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How To Add People On Telegram Step By Step Guideline

Telegram is a popular internet chat program that has emerged as a key rival to WhatsApp and Messenger. With an easy-to-use interface and a variety of security safeguards, you’re probably tempted to download the app and start talking with your pals. But how can you import your current contacts into the new app?

Here’s all you need to know about adding Telegram pals.

How to Add People to Telegram Using the Smartphone App

When you first install Telegram on your mobile device, it will search for your existing contacts list and request access to it. If you give the app permission to utilize the list, it will immediately add your phone’s contacts to Telegram’s available chat buddies list.

When you open your Telegram contacts list, you will see all of your friends who are presently using Telegram, along with their current avatars (profile pictures). If you wish to add a friend via the phone number, you may do so by adding them to your phone’s contact list and allowing Telegram to recognize their name the next time they log in.

If your buddy isn’t already on Telegram, you may invite them here:

  1. In the app, choose “Contacts.”
  2. Select “Invite Friends.”
  3. This will take you to your phone’s contacts list; you may need to grant the app access to them. Select the persons from the list or use the search box to find particular contacts. Tap the dot next to the name of each person you wish to invite to choose them.
  4. After you’ve chosen who you want to invite, hit the green arrow to send them an invitation message. It will be delivered as a text message.

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How to Add Contacts on Telegram Using Mac

  • On your Mac, launch the desktop software.
  • In the bottom-left corner of your screen, click the person symbol.
  • Select “Add Contact.”
  • Enter the person’s name and phone number in the appropriate fields.
  • “OK” will be shown.

That’s the only thing there is to it. The contact has now been added to your Telegram contact list. If you wish to talk with somebody, just click on their name, and a new chat window will appear.

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Windows 10

Follow the instructions below to add contacts to the Telegram desktop client on Windows 10.

  • Start Telegram on your computer.
  • Navigate to the three horizontal lines in your screen’s upper-left corner.
  • Locate and choose “Contacts.”
  • Select “Add Contact.”
  • In the empty spaces, enter the name and phone number of the person you wish to add.
  • Select “Create.”

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