Computer Skills Every Employee Needs

Technology is now inextricably connected with business operations. This means that your employees will be using technology every single day. For you to ensure that your employees are working as effectively and efficiently as possible, you need to make sure they have relevant computer skills. This list shows some of the most important computer skills every employee should have. Some of these ideas might seem obvious, others might be concepts that you had never even considered.

1.Cloud Computing

Your business is likely using cloud computing software in your daily operations. Cloud computing can bring several benefits to businesses, it can improve efficiency and increase communications and innovation. However, for a business to truly harness all the benefits cloud computing has to offer, employees need relevant cloud computing skills. Those looking to improve cloud computing comprehension should focus on server-specific courses, as AWS cloud certification shows that the skills and knowledge needed by employees will differ depending on the cloud computing supplier.


All employees do not need to know how to be able to make advanced spreadsheets, but employees should be able to create a basic spreadsheet. Whatever sector your business is operating in, it is likely that at some point your employees will need to create or interact with spreadsheets. Not only will knowing how to create a spreadsheet increase workplace efficiency, but it will also help protect against errors. Errors in spreadsheets can potentially have a very costly outcome for businesses.


This might seem like a very basic point, but knowing how to touch type is an essential skill every employee should have. Knowing how to touch type will help employees to work more quickly and with fewer errors. Even if your employees are not required to do a large volume of writing they are still going to be sending emails and using computers. Learning how to touch-type will help employees work more effectively on even the smallest daily tasks like sending emails.

4.Computer Security

Computer security skills are invaluable for all employees, no matter what their role might be. The majority of your employees are likely working on a computer, which inevitably means that they are storing important company information on their computers. Employees should understand how to protect their work and the data they are working with. You should ensure that your staff is educated on the different types of cybersecurity threats so they are better able to identify and avoid threats – keeping your company safe.

5.Company-Specific Software

If you have a company or industry-specific software, you must educate your employees on how to use this software. You should take the time to properly train your employees. Assuming that employees will understand or ‘figure out how to use your software can be very damaging to internal productivity levels. This is because staff can pick up bad habits early on which they can continue to use indefinitely. Teaching best practices right from the start will ensure that the software will benefit your business to the greatest extent.

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