Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse (Call Of Duty 2021)

Gaming is not just looking at the screen and enjoying the graphics and the adventure. Just like real-life gaming, playing games on the computer online or offline is a great required strategy, technique, and expertise. The gaming experience can further enhance if you have acquired all the best gaming equipment. This includes gaming laptops, keyboards, and even a specialized tiny mouse to click and play with. One of the popular games in current times is Call of Duty. This battle royale format game is a highly strategic game. It needs an efficient set of equipment that can help you play your favorite game without any additional effort. If you want to play with a style earning success in every game you play then it is essential to remember that you would be in need of the perfect “digital weapon” to enjoy to the fullest.

Are you following a gaming guide to winning the next games that you play? You would have definitely come across the way you can use the mouse to play effectively. A mouse is apparently a tiny gadget to add to your computer or laptop but the way it moves and clicks can make things completely different. Therefore, being a regular gamer makes sure that you buy the best choice among the available fare in the market. 

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The Best Gaming Mouse In 2021

Here is the list of some great gaming mice that you can buy for more fun gaming.

1.Logitech G Pro Wireless Video Gaming Computer Mouse

The Logitech G Pro is undoubtedly the best gaming mouse available so far especially when it comes to playing Call of Duty. it is great even if you are a beginner. The War Zone gamers appreciate the features and the performance of the mouse. It gives the gamer an option to use it both as a wired or a wireless mouse. In both cases, the latency is not there. It has eight different buttons including the G-shift toggle that helps to double the fun. 

Logitech extends the interface that is appealing and impressive for all levels of gamers. So far it has the most intuitive interface that can be customized according to the user needs and requirements. The onboard memory features keep your setups so that it becomes easy to carry it along while traveling. 

It has a sensitivity of 200-16,000 DPI that makes it a great gaming mouse especially with a manageable weight of just 2.88 ounces. 


  • Easy to use for both left and right-hand gamers
  • Comes with the toggle button option
  • No latency reported even when used wireless


  • The cable is not easy to handle

2. Logitech G502 Proteus Range RGB Tunable Gaming Computer Mouse

Snipping, running, and shooting are the core ingredients in the game of Call of duty. On every second a new adventure is waiting using all these features. To make sure that you do everything with precision it is important to get Logitech G502 Proteus. It would definitely give you a real war-like feeling while playing the game. While using the mouse what matters the most is how to adjust the motion? Logitech G502 is just the perfect mouse for this purpose with a weight of 3.6 oz. 

The keys give precise macros while playing the game. It seems like a dream to get a mouse with a sensitivity between 200-12000 DPI and 11 buttons to work with. This dream is now a reality with the Logitech G502. Besides the stylish look, it has a durable structure.


  • Durable structure 
  • Comes with a DPI customization option\
  • Efficient scroll wheel
  • Five adjustable weight options


  • Some users find it too bulky and big to hold.

3. Razer DeathAdder V2 Video Gaming Computer Mouse

The professional gamers recommend the use of Deathadder V2 as one of the best gaming mice available on the market. The praise and appreciation all are due to the grip and the reaction time. It would not disappoint you when you are just in the middle of some blood-boiling level. Deathadder has been a popular gaming mouse for years. Seasoned gamers have always appreciated the way it performs while playing in any game. The recent addition with the name V2 has overcome all the weaknesses that were likely to exist in the past. This improvement has made sure that the mouse would work wonders for all gamers. 

The sleek design, efficient infrared buttons, and the unique focus+ optical sensing unit make it worth buying.


  • User-friendly features 
  • Best for even small hands
  • Supports FPS gaming
  • Easy to configure


  • Too big to carry along while traveling

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4. SteelSeries Rival 3 Video Gaming Computer Mouse

If you find your existing mouse a difficult gadget to hold while traveling then get hold of one of the best compact mice. Steelseries Rival 3 makes sure that you have the best mouse to work with even when you are traveling distances. While playing across the gameplay of Call of duty it is important to stay on the field without any navigational problem. Rival 3 supports the claw grip and makes sure that you can instantly access the target point without any navigational lagging. 

This mouse has an effective sensitivity of 8,500 DPI. It is a wired mouse that weighs only 2.74 ounces and works with 6 buttons. The split trigger system maintains the precision of the FPS mouse. The precision of the gaming is further enhanced with the real 1 to 1 monitoring feature. 


  • The right choice for small hands
  • Supports FPS gaming option
  • Three zones and 16.8million colors 
  • Switches can support 60 million clicks


  • Side buttons can be bothering

5. BenQ Zowie FK2 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

BenQ is known for the best selling strategies. They master the art of attracting users with the best features by still keeping the rates too low. Benq is providing passionate gamers a great mouse that has everything they want and still the cost is not much bothering for anyone. 

The people with a left-hand operation find it hard to operate usual mice that need you to play with the right hand. With FK2 you can play your favorite game with both the left and the right hand without any problem. No matter how hard you click and how long you play it would definitely stay longer with you than many of its competitors due to the sturdy construction. 

The thumb button allows more space to work with that permits the best resistance and amazing precision. 

What could be more inspiring than the Sensitivity100/800/1600/3200 DPI? 

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  • Easy to use for both left and right-hand gamers
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Comes with plug and play features 
  • One year warranty 


  • Not much-advanced features 

6. Corsair M65 Elite– FPS Video Gaming Computer Mouse

With lots of Warzone-inspired games coming on the market the craze for playing such games has multiplied several times. Call of duty is one of the most popular war-inspired games that gamers are playing all over the globe. It requires you to be a real master of sniper techniques. Corsair M65 Elite is the super cool mouse to operate with the Call of duty. The DPI alteration button is placed securely next to the triggers so that each player can hold and play with the mouse wisely. Forget about how to grip the mouse as Corsair M65 supports all kinds of grips wisely. Gunning down the enemy with precision is very easy now with the Sensitivity ranging from 100 – 18,000 DPI. 

The gamers who have already experienced playing with the corsair M65 elite love the Omron switches that have completed 50 million clicks.

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  • Perfect to play with as a sniper
  • Perfect for all grips
  • Durable switches
  • Easy to configure 


  • Not suitable for traveling 

7. Razer Basilisk v2 Wired Pc Gaming Computer Mouse

Playing with wired mice was not too easy before. In the case of games that require a sniper-like action, a wired mouse can be a real mess. Razer Basilisk V2 is an absolutely cool experience with 11 programmable secrets to let you play with the wired mouse just like the wired one. 

In the call of duty experience what makes a huge difference is actually the Razer buttons. They ensure the right equilibrium of speed. There is a choice of 1.8 million different shades that you can use in multiple combinations. 

This 8.5-ounce heavy mouse has no match to the performance with the Sensitivity Max 20000 DPI.


  • Lagging minimized
  • Easy to adjust DPI
  • Lighting options


  • Hard to adjust the buttons 

8. HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro– Gaming Mouse

Hyper x is the name of trust and reliability. HyperX aims at acquiring the efficiency required for playing the best FPs games on the board. From beginners to professionals all desire to play the best moments with the clicks and scrolls of HyperX. 

The buttons will not bother with the standard layout sensitivity. The well-positioned buttons can handle all kinds of games quite well. Each element in the mouse is worth praising. The mouse includes all the core bases with just the perfect sensitivity of 16000 DPI. The weight 0f 3.2 ounces is a treat for the frequently traveling gamers who don’t want to miss the call of duty fun. 


  • Perfect texture to support all kinds of grips
  • Deep macro customization option
  • Efficient Pixart 3389 sensor


  • Interface not very impressive

9. CORSAIR IRON CLAW RGB FPS As Well As MOBA Gaming Computer Mouse

The pandemic times have made gamers more active than they were before. The large size, durable construction, and efficient clicking make it just the right choice for every gamer. The tank-shaped construction allows all kinds of gamers to enjoy gaming moments the most.

The 7 button function gives the perfect gaming experience to the gamers that love to micromanage things. The gun players love the overall strength of the mouse along with the perfect DPI tracking alternatives. 


  • Easy to adjust DPI 
  • Programmable button features
  • Easy to hold in huge hands
  • 50 million clicks 


  • Minimum RGB customization

10. Cooler Master MM710 53G Pc Gaming Computer Mouse

Colder Master’s mouse is a well-crafted mouse. It is just the right device that ensures the cooling down feature. The highly aerated body will not let you stop within the gaming moments and wait for the mouse to cool down. The honeycomb-like body keeps your hand in a comfortable position. The lightweight frame would not let you feel tired after hours of intense playing. 

The buttons are not overladen but still, they are quick enough to respond and react well in time. 


  • Comfortable to hold honeycomb design
  • Lightweight 
  • Fitted with high-quality ultra weave 
  • Perfect quality sensors for the best gaming experience 


  • Not very appealing 


The size of the mouse must not be underestimated. It is a small but magical thing to work with even while playing your favorite game. The choice can be difficult to make but once you have got the right mouse you would definitely enjoy each moment gunning down the enemies on the screen. 

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