The Criteria In Choosing The Best PDF Converter: A GogoPDF Guide

PDF converter tools are the things that could benefit you as a student or as a member of the business industry. There are many reasons to get yourself one, especially if you wish to have a non-editable version of any document or convert it into an editable version.

What is a PDF Conversion?

When you hear the words “PDF Conversion,” it is the process of converting a file to and from a PDF file format like converting your Microsoft Word document or JPG file to a PDF file or the other way around. You will need a PDF converter to perform this procedure.

Why convert files to PDF?

Do you have files you wish to send to your co-workers or classmates but don’t want them can edit or change anything about your document? Then you will need to convert them to PDF files. Another reason to transform them is that PDFs are easily accessible, and you could view them on any device.

If you worry about security, converting your files to PDFs would be a great idea since you could add watermarks or put a password to access your file. In that way, nobody could easily access or modify your private documents.

Why convert files from PDF?

If you are searching for ways to edit your PDF documents, then converting them to any other file formats from PDF is the thing that you should do. You can decide if you want to convert them to a Word document, PPT document, or a JPG document.

With these formats, you could easily modify or alter anything that you want. This method can be beneficial to you and your group mates or co-workers if you let them edit your document. There are also situations where you don’t need a reason to convert them, and you feel like doing it.

Criteria in choosing an excellent PDF converter

The internet could give you so many options to convert your files to another, especially if you type it in your search engines. Before you choose any PDF converter available, there is a checklist that you need to have. This method will save you from disappointment and spending money and time on things that are not great.

You need to check if the PDF converter is easily accessible or easy to use and is safe to use. It is essential to value your privacy as many fake converters could easily hack your personal information using the files you are trying to convert.

Another thing you should consider is the cost. Are you looking for a free converter? Or are you looking for an excellent converter with an affordable and reasonable price? It will all depend on what you prefer. 

Recommendation from us

If you seek our opinion and many other people’s opinions about the best PDF converter you could use, we can recommend one. GogoPDF is the website that you could trust as they try to meet their client’s needs and desires.

Some converters have separate tools to convert PDF files to Word, PDF to Excel, vice versa, and more. With GogoPDF, you could have an all-in-one tool that lets you convert your PDF file to a JPG, Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. You also have the option to convert them from those file formats to PDF.

Regarding security, GogoPDF is also trustworthy. They value their client’s privacy and do not want to compromise them. After you have converted or processed your documents using their system, it will automatically delete after one hour. You can read more about their Privacy Policy on their website.

How to use Gogo PDFs PDF converter

Learning how to use their PDF converter is not as difficult as you think because it is like walking in a park. On their website or page for their PDF converter, they have provided an easy-to-use tool that lets you pick whether you wish to get your files from your computer or device or get them from your Google Drive and Dropbox.

The instructions are also simplified in four easy steps and will only require you to perform a few clicks and a few seconds of waiting time. After you have followed the steps, you could now download or save the converted files back to your device or use a URL to send them to your friends, classmates, or co-workers.

Any person of any age could smoothly perform these tasks as GogoPDF is made for everyone. It also does not require you to register an account, input your personal information, and subscribe to any memberships to use their PDF converter tool.


Choosing the right PDF converter could spare you from future complications that could harm you and your personal information. GogoPDF is made to cater to all your PDF conversion needs in just a few taps.


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