3 File Formats Best To Convert To PDF: JPG, Word, and PowerPoin

The portable document format has established itself to be one of the best file configurations in the history of technological innovations. Although there are various file formats being used today for different purposes, PDF is considered to be on high ranks when it comes to convenience, efficiency, and security. 

Getting the best services nowadays usually costs at a certain price. Without the appropriate tools, modifying or editing your PDFs is almost near to impossible. Fortunately, we have the PDFBear that offers these versatile tools for converting your PDF files to your desired format. In PDFBear, you can convert pictures for free with the convert JPG to PDF free tool. 


Why do we need to convert these JPG files in the first place? Well, if you have encountered file size problems with these JPGs, then right there is your answer. Submitting your reports online is usually done through webmail. Webmails typically have limitations in uploading files to be sent to your client or superior. Converting them to PDF is one of the best solutions. 

In this fast-paced world, time is an essential factor to consider, so doing things with haste is a must. With PDFBear, you can efficiently convert your JPGs by following these steps:

  • Drag your JPG to the free converter tool or your other image file.
  • You can choose from the available options.
  • Click convert, and then the conversion process will begin. 
  • Press Download to save on your computer or share it with your Google User Drive or Dropbox.

Why is converting JPG to PFG a viable solution for sending in webmails? JPGs usually have large file sizes, especially for high-definition images. Converting them to PDFs allows you to send your attached files in a more compressed manner; thus, uploading will be faster, and uploading more files will be possible. 

Word to PDF

Word is where you get to work on your important documents from scratch. Whether it is a standard composition, thesis, feasibility study, research paper, etc., Word has all the features you need to complete these tasks with conciseness. It has prepared everything from margins, borders, spacing, indentations, to spell and grammar check. 

Sending them online is not the ideal thing to do nowadays, especially if you have confidential files to protect. Practically speaking, saving them as PDF would be more advisable. You did not just save space for your disk, but you also made it more convenient for the receiver to review the file you sent. 

PDFBear is not only limited to converting JPGs; it can also go with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. The steps in doing so are similar to JPG conversion: Drag your file to the PDFBear free converter tool, click convert, wait for a few seconds, then your file will be ready to download. Simple as ABC. 

PowerPoint to PDF

PowerPoint presentations are widely used in the corporate business industry: business reviews, product presentations, marketing strategies, and many more. Similar to Word and JPG files, transmitting files online is the actual trend in today’s generation, and it is quite practical, too. File size also varies in the presentation’s content. 

Converting your PowerPoint presentations to PDF is as easy as converting it to Word. Just follow the same steps, and PDFBear will do the rest for you. It might sound new to you, but yes, PowerPoints are also sent as PDFs nowadays. It saves both space and time, and it is more accessible for users since you can also open your PDF files in your smartphones. 


PDFBear is a user-friendly tool that is simple yet efficient and suitable for all users. The conversion takes only a few seconds, and it does not affect the quality of your file. PDF files are quite underrated and are commonly underestimated by most people. PDFs are one of the essential files nowadays, and converting other formats to PDF will be your advantage.


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