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Best Astrology Meme Instagram Accounts To Follow

Horoscopes are bringing much-needed solace to zodiac specialists and astrology novices alike amid the coronavirus epidemic, a historic disaster that has brought unparalleled levels of uncertainty and worry. Aside from astrology applications like Co-Star and The Pattern, Instagram is a rich mine of zodiac-related material – both fans and professional astrologers are flocking to the social media site with advice, forecasts, and memes, providing reassurance and chuckles when we need it the most.

Keep reading for the eight finest astrology Instagram accounts to follow, ranging from the funny, astrology-focused memes of @notallgeminis to the uplifting images of @nadinejane astrology.

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1: @costarastrology

Co-Star, the popular astrological app, has an Instagram account, and it delivers. @costarastrology deviates from Co-Star the app by focusing on funny reads of each sign rather than practical tips, specializing in surprising accurate zodiac “bingo” and identifying each sign’s reaction to a given event.

2: @glossy_zodiac

@glossy zodiac combines aesthetic photos, movie stills, and star photographs with zodiac-specific text for individuals who are equally enthralled with pop culture and astrology. There’s nothing @glossy zodiac can’t connect to astrology, from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” video to Mean Girls moments.

3: @jakesastrology

@jakesastrology, managed by Jake Register, broadcasts a combination of instructional videos (see: astrological AMA), horoscope roundups, and relevant memes. The expert began exploring astrology in 2018 and immediately learned that the profession extends well beyond simple sun signs and rising signs – now, his videos educate people on the nuances of astrology while his memes appeal to those seeking a fast chuckle.

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4: @nadinejane_astrology

Nadine Head-Gordon, better known as Nadine Jane, began her career at Glossier, where she was renowned as the in-house astrologer. Jane also operates the Instagram account @nadinejane astrology, which provides brief mantras, advice, and explanations of astrological phenomena such as full moons. Jane’s inspiring remarks are packed in relaxing, visually appealing images, making it the ideal go-to when things become hectic.

5: @notallgeminis

@notallgeminis, run by Courtney Perkins, is one of Instagram’s most popular astrological meme accounts. Perkins swiftly updates viral memes and photos with an astrological spin as they appear. She also parodies classics like Oprah’s renowned garden bonanza and Rihanna stealing wine glasses from restaurants.

6: @queercosmos

Colin Bedell, a professional astrologist, shares his knowledge with the public through @queercosmos, a platform for LGBTQ+ people interested in the complexity of the stars. Bedell recently explained the new moon in Libra, which appears to be related to setting intentions for love relationships. Noted.

7: @piscesthingz

If you’re a Pisces, Piscesthingz is a great Instagram astrology meme account to follow. They share amusing memes and remarks regarding what a typical Pisces is thinking.

They think of Pisces as a sleepyhead who overthinks and avoids problems. They are, on the other hand, lovable, one-of-a-kind, and intelligent persons.

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8: @gemini.tale

Are you a Gemini who appreciates amusing and relevant content? Then Gemini.tale is the site for you!

They update regularly and offer amusing and relevant stuff on all things Gemini.

According to one of their most recent blogs, Gemini (per letter) is exceptional at comebacks and are often irritated.

They also like perplexing others, are always looking for attention, seldom take things seriously, and are bright.

Do any of these sound familiar? If they do, make sure to follow them for more of this type of stuff!

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