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How to Report a Facebook Account Complete Guideline

Reporting someone on Facebook is a serious activity, and you must ensure that your reasons for doing so are reasonable. While your complaints are anonymous, a misplaced report may result in the suspension of that person’s account. You can report a profile to Facebook for review if it contains pornography, hate speech, threats, bullying, or otherwise violates the rights of others. You may report a profile in two ways: by signing in, finding the profile, and selecting the option to report the account, or by filling an online form without logging in. Individuals who do not have a Facebook account should utilize the online form.

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Reporting With Facebook Account

  • Log in to your Facebook account and go to the offending individual’s timeline.
  • On the Facebook timeline, click the “Settings” gear icon next to the Messages button.
  • Select “Report/Block” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose one of the available reasons for reporting the individual. If the profile is a forgery, choose an option for the person the profile is impersonating.
  • Click “Continue” and provide a reason for reporting the timing.
  • Check the box next to “I Confirm That This Report Is Correct.”
  • “Continue” should be clicked.

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Report Without a Facebook Account

Go to the website “Report an Imposter Account” (link in Resources). Check that you are not logged in. This report is intended for persons who wish to report a fraudulent Facebook account but do not have one themselves. Use this form, for example, if you are aware of someone impersonating you on Facebook but do not have your own account.

In the What Issue Are You Experiencing drop-down form, choose a reason for reporting a profile. You may only submit one selection with this form: “This Person Is Pretending To Be Me or a Friend.” The remaining alternatives lead to more forms. If you need to use another form, click the link and provide the necessary information.

Fill out the remaining fields and answer each question on the form you’ve chosen before clicking the “Send” button.

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