5 Ways Teachers Can Use PDFs for Online Learning

Technology has had a positive impact in different sectors, including education. Students are now learning remotely more than ever before. 

Online learning has become popular around the world because of its convenience and accessibility. Technology has made it easier for teachers to educate students in the comfort of their homes. 

There are many software and tools available for both learners and educators to facilitate learning. One such tool is an online PDF converter like Adobe Acrobat. 

Considering that a teacher can share physical notes with students, PDF and other tools come in handy when it comes to sharing or transferring notes with students. 

What Are The Benefits Of PDF Conversion Tools In The Education Sector?

PDF conversion tools play a significant role in the learning process. Both teachers and students can take advantage of PDF tools to enhance their teaching and learning experiences. 

For example, students can use PDF to present and share project reports, assignments among others. 

 Below are five ways teachers can use PDFs for online education: 

 1. Creation and sharing of documents 

As mentioned earlier, online learning is where teachers and learners interact virtually. This means that there is no exchange of physical learning materials. 

As such, a teacher has to create notes and share them with students during or after every lesson. The problem with other file formats such as Microsoft Word is that some information is often lost when shared on different devices. 

This is where an online PDF converter comes in. PDF allows teachers to create original documents and share them with students without the fear of losing any information. 

It doesn’t matter which device the document is opened with; it will have the same information as shared by the creator of the original document. 

 2. Ability to make PDF slideshows from PowerPoint slides 

In most cases, both faculty and students use PowerPoint slides to present their work and assignments. It is the best way to present work and assignments in a precise manner. 

Converting PowerPoint slides into PDF slideshows makes it easy for teachers and learners to view the presentation from any device. 

 3. Create PDF e-Textbooks 

Online education and online document sharing have contributed significantly to the rise of eBooks. With PDF conversion, teachers can easily convert their notes into eBooks and share them with students electronically. 

 4. Converting archived lessons into editable docs 

Teachers can repurpose archived lessons and use them to teach other students by editing a few things. This can only happen with the help of a high-quality PDF converter. Teachers and learners can take advantage of the free tools available online to accomplish this. 

5. Editing of books and essays 

Have you ever received a document that has restrictions in terms of editing? One major advantage of PDF files is that you can easily edit documents or restrict them from being edited by others. 

In a nutshell, PDFs play a big role in online education. It gives teachers and students the ability to create and share documents with a lot of ease. 

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