Free And Paid Anime Site – Which One Should We Go With?

Free but unsafe and low-quality or safe and great but expensive? If this question has made you scratch your head for a while, it is time to settle it for good!

In such a society where money matters most, we all believe that cheap things are not good, good things are not cheap. Free anime sites sound tempting but they seem to be filled with ads. As ads might carry viruses and malware, the free anime they offer might end up causing us serious troubles such as data loss, identity theft, corrupted networks, etc. Therefore, many anime lovers decide to opt for paid streaming services instead. Surprisingly, even when they have to pay about a hundred bucks for a yearly subscription plan, the quality delivered is not perfect. Some paid streaming services disappoint users with unfriendly UI & UX, slow website response, etc. If you are not 100% satisfied with the anime site you are using, be in for a treat! As we cannot make paid sites turn free, we decided to look for a free site that is safe and high-quality. And after extensive research, we have found 9Anime, the best site to watch anime online for free.

What is 9Anime?

If you have been familiar with anime sites, you must have heard about 9Anime. There are chances you used to check it out in the past, but don’t judge by that old domain. is the latest and best version of 9Anime as it has upgraded new features including the ad-free one. As a result, allows users to watch and download English subbed and dubbed anime in HD quality without any worries. The site is completely free of ads, pop ups, and commercials, meaning that users are safe from viruses, trojans, malware, and other malicious computer programs. also boasts an extensive content library, superb streaming capabilities, great device compatibility, 24/7 customer service, etc.

Is It Illegal To Use 9Anime?

Although is not properly legal, you shouldn’t need to be worried about legal issues while streaming anime there. According to copyright attorneys, watching anime online on is not considered illegal. Users will only get into trouble with copyright authorities when they commit illegal downloading or file sharing. Therefore, for your complete safety, you should online on only. In case you need to download videos from the site, use a reliable VPN to stay anonymous and proceed at your own risk.

Is It Illegal To Use 9Anime?

Is 9Anime Safe? is as safe as Youtube, Hulu, or any paid streaming services thanks to the ad-free feature. With no ads, pop ups, or commercials, hackers cannot lure you into clicking on ad links to install viruses and malware into your device. Therefore, without ads, cannot pose any risk to your device and identity. does not require your private information for a signup or registration either, which means you are also safe from information leakage. Therefore, it is not exaggerating to say is the safest site for free anime streaming.

Is Down?

To check if is offline in your region, you can either type the domain name on, or follow on their Social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, to get the latest updates regarding the site’s status.

Why Is 9Anime The Best Site To Watch Anime Online?

Because it is the perfect combination of free and paid anime sites. It is not only free, but also safe and delivers high quality content and features. Why have to think hard to choose between a free site and a paid one when you can simply visit 9Anime whenever you are in the mood for anime? Here is the list of the site’s features that prove is the best biggest gem for anime lovers on the Internet.

– Extensive content library: With thousands of English subbed and dubbed anime titles, surely can provide you with whatever title or genre you want to watch. You can even find here titles that are not allowed on national TV channels such as hentai ones.

– HD Resolution: Anime should be watched in the best resolution possible. While many free sites save HD quality for their paid users, allows you to watch anime in 720p for free. You can also change the video quality and go as low as 360p if needed.

– Seamless streaming experience: boasts superb streaming capabilities that allow you to watch your favorite anime without any hassles. You will not be bothered by any lagging, buffering, redirects, and pop ups during your streaming.

– Daily database updates: New titles are added on a daily basis. Visit the site frequently to check out new requested titles, random interesting shows, or the latest releases that are updated as soon as they come out officially.

Why Is 9Anime The Best Site To Watch Anime Online

– Friendly user interface: No matter how long you have been on the Internet, it should take you only seconds to learn how to navigate and browse through the site. If you already know what to watch, use the search box. If not, head to the menu bar to filter the content or view the full site for more suggestions.

– Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported: With great device compatibility, allows you to watch anime whenever you have free time, wherever you are, and on whatever Internet enabled device available.

– Zero ads: Thanks to the ad-free feature, you are not only safe from viruses and malware but also not interrupted during streaming. No one likes pop ups when they are immersing themselves in the anime world.

– No account or registration needed: does not require any signup or registration; therefore, you are not obliged to provide your private information. You can visit the site whenever the mood strikes you and leave when you are finished. There should be no hassles at all throughout the process.

– Best customer service: The 9Anime team is on active mode 24/7 to help you with any problem. Report a broken link and you will see it fixed within hours, request a title and you can watch it the next day, or send a message and the team will respond to you within minutes.

Final Words

Instead of subscribing to paid streaming services, you can save the money for your favorite manga, or snacks and wine to enjoy while laying down on bed watching anime on Give the site a check via and if you like it, don’t forget to support them by sharing the site with your friends and family.

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