Choose The Best Data Recovery Apps In 2021

Data is what you are handling in your system. You need to save the data that is on the system. No matter how vigilant a user you are, there are chances of losing the data too. The individuals and the companies both cannot afford to lose the data. It is for this reason that it becomes essential to keep the data protected. Losing the data can be really challenging, especially when your tasks are based on the data you are using and saving. The team of data entry experts is always active in handling the data-related tasks. The job of the data entry team is to find the data, organize it and then save it. It is their skill that helps the individuals and the organizations in getting back the essential data. 

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Modes Of Data Collection 

There are two different ways to collect the data. You can either do it manually or digitally. Computers and other digital devices are the digital sources of collecting data. The primary sources include the computer and the internet. The manual data collection includes the traditional modes that include hard copies, files, etc. Manual data collection is not a straightforward task to handle. Manual data collection requires more time and energy as compared to the other method. 

The Best Data Recovery Methods

If you are using the latest data technology OCR, then it is quite easy to use the data entry tools. These tools are simple and pocket-friendly. They are time savers and efficient. There are several data recovery applications that you can choose from.  If you are finding it hard to decide then here we have sorted the best choices recommended by the software experts and the data entry minds.

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1.Disk Drill

 Disk Drill is the data recovery software that can handle the data of all types on any Windows and Mac operating systems. Initially, it was known by the name Pandora recovery. The creators updated the name along with the features to give a better experience to the users. The recent version of the recovery software includes all the essential features that you were looking for earlier. 


  • Best for all kinds of systems and formats
  • Makes it easy to recover data of all kinds from the undamaged storage device.
  • Supports  FAT, NTFS, HFS+, and EXT4.
  • Perfect choice for recovering the media files.
  • Free of cost recovery of up to 500 MB of data.


  • User-friendly features
  • Time-saving functions
  • Preview before the partition recovery


  • No cons mentioned

2.EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

 EaseUS Data Recovery is a diverse feature application. No matter how and why you lost your data, it would be a brilliant solution. It is just the right choice for any kind of device like a desktop computer, laptop, video player, digital camera, and even a Pen drive. 

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  • Recovery of all kinds of files made easy.
  • Perfect for managing the media files.
  • Data recovery made possible after virus attacks, OS crashes, deletion and formatting.
  • Perfect to manage 1000 different files in FAT, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/ext3, ReFS file systems.
  • Works great with Windows XP or Server 2003+ and requires at least 128 MB RAM.


  • Guarantees complete flexibility
  • Helps in previewing before managing the changes.


  • Expensive data recovery application. 

3.Wondershare Recoverit

 Recoverit is a perfect data recovery application by Wondershare that can help in recovering all kinds of data forms on all kinds of devices. No matter if the file is removed accidentally or because of some system error, it can bring it back. The user can decide easily which file to recover after using the preview option. The process of recovery is not very complex, and you can handle it with no inconvenience. In just three steps it completes the entire process of data recovery. These three steps include select, scan, and preview. Thus, you can easily manage the files in over 1000 formats according to your device and convenience. 


  • Work Safely with the patent technology 
  • Possible to recover files in different formats
  • Can be used when the system crashes


  • Great for all kinds of devices
  • A multi-featured comprehensive choice for data recovery


  • Beginners find it hard to use

4.Stellar Data Recovery

 If you want to handle your lost data successfully in the year 2020 then there can be anything better than Stellar Data Recovery.  It is just the right choice for personal and business purposes. In case you are finding some problem in handling the application, you can take help from the technical support center round the clock. The software comprises photo recovery software, iPhone Recovery software, and data recovery software.

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  • Excellent choice for video repairing
  • Helps in getting the lost media files on iOS based devices


  • Easy to use by all kinds of users.
  • East to deal with the deleted or formatted files
  • Perfect for all kinds of file formats.

5.Advanced Disk Recovery

 Advanced Disk Recovery can recover the files in the minimum time. Forget worrying about the file format. It takes the least expected time to recover the deleted or damaged files in any format. There is nothing to worry about the lost media. The application recovers the files safely, causing no threat to privacy. While you are recovering the data, it would not overwrite the original file. In this way, it can keep the original file intact. 


  • Supports all formats
  • Good For all kinds of storage devices
  • Uses flyers to sort out the data 
  • Works perfectly well with operating systems like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP>


  • Best for all devices and formats
  • Recovers the data securely 


  • Pricey 


 Are you tired of using the existing data recovery application? Do you want to use something else as an alternative? Stop wasting time on the undue search. Download Recuva to help you in getting back the data. It not just recovers the data but works as the best quick start Wizard. It can work perfectly well for Windows OS. 


  • Supports 37 different languages 
  • Easy to recover media files.
  • Helps in recovering all kinds of lost emails
  • Retrieves the iPod music files too.
  • Easy to get the unsaved documents
  • Three price options available


  • Deep scanning option to look for all lost files.
  • Three price plans to choose from.
  • Ensures file safety.


  • Not mentioned

7.MiniTool Power Data Recovery

 Although the name is MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software, it works as a powerful mode of file recovery.  If you have lost some essential data don’t worry. The deep scan option permits getting the lost data without worrying much about the time. Once it completes the deep scan, you can get back many files you have lost earlier. 


  • Perfect for hard drive partition recovery
  • Technical support round the clock
  • Recovers data on SD card too
  • 70 formats available in different genres.


  • 1 GB recovery allowed in free version
  • Unlimited paid plan
  • One month money-back guarantee


  • Supports only Windows and Mac OS. 


 AnyRecover is a data recovery application that is becoming popular with passaging time. You can get the data back by using both the free and the paid versions. In the presence of AnyRecover, you would definitely not need any more applications. It can help you handle the data available in different formats. 


  • Can get the data from the recycle bin.
  • Operates with digital devices.
  • Saves time by recovering multiple files


  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Preview before recovery
  • Supports lifetime updates


  • Professional plan is pricey

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