Detailed Guide to CSM® Training

With the help of CSM® training, career opportunities and your pay might take a significant hike. The key features of CSM® training are as follows:

2-days online course training.

After completion of the course, the students have 14 days, from the day they have completed their training, to take the scrum master accredited certificate program exam.

2-year membership to Scrum Alliance

Earn the credits of PDUs and SEUS which are important if you want to maintain or obtain the official certification to continue as an agile professional

The CSM® training course is designed for members of scrum teams, scrum team managers, and professionals who want to pursue the career of a professional scrum master.

The course content contains information about-

  •  Scrum
  •  Scrum roles
  • Scrum basics and history
  • Scrum artifacts
  • Sprints planning and release
  • Team building
  • Scalability of the scrum
  • Creating tasks, teams, and reporting to the organizations

The skills covered in CSM® training

  • Scrum and Agile methodologies
  • Scrum terminologies
  • Daily scrum and review
  • The importance of agile
  • Scrum life cycle, and roles involved in the scrum.

Exam Name: CSM® training certification

Exam Access: The candidate can access the exam at their choice of location.

Exam Delivery: Online (single-browser), closed book, without any outside assistance, and timed.

Exam Format: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Exam Duration: 60 minutes (1hour).

Number of Questions: 50 questions

Passing score: 30 out 0f 50 that is 60% for passing the exam.

Exam Language: English.

Exam Cost: The 2-day course training costs $29 along with the registration without any extra charges for the exam. If you are unable to complete the exam, you can retake the exam with no extra charges.

After successful completion of CSM® training and passing the scrum master examination, students are eligible to receive a scrum master accredited certification via scrum alliance. During the CSM® training, the applicants must attend the in-class course because the program requires the students to interact with each other in a live format. Physical interaction is necessary for students to learn how to manage projects in a natural environment without any intervention from internet activity.

Why CSM® Training?

Let’s begin with a problem statement; suppose there are several people in a room, and they have been assigned to the task of queuing themselves up according to their height, the following two approaches can be used:

  1. The supervisor approach: In this approach, the project manager or supervisor arranges the people according to the assigned task. It is a traditional approach; trial and tested the method takes up a lot of time and takes away the opportunity from the people of the self-organization through self-discovery.
  2. The scrum master approach: It is also called the Agile approach; in this, the soft project manager encourages the people to organize themselves by being continuously supervised by scrum.

The role of the scrum master is like a servant leader role. In the end, there will be a few minor changes that the scrum master is going to make or introduce arrangements that the team has come up with by themselves.

This facilitates the Agile principle to promote self-organization and assist the team in responding to the unpredictability of the problem. Here they will learn through self-discovery and self-learning. The scrum master manages the process of the information exchange.

Is CSM® Training really necessary?

The CSM Certification is beneficial to anyone on the scrum team as it gives them the tools they need to immediately accelerate their team building as they master the art of increment delivery.

It helps them discover the essential rules and practices that define scrum and are used by numerous successful agile teams worldwide through the training.

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