5 Reasons to Share Documents Only in PDF

Portable Document Format is something that has been around for a long time, but not many people understand what it is. All people who are professional or regularly use computer devices understand their purpose and use them on regular basis. Students can also tell you what it is but they tend to avoid it when possible. However, PDF has become an important document format and its use is becoming more and more common, and here I have shared why you should start doing so too. 

It’s Professional

All professionals only use PDF. There is an unspoken rule among professionals that they only send documents in this format. When you send someone a document in PDF, they will start to assume that you know what you are doing and you must be a professional who isn’t doing this for the first time or you learn fast. On the other hand, you will be considered unprofessional if you send a document in word format over email. Always use the PDF when sending the final copy of any document whether it’s a word document or presentation. 

You Can Perform All Operations

There is a misconception that there are limitations to the PDF. However, it’s not the case anymore. There were not many tools in the past and that allowed you to alter documents of this format. Today, there are good online programs like that allow you to perform any and all operations you can do on MS Word. In addition, you can easily convert any document to PDF and crop and merge pages. There are even options to add e-signatures that can’t be changed by anyone other than the person and signed. 

It Protects the Formatting

A document created in the PDF is considered secure, and for a good reason too. The document you create in word will appear different on different devices depending on their formatting setting. However, PDF appears the same exactly as you created and designed it. This the reason why many even prefer to show slides in this format. It will ensure that image placements and the text size and font remain as you wanted it. If you protect it, no one will be able to edit or make changes. 

This is What People Expect

You will leave a bad impression if you send someone a document in any format other than PDF. This is what people now expect and install the appropriate applications in their computers and mobile phones. If you send a document in any other format, they might not be able to read or edit it. This does not create a very good image of you in their eyes. 

PDF Looks Like a Presentation

PDF documents are used for a range of purposes. They are not just an alternative for word documents. They are also used just as much for presentations. You can create slides in PowerPoint if you are comfortable and then convert them to PDF before you show them to anyone. This way, others won’t’ be able to see the sections you added in an editable view

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