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Best Investors to Follow on Twitter

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Twitter is useful for more than just social networking and marketing: it is also a terrific location to obtain investing advice. You don’t want to follow just any Tweeter, though, because many are scammers or inexperienced people looking to make a quick buck. Here are 22 investors you should follow on Twitter to obtain solid investing information.

Best Investing Twitter Accounts: Think Like an Investor

1: Best Expert Analysis: @LizAnnSonders

The writer imparts knowledge to the reader. It’s best to follow the most educated authors on Twitter, and Liz Ann Sonders, the chief financial strategist at Charles Schwab, is precisely that.

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2: Best Ideas: @morganhousel

Morgan Housel, the author of the Collaborative Fund blog, one of the greatest investment blogs out there, and one of MyWallSt’s favorite authors, offers a unique perspective on the ideas that drive the stock market. He’s clearly a big-picture thinker.

3: Best Straight Shooter: @profgalloway 

Straight-talking, brash analysis. Scott Galloway’s Twitter account is a symphony of stories, retweets, and his own hard-hitting comments on the current difficulties plaguing the IT sector. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), has found himself in Galloway’s sights on many occasions. Keep your eyes peeled for his daily spicy opinion!

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4: @Stocktwits

The active trading community keeps an eye on Stocktwits’ feed, which has around 930,000 followers. 12 Stocktwits is a real-time service that lets investors across the world report what they are seeing and how they are trading at any given time. 13 Highlights from those exchanges can be seen in the Twitter stream.

5: @emmetlsavage

Emmet Savage, CEO, and co-founder of MyWallStTwitter ,’s account provides insight into a long-term successful investor, monitoring buys and sells in his own portfolio and the theory behind them, as well as frequent updates on the goings-on here at MyWallSt HQ. You could even read about how he invested in Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) while they were still selling DVDs.

7. @Stephanie_Link

If you like Jim Cramer (@jimcramer), you’ll like Stephanie Link’s efforts as the former director of research for his nonprofit trust, Action Alerts Plus. She is a frequent CNBC commentator and a prolific tweeter. She is also the chief investment strategist and portfolio manager at Hightower Advisors, and she has almost 100,000 followers on Instagram. 18

8: @nytimesbusiness

The New York Times business feed keeps you up to date on market news and other noteworthy happenings. Financial news reporting is a cutthroat business, so having multiple of the top feeds is a solid strategy. By subscribing to this business feed, you will join the other 825,000 individuals who are seeking the most recent business news. 19

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9: TheKirkReport

TheKirkReport is a Utah-based stock trader with approximately 5.5k Twitter followers. Charles has been trading equities for over 17 years and has earned a lot of trusts. He has a subscription site, however, there are a few free reports available.

10: @IBDinvestors

Investors Business Daily is a popular daily newsletter aimed at individual investors. 20 Its Twitter account, which has over 262,000 followers, concentrates on the most recent fresh trade-worthy ideas. 21

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