita – means ‘love’ or ‘affection’.

36) Carola – means ‘free woman’.

37) Cilla – (pronounced sill-uh) means ‘blind’ or ‘ancient’.

38) Eira – (pronounced eh-ee-rah) means ‘merciful’.

39) Elise – (pronounced eh-leese) means ‘promise of God’.

40) Else – Means ‘promise of God’ or ‘rebellious’.

41) Embla – means ‘elm’.

42) Evelina –  means ‘light’.

43) Juni – this Norwegian name means ‘born in June’.

44) Kajsa – (pronounced kye-sah) means ‘pure’.

45) Karina – a common name in several European countries meaning ‘pure’.

46) Katri – means ‘pure’.

47) Katrin – means ‘purity’.

48) Klara – means ‘clear’.

49) Krista – means ‘believer’.

50) Lena – (pronounced leah-nah) means ‘tender’.

51) Lif – means ‘life’ or ‘to exist’.

52) Lili – means ‘abundance’.

53) Lindy – means ‘lime tree’.

54) Lotta – this pretty name actually means ‘man’ or ‘masculine’!

55) Lovisa – (pronounced loo-vee-sah) means ‘warrior’ or ‘fighter’.

56) Lovise – this Norwegian name means ‘renowned warrior’.

57) Lulla – this Danish and Norwegian name means ‘female warrior’.

58) Lycka – (pronounced lee-kah) means ‘happiness’.

59) Malena – means ‘from the tower’.

60) Mari – means ‘berry’.

61) Marna – a lovely Swedish baby name meaning ‘of the sea’.

62) Mikaela – (pronounced mih-kay-eh-lah) means ‘God-like’.

63) Moa – this elegant name means ‘she is mother’.

64) Monika – means ‘advisor’.

65) Pernilla – this girls name means ‘rock’.

66) Petra – means ‘stone’.

67) Rebecka – the Nordic form of a well-known classic, Rebecka means ‘to tie’.

68) Runa – means ‘secret love’ or ‘secret tradition’.

69) Sanna – is the shortened Swedish form of ‘Susanna’, which means ‘lily’.

70) Sassa – means ‘divine beauty’.

71) Selma – means ‘safe’ or ‘peace’.

72) Siri –(pronounced see-ree) meaning ‘beautiful’ or ‘victory’.

73) Svea – (pronounced sve-ah) this Scandinavian name means ‘of the Swedes’.

74) Terese – means ‘harvest’.

75) Ulva – means ‘wolf’.

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