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Preparing Your Content Strategy

If you’re having trouble planning your content schedule for next year, you’re not alone. A content strategy can be helpful in this case, and you should consider implementing one for your business. Here is everything you need to know about how to prepare your own content strategy. 

What Is Your Goal?

Basically, a content strategy looks at your business goals and then helps you achieve them. For example, your goal may be to increase your brand awareness, and your content strategy may revolve around implementing different SEO tips to help you achieve this goal. 

Who Will Be Reading Your Content?

Think about who you are targeting with your content. Note that you can cater to more than one target audience. After all, if your business has multiple target audiences,  your content will too. Whether you have one small niche or many large audiences, knowing who you are targeting can help you pick the best formats for your content.  

What Problems Are You Solving?

Typically, your product or service will solve a problem. Therefore, your content should help educate your audience about this problem. Generally, you will want to appeal to individuals who have just started experiencing this problem and need a solution and those who have been using your solution but need a reason to stay loyal. Remember to use your content to reinforce your solution and help customers struggling to figure out their situation. 

What Makes You Unique?

Your competitors have similar products as you, so you need to establish what makes you different. Again, content can be your best tool for accomplishing this task. Prove that you are worth listening to, and your customers will assume that your product is worth using. 

What Channels Will You Publish On?

Like you have multiple options when it comes to formats, you also have several potential channels. The most popular channels include social media sites, your blog, and your website. However, remember that your social media marketing strategy and your content marketing strategy are not the same. 

How Will You Handle Content Creation?

Figuring out how to create and publish all of this content can seem overwhelming. Therefore, you need to sit down and establish who will create all of your content and when you will put it on the internet. Today’s content creation can be so busy that you may be forced to outsource this task to focus on your company. If you decide to create your own content, you will need to move on to brainstorming ideas. 

How Are You Going To Brainstorm Ideas?

Anyone with a basic blogging guide knows that you need killer topics to attract people to your blog content. If you struggle to brainstorm what you are going to write about, you should try looking at your website to see what’s missing, looking at other blogs for trending topics, using an online idea generator, log cheap or free items on your website, keep up with your industry buzz, and read the headlines in the news. 

When Will You Publish Content?

Lastly, you will need to figure out how you are going to organize your content. Generally, creating a monthly content plan is the best way to organize your topics and stay on track. Most of the topic ideas you come up with should be evergreen to be released whenever. That being said, if any of your topics are timely, be sure to release them at an appropriate time. Throwing these in at the perfect time can help you generate traffic spikes. Aside from your blog, you will also want a social media content calendar

Creating a content strategy isn’t easy. That said, figuring out the answers to these questions will help you prepare the perfect strategy for your business.

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