Are VPN Apps Collecting Your Data?

If you could think of all the benefits of connecting to the Internet, you would probably need a whole day listing just the most obvious ones. And even then, we are sure that you would miss some. On a daily basis, an average person uses the internet multiple times an hour. We manage so much online starting from bills, doing business, checking bank accounts, using social media, even registering a marriage online, and much more. But during these moments, not many people pay attention to the aspect of staying safe on the Internet and the importance of installing a VPN app.  On the other hand, when you get involved in such matters it is normal that you would ask questions about whether it’s really safe using the apps. So, are VPN apps collecting your data? Let’s find out.

Is Having A Vpn App Really Important?

With an increase in the number of Internet users rises the number of those whose main goal is to compromise other people’s online security. It’s never been more important to take the matter into your own hands and take the necessary measures of precaution and make your online life less stressful. This is where a VPN, which is an acronym for a virtual private network, steps in. Grasping the basics of this app will enable you to handle the situation a lot easier. It is an essential tool that will allow you to enjoy exploring the Internet all the way while protecting your data and your privacy at the same time. 

From the example above you can already realize how important it is to start thinking about downloading a VPN app and installing it on your device. The use of a VPN has a lot of advantages. The more you use it, the more you will realize how significant and useful are its features. 

Is Having A Vpn App Really Important?

Just like with any other product on the market of the same sort, there are differences between various VPN apps. You won’t find two equal VPNs and you will face a situation to choose among dozens of VPN apps. The choice may not turn out to be the easiest one, but picking the right one is worthy of your time. On the other hand, it is a good thing that we’ve got a great selection. Not everyone’s needs are the same. Therefore, one can decide on a type of VPN app he thinks suits his needs best. In the beginning, we recommend you clarify with yourself what exactly is that you need. Based on that short poll, you will be one step closer to finding the perfect VPN app. 

Free Vpn As An Option

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like free stuff? Of course, if you had an opportunity, you would choose a service you don’t need to pay for. At least, most of the time. There are a lot of free VPNs on the market nowadays. The majority of those apps indeed offer a great deal. But, have you ever wondered if that is a good solution after all? Truth to be told, not every free VPN is bad news. But then again, there are those that do exactly the opposite of what they promised. 

Every time you see a free service app, stop for a second and think – where does this application recover its cost? How does it earn the money? If the app requires tracking your Internet activity you can be sure that the app is selling your data. Other clear signs of unreliable VPN apps collecting your data:

  • If you see advertising partners
  • Third-party users that demand access to online data usage
  • Accepting cookies or using another kind of data collection tools

Avoid Clicking On Ads

Ads by definition are not a bad thing. Many companies depend on them. Especially those that offer free services. However, there’s a chance that malware is hidden right there and by clicking on it, you might unleash a Trojan horse. There have been some cases where certain VPNs contained a virus and that it was downloaded to a device when clicked on an ad.

How To Be Sure A Free Vpn Doesn’t Collect Data?

Being careful with what you download from the internet is a piece of advice that always stands. When it comes to free VPNs, you can be sure that those with fewer features and slower speeds are a safe choice. Also, if a VPN offers limited services but also data caps, then these VPNs most likely won’t collect your data. 

But if you are more for a paid VPN, you must know that not everything that’s paid is better. Though it should be a safer option, we still recommend examining what you are getting for the price. Don’t rush to buy the most expensive one, because it is not exactly a guarantee. Finding a VPN app that matches your needs is a great success. Even better – opting for a combination where you have an antivirus, plus the VPN app will ensure your safety while browsing the internet. And that is something we all want, isn’t it? Consider all your options and choose the best one. 

Choosing The Right Vpn

And as we said in the beginning, it might take a bit more time to pick the right one, but this is the step you simply cannot ignore and skip. It demands your full dedication. So, make sure you carefully go through all the specifications of each. One of the most important things here is to learn which of the VPNs on offer can access your data. Also, do not forget to check out all the privacy regulations as well as security features. It is not a redundant step whatsoever. On the contrary, in case you’ve just installed apps on your iPhone, make sure to double-check the privacy policy. Remember, you are looking for a VPN that checks all the boxes on your list. Or at least a good number of them. VPN apps collecting your data are the ones to avoid. 

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