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How To Put a Discord Link In Your Tiktok Bio

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social networks, providing several chances for artists and influencers to expand their audience via original video content. It now has over 800 million users and millions of video views every day and has been the top downloaded app in the Apple App Store for five consecutive quarters. As a result, creators CANNOT afford to ignore it. You can not only connect your YouTube and Instagram channels to your TikTok profile (which you should do – here’s why), but you can also add links to your TikTok bio!

Follow the instructions outlined below. You will be sent to your profile page.

How to Include a Link in Tiktok’s Bio Clickable Website Link on Tiktok YouTube

You can always download your Linktree from your admin dashboard by clicking the Share icon in the upper right corner.

How to Include a Discord Link in Your Tiktok Bio. At the bottom right of the screen, tap on Profile. At the moment, it seems that only Android users and a few iOS users may include a URL in their bio. Go to Discord and press the invite button. Then, hit the copy link button.

Facebook Group Havivah Santini Add the discord link to tiktok p for more videos like this. The URL to the server is also included in the comments.

Explore the most recent hashtag videos. I adore my oc sexy ilovexiaosbigmilkers’ TikTok video. They make adding your Discord link to you more difficult than it has to be.

The website field is only available to TikTok Business accounts. TikTok has a collection of short videos relating to how to install a disc server connection on tiktok. When you click to change your bio, check to see whether you have the website option.

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View popular material from the creators listed below. Cettkiizzn attempting to publish smthn0 0n3 l0l Ripeclownripeclown _shinobi shinobi shinobi shinobi shinobi shinobi shinobi shinobi shinobi shinobi s In this video, I demonstrate how to add a discord link to your tiktok bio as well as a discord server connection to your tiktok.

For exchanging content development suggestions, soliciting assistance from other tiktokers, and other content-related activities. Th4t0n3m0bpl4y3r is a roach. Poor Quality Kakyointhe milf hunter kakyoin In bio, Celi Lachicaceli had a disagreement. angellville Sadkeew, Danny. Please come to my Discord server and say hello.

MB-mrblackvrmb mrblackvr attempting to publish smthn0 0n3 l0l Arvind Sharma Gautam mr coldmr cold Koichi, Fatherfather koichi I’m seeing the same issue; my hunch is that Discord is working on it and hence simply a link displays instead of a playing video. This will assist you warriorcatsoccollab original sound if you know how to insert discord links into your bio.

After you’ve clicked the three dots on your profile banner, you’ll be prompted to copy your Discord ID. This video will show you how to add your Discord link to your Tiktok bio. How to Insert a Link in Your TikTok Bio Check to see if you qualify.

Discord server Menu Settings Advanced settings Never, ever copy. However, for the time being, Tik Toks may be downloaded. Go to your gallery, choose SHARE, and submit it to the channel; it will show as a regukar video you provided; this is the only remedy I’ve discovered so far. To move from a personal account to a business account on TikTok, go to your profile triple dots icon manage account to switch to a business account.

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To make your TikTok bio link clickable, enter it into a specific section. Even though it’s termed a link in bio, it’s a different element on Instagram, just like any other link in bio. How to Include a Discord Link in Your Tiktok Bio 1234K page visits TikTok has a collection of short tutorials dedicated to how to add a discord link to your tiktok bio.

You’ll find a box to Add a website to your profile in the Website line, just beneath Bio. Copy and paste any URL you wish to see on your profile. Here’s how to include a Linktree into your TikTok profile. How to make the transition to a TikTok business account in order to include a link in your bio.

Click the Edit profile icon on your TikTok profile page. After that, save your TikTok video to the Media Library. Step 1: Connect Your Discord to TikTok.

View popular material from the creators listed below. Navigate to User Settings Advanced Developer Mode Enable to do so. If the link doesn’t work, add me and I’ll invite you.

Open TikTok your profile and click the triple-dots button to manage your account. Explore the most recent hashtag videos. Change your TikTok account to a business account.

Take note of your Discord URL. Select Edit Profile. Select Website from the profile settings page. Make a copy of. Copy your Linktree URL in the most convenient way.

Continue your search in rTiktokhelp. After you’ve converted to a business account, click the Edit profile option to add a link to your bio through the Website section. Don’t add it directly if you want it to be clickable.

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View popular material from the creators listed below. Start TikTok on your Android phone and touch the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you continue to follow our directions.

On a profile, click the red Edit Profile icon. I’m not sure how it might alter perceptions, but it feels unusual to me, despite the fact that I’m plainly pleased. How to Include Discord in Your Bio 3432K Views TikTok has a collection of short films relating to how to add discord to bio.

The chill of winter. Select Copy ID. 129 Likes and 9 Comments

Sign in to TikTok and go to your profile page, where you may edit your information. Dragonfinity Instagram How To Add A Link To Your TikTok Bio Tap Edit profile, and then enter the URL into the Website section.

Copy your unique Linkinbio link to your clipboard and open TikTok on mobile to add it to your TikTok profile. Once developer mode is enabled, right-click your profile in the right sidebar and choose Copy ID.

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