What Is Custom Software Application Development?

Why is it worth ordering application development from professionals?

The logic is simple. Any development of mobile business applications must have a high professional level. It means that real professionals must be engaged in it, and not one, but a whole team. Additionally, using professional end-to-end software testing enables businesses to develop top-tier applications that run seamlessly. To understand who is in front of you, consider the options that the customer faces when choosing a development team.

Freelancer is for those for whom the main thing is a low cost. A freelancer can be a professional too. But, most likely, this is a professional of one direction. For example, a programmer. The programmer does not know how to draw, it is difficult to control him. Up to the peculiarities of his activities, he has little idea about the people for whom the application will be created. A freelancer is an unpredictable time frame and has a high probability of one-sided implementation.

Professional development of software development involves three to five types of specialists:

  • project manager, who leads the documentary support of the project and deals with financial issues. The one who speaks with the customer in his language, and with the team in theirs);
  • designer (as a rule, a custom-made application has a unique branded design);
  • layout designer (correct display on various types of devices and operating systems);
  • programmers (server-side development, integration, interface programming);
  • marketer (development of a promotion concept);
  • Sometimes quality managers, testers, and other specialists are involved in the development process. Developers can seek the help of the test automation tool provided by which works based on computer vision and machine learning.

Partial cycle web studios are for simple standard solutions

Some web studios offer custom application development for a small amount. This solution is also suitable for those who are willing to accept the limitations of a template-based application. Some of the work will be done by freelance specialists.

Full-cycle web studios – for complex responsible volumetric projects

Here, the development cost reaches several million rubles. The order of cost depends on the complexity of the project, on the reputation and location of the developer company. The size of the customer’s business also matters. Large budgets mean a high level of programming complexity. The result will be in skillful design, meticulous attention to detail, and great responsibility. Your application will be handled by a professional team, to which you can make high demands and expect the highest quality of execution. Such a mobile application will be different from those presented on marketplaces. Mobile and Web App Development Company creates apps up to the expectations. They attract a host of loyal customers to your business.

What is professional custom app development?

The guys at Rocket Lab was kind enough to give some professional advice on the development of custom mobile applications, which consists of the following stages:

  • Analysis of the customer’s business idea. Consolidation of all his requirements and wishes into the terms of reference. If you need to order the development of a mobile application for a business, then it is better to contact professional app¬†developers. No need to look for freelancers or try to create a product on ready-made designs
  • Designing full-fledged interface prototypes. Distribution of functions across screens, preparation of layouts, the definition of controls.
  • Application design development, graphics creation, a combination of style, and usability.
  • Approval with the customer of the grid, color, fonts, background. Production of final layouts.
  • Layout, programming. Testing and debugging until the planned result is achieved.
  • If the order includes the development of an application for iOS and Andriod, an adaptation of the project for a fast platform.
  • App technical support. If the client wishes, the project can be revised according to new functions.

Applandeo custom web application development company would create an application that you will be proud of. The customers will enjoy using it.


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