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Top 5 Reason Why You Should Sell Your Old Iphone 8

Apple is one of the biggest brands in the whole world. Their products stand out in every way and have a high resale value when compared to other brands. Since 1976, right from its initial days, Apple has always ensured its products are always unique and stand tall above the rest.

It is a known fact that iPhones are expensive when compared to other mobile phones, and rightly so. Every version of the iPhone has had a unique feature. Though they have a high resale value, they won’t fetch you money if you hold it for long. Here are a few things that you’ve got to know before you sell your iPhone. Why selling old iPhone 8 now is the best thing to do? Let’s find out!

Reasons You Should Sell Your Old iPhone 8


  •  Limited Software and Security Updates:

The main reason you should sell your old iPhone is Apple offers six years of software updates. Furthermore, there are only seven years of security updates. Once this ends, there is a risk of your phone getting hacked. You no longer can enjoy the latest versions of the software update. It will result in your phone lagging. iPhones have a high resale value until their software and security updates are not outdated.

So, if you have an iPhone 8, this is the right time to sell your device. It is more like- if not now then never.iPhone 8 got launched in 2017, which means that you only have two years of a software update and three years of a security update. Selling it now will fetch you maximum cash.

  • Dip In iPhone 8 Price

In 2020, Apple launched the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, which resulted in a dip in prices of the prior versions. The cost of the iPhone 8 has seen a good decline since its launch. A second-hand iPhone 8 today has a market value that can get you a decent amount. If you hold your phone any longer, this value may drop further. Hence selling it now is the wisest thing to do if you want to make maximum cash out of your old phone.

  • Apple Might Stop iPhone 8 Production By The End Of 2021

After the launch of the iPhone 12 in 2020, Apple stopped producing iPhone 7. In June 2021, Apple might launch the iPhone 13. It may bring about the end of the iPhone 8. The ones that you find in the market now are the last in circulation. So it is difficult to find a potential buyer who would pay a high price for your iPhone 8 after the launch of the iPhone 13 as the phone will get branded as outdated.

  • Unavailability Of Spares

It becomes difficult to find spare parts for iPhone 8 once their production stops. It is a known fact that iPhones can get serviced only at Apple centers. If the screen breaks or there is some issue with the display, even the centers won’t be able to provide the service support.

  • Environmental Concerns

We all know that most parts of a mobile phone are toxic and might pollute the environment. A single cadmium battery cell used in mobile phones can pollute up to 600 thousand liters of water. There are so many online sites that offer to take in your old phones for recycling them at a reasonable price.

If your phone is completely dead or has major defects then you can sell your phone through these sites and purchase a refurbished phone for exchange. This way you get to play a part in saving the environment and prevent pollution. Selling your iPhone 8 in exchange for a higher version of the iPhone is always an option.

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