Learning How To Edit Your PDFs Through GoGoPDF

Introducing PDF files during the early ’90s was a combination of positive and negative feedback. Some found the new format somewhat challenging to use, while most find it the most prominent electronic file development. What are your thoughts about these PDFs? Do you also find them tricky to use? Or have you already untapped its vast potential? 

Whether you are a PDF starter, intermittent user, or an expert, this article will still suit you very well. You probably know that PDFs are technical to edit. There are available tools for editing that come with a price—introducing this user-friendly, free, online PDF tool, GoGoPDF, the best pick for all PDF users’ levels for smoother daily operations! 

The GoGoPDF Editing Tools

As you visit GoGoPDF, you can already feel the vibrant and effervescent ambiance of the most convenient online tool! Besides its lively colors and aesthetics, you will also see several tools necessary for most PDF troubles. Have you already discovered how to add page numbers in PDF? If not, then you will find this a good read. If yes, there is more than meets the eye.

GoGoPDF’s online converter tool is also an exceptional tool to help people manage their PDF’s content. With its two-way converter tool, you can convert your files from and to PDF. Having your PDFs converted to its well-matched format allows you to change your content. But if you only need minor modifications, then see more details below. 

Adding Page Numbers To Your PDFs

We can never tell whether your document’s compilation is perfectly arranged the best way unless you are its author. If you encounter a PDF with a somewhat confusing arrangement, number your pages and organize them further. Without a good PDF tool, making these alterations is almost near impossible. 

But with GoGoPDF, life can be a lot easier! For confidential data, worry not for GoGoPDF ensures proper consumer privacy protection. Since it is adhering to the highest security standards, your uploaded files are kept private. Files are automatically deleted after your operations. Check out the steps on how to add page numbers to your PDFs:

  • You only need to follow three simple steps to number your pages. But of course, you must first visit GoGoPDF and select the “Number Pages” option at the bottom right portion. 
  • To begin, locate your PDF, and drag it to the GoGoPDF purple box. The colorful loading meter will appear, representing the uploading process. 
  • Decide which spot you would like to display your page numbers, then click “Number Pages.”
  • As easy as that, your task is complete! You can now copy the provided URL from GoGoPDF for faster online file distribution, or you can save it directly to your storage or Google Drive. 

Add Watermarks To Your PDFs

Adding watermarks to your PDFs may vary for different purposes. Whether it is for personal reasons or work-related copyrights purposes, adding watermarks denote firm possession.  Especially in this digital era, most files are uploaded to various social media platforms and may lose the original source’s identity. 

For you to signify proper ownership of your PDFs, it is recommendable to add a personalized watermark. You will have the liberty to either place a text or image watermark, depending on how you want it. To add a watermark, drag your file to the GoGoPDF box and select your watermark type. After indicating the watermark, apply the changes and save. 

PDF Reader

Personalizing professional or personal files may seem odd for others, but with GoGoPDF, you can enjoy while fulfilling your PDF needs! The festive atmosphere of GoGoPDF makes it more friendly to its users. You can read, view, and flip your PDFs with their PDF reader. Easy and convenient to use, quite an ideal option for your PDF editing needs! 

More things can be done with GoGoPDF’s reader function. You can renumber your pages, zoom minute details, rotate specific pages, and many more! It also has a PDF editor tool that you can take advantage of as it has more features on personalizing PDFs. 

Edit and Rotate PDF

Now, you can add simplified alterations to your PDFs with the PDF editor. You can add or delete some text, add visual images, make many shapes, and draw figures to an expansive extent! You can do all these PDF modifications for free from suffering, stress, and hassle. Maximizing these free online tools can save your time and edit your PDFs effortlessly!


Having a free and online tool like GoGoPDF is like a fantasy come true for handling files in the portable document format. Despite being the revolutionary file format, it has its particular limitations and can be addressed by GoGoPDF. So if you need to make slight or significant alterations to your PDF, try GoGoPDF now. Go on, give it a go!


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