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How To Employ Email Marketing For Long-term Business Success

Email marketing is by far one of the best marketing channels available to businesses in terms of driving ROI. The principles of having high transaction values, long-term relationships, and repeat customers are standard across all industries. The idea is how to achieve those things in the most seamless way possible. This article will talk about some of the best practices you can utilize in your business to reach great heights.

Long Term Value

Just like any other customer transaction, adding value is the key. You need to ensure that every email you send out delivers some value to your targeted customers. For that, you need to know your customer’s needs and the more you find, the better are your chances of success. Know who is your target audience by stepping in their shoes. 

Ask important questions to yourself about the value-added in your last email or the previous one, known as ‘value history’ in entrepreneurial circles. Introspection is critical in running a solid business. Catchy subject lines might give a temporary boost to your open rates, but if the value history is not significant, these available rates won’t sustain for long. Set a precedent by creating a robust value history so for stable growth.


Before you start your email marketing campaign, know why you are sending specific kinds of emails. This approach is followed by thinking about your specific goals and what you want to achieve from this campaign. Is it forming better relationships that eventually lead to conversions? Or is it to set up meaningful meetings? The choice is yours, and you need to be clear about these things well in advance.

Concept-Driven Content

Communicating your message in an entertaining and innovative tone might help you stand out in the crowd. It births ideas in the customer’s mind and enables place your business at the forefront. You will consistently be in their consciousness, and whenever something similar comes up, they will be reminded of your brand. Also, delivering a diverse range of content alongside your central theme provides value to the customers, and they might even enjoy reading what was presented to them.


When you speak to somebody, you must communicate in the language they understand. Excessive use of jargon and industry buzzwords are a strict no-no. Remember who your audience is, and don’t use complicated ideas unless you have no other way to convey the information. Focus on what they want to listen to, in the way they want to consume your content.

Email Marketing System

Using an email marketing system will help streamline things to a large extent by making them scalable, repeatable, and convenient. You can opt for a system that offers full-service email marketing, which can either be done in-house or can be outsourced. They make lives easier by delivering a plethora of benefits such as automation, landing page templates, etc. the right system will help you deliver high-value content. Still, it will also help massively with customer engagement and conversions. It can be a great asset to your company and might even help lower costs by taking care of things like automation.

Churn Reduction

Maintaining long-term relationships with valued customers is at the heart of marketing. It helps marketers to build better relationships based on trust and push sales. Long-term retention relies on perceived value and building a solid value history. The customer needs to get something out of your content for them to stay on board. Think about benefiting your customer first and then your business. Think of reducing churn as a marathon and not a sprint.

Email Marketing Metrics

How do you figure whether you are succeeding in your campaign or not? Are you making more sales, or are more interactions turning into conversions? Has your revenue grown, or have profits improved? What is the proof that the new campaign you just launched was the driving force behind the success? Tracking and testing things is the answer. If you have a long mailing list that has delivered significant results, you can go for split testing. It is a process where you split the database and assign two different variables to each of the halves. The variables can be anything from headlines to contact button colors. The only thing to consider is that your mailing list should be long enough to conduct the analysis. A small percentage of the list is typically used for the split test. Then the winner is sent to the remaining inventory. 

Apart from this, other famous metrics include open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, long-term conversion rates, and share rates.

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