Mystic Messenger Emails All Correct Answers Guide For Everyone

Mystic messenger is among the favorite visual novels available for those who love to create stories differently. The gamer has to create a virtual party with a certain number of guests that he invites himself. To ghost, the party the player invites the guests via an email that is known as the mystic messenger emails.

Mystic Messenger Email Guide 2021

The player first invites and then reaches out to the players with the characters that they have selected to interact and communicate with while being on the game. The choice of the players rests in the hands of the gamers. A minimum of 20 players is important to enjoy the game. This much of number is required to enjoy the party and the ultimate ending against every mystic messenger email route opted by the player. The mystic messenger email offers three different levels. The players have to choose the best possible option during each stage of the party to access the guests. 

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How To Reply To The Mystic Messenger Email

We have gathered all the necessary information that you need to have for replying to the mystic messenger email. The guide has two parts. In the first half, we are going to help you with the replies regarding the casual story mode. In the second half, the replies are related to the other story modes. 

Here is the list of answers for your support. It is not hard to follow as the possible replies are arranged in alphabetical order. Just go to the respective alphabet and choose the right answer. 

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  • @Allergy
  • Cat allergy
  • Beef and seaweed soup
  • I might be allergic to guests not attending the party.
  • @Artwomen
  • Monet
  • The Louvre
  • Cantabile


  • @Barista
  • Arabica coffee!
  • Drip brewing.
  • Italian
  • @Banker
  • 100% interest rate
  • Swiss bank
  • $1.2 million all in cash
  • @Bracelet
  • Don’t worry!
  • Lock U up Silver Bracelet.
  • Claw machines at the mall
  • @Badcomment
  • I’ll look forward to your next video!
  • Report them.


  • @Culture
  • Borborry~
  • It is Verragamo
  • A flower bed of pretty boys
  • @Catprotect
  • Of course!
  • Give them food and wait.
  • Social media sites.
  • @Cathotel
  • Cat buffet.
  • How about people putting on a show?
  • Cat limousine!
  • @Catlover
  • Head meow!
  • Odd eye meow!
  • Crystal litter.
  • @Creamroll
  • The rock band Imagine Mythical Creatures
  • Limited edition title change ticket
  • Create a banner of the winner.
  • @Cherryfarm
  • Green.
  • Poke it out with a straw!
  • Diamond
  • @Chicken
  • I saw it on YouTube!
  • The face of a generous-looking grandpa… I mean, you, the owner!
  • Cheese is the way of the world!
  • @College
  • Noon.
  • Yellow and black.
  • Candlelight.
  • @Chef
  • 3 cups, chef
  • You mix as if you’re cutting, chef.
  • 20 minutes


  • @Detective
  • I know the vanished seven treasure islands.
  • Yoosung’s LOLOL exploration
  • Jaehee
  • @Doclee
  • The seal is unlocked!!!
  • Black
  • The rise of the fire dragon slumbering within the eyes!!!
  • @Designer
  • Hawk Pose
  • Shiny White
  • Silk underwear with a scarf


  • @Emotion
  • I wanted to help you.
  • I want to go see a movie, but I don’t have anyone to go with. What do I do?
  • I really hope you come to our party.
  • @Education
  • There’s this person called Jaehee….
  • Games with soda as prizes.
  • It’s because you’re too smart.


  • @Frank
  • All to the bank!
  • Bank passbook
  • We split it up.


  • @God
  • Wow! Amazing that I get to talk to God!
  • I am your daughter.
  • I think you’ll walk into the party room like a normal person.
  • @Golf
  • Driver shape.
  • Shoes that dry quickly.
  • Leather that does not wear out.
  • @Genfanclub
  • Jumin’s cat
  • Jalapeno’s Photobook
  • Zen’s underwear


  • @Hospital
  • Hippocratic oath.
  • Request exam results.
  • Comparing several hospitals
  • @Homeless
  • Lots of people with warm hearts!
  • Rice, soup, green salad, baked salmon, fried eggs
  • Sell Small Issue Magazine
  • @Hyoja
  • Filial Piety
  • Confucius
  • Be healthy.


  • @Indie
  • How about Scheme?
  • Nameless
  • Why don’t you participate in a game convention?


  • @kim
  • Compete with your son.
  • Drifting.
  • Car from when you were young Pong!
  • @keyboard
  • Ergonomics.
  • ctrl + c
  • Movie


  • @Lololguide
  • Headset
  • Focus on balance
  • Blood Dragon
  • @Longcat
  • Meowmeow, [note comma]
  • Miumiumi!
  • Nyannyan!
  • @Lolol
  • Dia.
  • Of course lol
  • Play LOLOL together
  • @Lame
  • Call the police!
  • Say hello!
  • I think you’ll give them a kick in the butt.


  • @Movie
  • A film about the environment
  • Realism.
  • Cannes, Venice, Berlin
  • @Monogamy
  • Personalized framed cross-stitch.
  • Buy her handcuffs.
  • Give her a bouquet of jasmine.
  • @Musical
  • Zen.
  • This production of “The Red Pepper Was So Hot”
  • Get the help of a college student.
  • @Marc
  • Bae screen wedding
  • Tripter Tript invitations
  • Use the screenshot function!
  • @Mira
  • Pink bandage.
  • Coffin with lace all around
  • Lifesize marble statue of Pharaoh
  • @Medicine
  • Maybe… maybe… Diamond Pharmaceuticals…?
  • It’s Diamond Pharmaceuticals.
  • Diamond Pharmaceuticals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @Monnami
  • The best of all pens in the nation, BIK.
  • “Sear the end with a lighter.”
  • Classic is best
  • @Model
  • Of course.
  • The chance to discover a gem!
  • Your face reflected on thy eyes.


  • @Niddle
  • Green
  • Long enough to do well with my eyes closed!
  • Get a camel through the eye of a needle.
  • @Nolam
  • Baleman
  • Onthestellar
  • Leonardo Dicappucino
  • @Naming
  • Luciel
  • [your name]
  • Jihae
  • @Netizen
  • Yes, there is injustice going on so please come to our party and help us!
  • There’s no story of a magical girl who’s not violent.
  • It’s cool… Completely suits you
  • @Narcissist
  • Treatment of getting locked up in a room of mirrors.
  • He takes a lot of selfies.
  • Lake Na


  • @Oneroomer
  • To the freezer!
  • Bubblewrap on the window.
  • Fried rice.
  • @Oil
  • Fancy party! Lots of parking space!!
  • Of course!
  • Bald


  • @Press
  • Netizens
  • A law must be implemented that protects reporters.
  • I cannot tell you that.
  • @Pancake
  • Silvervine
  • Salmon fish sauce
  • Fish – shape


  • @Romance
  • Of course!
  • You One and Only Top Star
  • Kiss!
  • @Roastery
  • Antigua.
  • Whole beans.
  • 15 days.


  • @Solo
  • Hi, I’m Youngsoo. I got your number through Chulsoo.
  • Wear a watch!
  • Asking is not a challenge but a confirmation.
  • @Stock
  • Tell them to invest in stocks.
  • Not losing all your money
  • Chief Assistant Jaehee Kang
  • @Smoker
  • A man’s word is his bond!
  • Your girlfriend will love that!
  • You’ll be useless if you give up now
  • @Secretary
  • He is very practical.
  • More than enough.
  • Just your normal attire.
  • @Star
  • Memories of my first kiss✩
  • I want to eat it!
  • I have to make a wish!
  • @Smartphone
  • First. Leave the phone in the living room and go to your room.
  • Leave the battery only half charged.
  • @Security
  • Korea
  • Because it’s cool.
  • Gold


  • @Tradition
  • Whoopee~~ Beat drums~~
  • Whoopee~~
  • Oh my dear sun~~ Lay your passion upon us~
  • @Tetris
  • Of course!
  • Stick
  • At the party!
  • @Tom
  • Call the zoo!
  • Stock prices of peach drinks are going up.
  • It means your grades! Two Fs!
  • @Toeic
  • Everyone has small feet!
  • Chinese
  • Nintendo


  • @Uranai
  • So much time!
  • C&R Director
  • Old man under the moon.


  • @Wrongmajor
  • What are you interested in these days.
  • Who says you’re late! You didn’t even try.
  • Convince your parents
  • @Wineowner
  • Red wine.
  • Ice wine
  • Jumin
  • @Writer
  • Art organizations will be joining.
  • XOXOforeverurlovely#1star
  • Flies off to space.
  • Mystic Messenger Ray and Mystic Messenger Route 


  • @Bpmonster 
  • experienced electric shock
  • don’t miss this opportunity
  • what’s wrong with that?
  • @Betago
  • Behind the cheerleaders
  • Waiting List
  • Idol Concert
  • @Bodyguard
  • Check names and invitations
  • Play with Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Next to Mr. Han


  • @Clanguage
  • Hello, World!
  • D Ritchie
  • trust the programmer
  • @Chickendelivery
  • 1200-1400 won
  • push the stop button
  • Goshiwon
  • @Curryfactory
  • Indian curry
  • masala
  • vindaloo curry
  • @Cleaningfairy
  • some sort of machine
  • this is getting embarrassing
  • spy training school
  • @Costume
  • never played the main hero with gorgeous clothes
  • player mentality +10
  • costume contest


  • @Database
  • [your name]
  • Yoosung Kim
  • Not Yet Finalized
  • @Darkdragon
  • I think it’s cool! Of course, you can!
  • Smug, the light and hope of adolescent conceit!
  • Dark dragon is the symbol of strength


  • @Eyeglasses
  • Long-distance glasses
  • Blue-light blocking glasses
  • Heart-shaped glasses
  • @Earlyadapter
  • drone
  • wireless earphones
  • crowdfunding website


  • @Familydoctor
  • ….
  • ….
  • ….


  • @Gymleader
  • chicken breast
  • squat
  • treadmill


  • @Housekeeper
  • The agency
  • Silence is gold
  • Absence of license for caretaking
  • @Hairdesigner
  • Afro hairstyle
  • Afro hairstyle
  • yes


  • @Internetcafe
  • buffet
  • researcher of residential environments
  • PvP
  • @Icecreamseller
  • rice flavor
  • coffee
  • scoop in a flower shape
  • @Installation
  • shoot a bat-shaped light into the sky
  • because you’re nocturnal
  • Robinboy
  • @Invisible
  • H20
  • KCN
  • behind [your] back
  • @Insurance
  • Terms
  • Ineligibility of marriage due to job
  • Cochlea Insurance
  • @Infodeptleader
  • _ _ _ _ / . _ _ _ _ / . _ _ _ _ / . _ _ _ _
  • _ . / _ _ _
  • . / . _ . . / . . / _ _ . . / . _ / _ . . . / . / _ / . . . . / _ / . . . . / . / . . . _ _ / . _ . / _ . .


  • @Legendarypoet
  • Cake made of rice cakes
  • And Undone I Find the Mass of the Plate
  • We also have rice bowls


  • @Mrsanta
  • Three moles behind the ear of Rudolph
  • It’s the color you like!
  • be family
  • @Michelangeli
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Pieta
  • Last Judgment


  • @Normal
  • Rich enough to fill the swimming pool with money!
  • Celebrities
  • Have you ever met a hacker?
  • @Neuropsychiatry
  • Freud
  • Dreams
  • Schizophrenia


  • @Prorhythmist
  • Slick, dope, lit music
  • Nailart to train fingertips
  • Racing Rhythm Game
  • @Pluto
  • No, I won’t!
  • Hades
  • Kerberos
  • @Politics
  • Voting for elections!
  • National Sovereignty
  • Antarctica
  • @Pillowlove
  • Edvard Munch
  • Don’t let go of your blanket!
  • We have a thin blanket for you.


  • @Reviewer
  • Credibility
  • Because you’re too lazy to explain
  • Cosmetics
  • @Retortfoodmaster
  • 3 mins
  • Pizza cheese
  • No, you don’t have to stick to the suggested time


  • @Satellite
  • Saint Dogs
  • The flesh of an astronaut
  • Satellite


  • @Udon
  • Yes, I want to eat you!
  • Stir-fried noodles
  • Emphasize the health


  • @Vampire
  • carry blood packs
  • house in the city
  • pair of modern and chic suits


  • @Whitehacker
  • Strike first!
  • Unknown
  • Anonymous
  • @Watchmaster
  • Bezel
  • 24 and 2
  • Recover lost love


  • @Youth
  • Night owl
  • Read for self-improvement
  • Health management

This guide would definitely make a difference in your overall performance while working with the mystic messenger. The more correctly you respond to the emails the more guests you can have on your list. 

What Is Mystic Messenger

In the world of gadgets, Visual novel dating games are becoming popular. One of these popular games is Mystic Messenger. Native to Korea this game is developed as a Korean Visual Novel Dating game developed by Cheritz. The target audience of the game is the female society. It is the virtual dating experience that allows you to enjoy some loved-filled moments while sitting on the couch. There is no need to go out and date physically. Let the feminine feelings, desires, and imaginations become a real-life experience after using the Mystic Messenger. Although you move into a Utopian world with different characters it is possible to connect to a real-life situation in a creative way. 

What room is there where seven different people can come together with a mysterious app called the mystic messenger? This chat room allows you to interact with all those in the chat room safely. It is possible to connect with the characters through phone calls and emails. The characters would chat according to the topic being discussed. The experience is so intense that the moment you will start playing this great novel game you would be a permanent part of this experience. 

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The Story Modes 

Mystic Messenger has three-story modes. These modes include 

  1. Casual Story
  2. Deep Story
  3. Another Story

The lead character in the story has the option to choose from among the three routes of the Casual Story. These three routes are Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee. In the deep story mode, the two routes are Jumin Han and 707. 707 is also known by the name Saeyoung Choi.

The early version of the Mystic messenger had only two story modes. After the successful launching of the game, the creators added a new story mode which is now known as the Another Story. The two routes in this story mode are V and Ray. Anyone can play the casual story mode but to access the other two modes it is important to purchase certain hours through the in-app purchase option.  

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How To Play Mystic Messenger

To play the mystic messenger, the player has to get a mobile app. Create your profile to start the game. The player will find a chatting option where he will come across an unknown character whose name at first will appear as Unknown in the beginning. The unknown player will inform you that he has found a mobile phone while he was out on the subway. He asks for your help to search for the owner of that particular phone. As per his information, there is a location saved on the mobile phone and he asks you to reach there. 

It is important to follow the instructions that would take you to the right location. The door to enter is locked and you need a password to unlock the door. The unknown person chatting will help you get the password. As you use the password and enter into the apartment you virtually enter into a virtual chat room. This is where you would come across several other players. They will not notice your presence at first. 

There will be procedures to ensure that you are not going to harm anyone or you are suspicious. They would ask you to be a part of  Rika’s Fundraising Association / RFA. The RFA aims at collecting funds through the parties they host. They collected essential funds to support different causes. Once you join the other players would start convincing you to become the leader of the RFA. your goal is to reach out to as many members as possible.  

Mystic Messenger Characters

Mystic Messenger has 7 characters in total. It is not possible to fall in love with all or do romance with all these in the list. The top characters to romance with in different stories include:

  • Casual Story: Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee Kang
  • Deep Story:  Jumin Han, 707
  • Another Story: Ray, V

Here is a little about the characters so that you know how they would act in the gameplay:

  • Hyun Ryu is known by the name Zen. The character portrays a flirty guy who thinks highly of himself because of his great looks. He always talks about his intelligence and looks. Besides this what makes him someone extraordinary is the loving and caring nature. All these traits together make him a dream guy for many. 
  • Yoosung Kim is a university student. He is a gamer and frequently plays a game called LOLOL. He is more into the fun side of life rather than being into studies. 
  • Jaehee Kang is a businesswoman. She is serious and works with an assistant named Jumin Han. She is a single lady in the casual story mode who is caring, loving, and enthusiastic.        
  • Jumin Han is a more serious character who is the heir to C & R. He is most of the time traveling around. He is not a playful person but stays busy in his business affairs. He loves his pet cat Elizabeth the 3rd. 
  • Saeyoung Choi or 707 is a happy-go-lucky person who wants to mock others all the time. Hacking the account and playing pranks is his love. His target of fun is usually Yoosung. He has many hidden traits to his personality as well. 
  • Ray is known as the Unknown. His real name is Saeran Choi and he is the paranoid twin of Saeyoung. He is not very friendly and exhibits an aggressive attitude. He stays away from gatherings. It is not easy to romance him. 
  •  Jihyun Kim known as V is a professional photographer. He loves staying on his own and stays away from the others. This is something that makes him special from other characters and the player can’t stop himself from falling in love with this character. He is not too popular but does not like others to talk about him either. 

The Gameplay 

The game is not predictable. This is the character that makes it close to real-life situations. The choice of route depends on the kind of conversation going on in the chat group. Choosing different characters every time will take you to a new route. Thus, there will be a different ending waiting for you all the time. Thus, make sure that you are following the chat sessions carefully. The player can buy the missed chatting by spending some money. The RFA members would send you text messages and would call you at times too. These calls can be due to several reasons. Either they would call just for some fun or when they are simply drunk and out of their senses. Thus, you will feel a more lifelike experience while following the gameplay. 

Mystic messenger is the right choice for Androids, and iOS both. Gamers all over the world can enjoy the gameplay as it comes in both English and Spanish languages. 

Mystic Messenger For F Cause

The gameplay is quite fascinating. It keeps the users busy and the unique features are loveable. The characters are more like the people we know hence it is a lifetime experience. In December 2019 the game stood as the 4th popular choice on the board. There were 3 million downloads. The earnings of this game were used by the CEO for popular charities including 

  • Save the children
  • Lifeline Korea
  • Korea SVR center

Save the children’s program “School me” targets the education of girls in African countries. They provide essential funds to support the teachers, students in the boarding, and essential school supplies. Lifeline Korea makes sure to stop the suicidal activities while Korea SVR ensures to safeguard the women against violence at all levels. 

The CEO of Cheritz  Sujin wants to spread happiness. He is happy with the response the game is getting all across the world. He says that he is performing the charity jobs successfully just because of the people. 

It is the time to feel happy if you are playing the favorite game as your spendings are part of the charity contributions too. 

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The Verdict 

This game is for all. It is not just meant for the ladies but can entertain all those who love to be a part of her real life-like situation. It has the thrill, ambiguity, and mystery that makes it worth playing. As you will start playing the game you will fall in love with the game. 

The gameplay is impressive and the story is well developed. You would love the OST. The story mode has impressive artwork too. The cost of unlocking the deep and another story mode is high enough but what you pay, you pay for the best so you would not regret it. 

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