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Great Ideas to Automate Some Ecommerce Processes

Running an eCommerce business requires a lot of time. Not everyone can dedicate an entire workday because of other commitments in their life. However, the desire to continue with the venture is still too strong, so abandoning does not sound like an option either. Especially if it is making money.

Thankfully, the growth of eCommerce is also encouraging developments in technology that would automate some of the processes. And as things are right now, you can automate quite a lot of aspects, which makes things a lot easier as a whole.

Moreover, you need to consider the fact that automation is one of those trends that will continue to grow with time. And if automating helps with efficiency, not taking advantage would be unwise.

Here are some ideas that you can make use of. And it does not matter how far advanced you are with the business. Any improvement will help.

Idea #1 – Inventory Management

Automating everything will be much harder if you are not using the dropshipping model. There are quite a few problems involved when it comes to managing inventory, returns, and shipping.

The processes are complicated. However, you can change the situation for the better by making some changes. And one of the best changes you can look to introduce is the business model.

Working with a reliable Print on Demand & Drop Shipping Platform that offers you a variety of perks seems like an ideal option. And if you have so many things automated, you can look to shift your resources to marketing and other matters.

Idea #2 – Customer Support

Customer support is also changing. Brands are looking to invest more into chatbots and AI. While the technology itself is not that close to replacing a real person, there are a lot of positive developments.

Chatbots would be available 24/7. They respond immediately, meaning that customers do not have to wait for a long time before they get a response.

Investing early would save you money on top of other advantages that automated customer support provides. You would not have to pay customer support employees. Keep close tabs on how the technology advances and get it when it is ready.

Idea #3 – Reviews

Reviews are not something that most customers will bother leaving after their purchase. There are some stores that incentivize them to provide honest feedback and offer discounts or other perks for the next purchase. But even then, it can be too much of a bother to the majority of customers for reliable Print on Demand.

You need to encourage them with other methods. Creating an email that is sent after a while with a reminder of the purchase. Ask them whether they are satisfied with the product and if they would like to leave a review. It will also be a good opportunity to remind them about the existence of your store.

Idea #4 – Invoicing

Invoices are also something you can automate. Individuals might not worry about them too much,
but if the purchase is made on behalf of a business, where accounting and every transaction is important,
Keeping careful track of your numbers gives you more control over your business and allows you to grow to your full potential.
Manual accounting or the use of traditional accounting software may work for small business owners at first,
but the process can quickly become tedious and time-consuming.

Thankfully, there are a lot of softwares that are developed with the intent of simplifying accounting solutions such as the ERP accounting softwareIt is essentially a database software package that encompasses all of your business’s operations, combining every aspect of your business and are able to handle all your various business processes. This could include human resources, marketing, manufacturing, and, of course, accounting.

Idea #5 – Abandoned Shopping Carts

Abandoned shopping carts are a big problem. Virtually every eCommerce store has to deal with it. And it is natural that some are capable of managing the situation better than others.

You will not eliminate the frustration completely because some shopping carts will get abandoned regardless. However, you can still look to improve the situation and turn more website visitors into customers that end up purchasing your products or services.

Discount application is one of the examples. Your most loyal customers could receive an automatic discount when they are in the checkout process.

Shipping is another element worth consideration. It would help if international customers would immediately see the rates of their currency as well as how much it will be for the shipping.

Finally, an automated email system. If a cart is abandoned for whatever reason, you can send a reminder to the person. It is likely that they forgot or had to abandon the process. But an email is a good way to remember that there are products waiting in a shopping cart.

Idea #6 – Scheduling

Social media marketing is a cornerstone for the majority of ecommerce businesses these days. And that should not be surprising given how many active users the most popular platforms have.

The success of one’s social media campaign depends on a number of factors. But the consistency in the posts is quite important. There are times when you cannot stick to the regular schedule and cannot publish content on time.

Luckily, automation tools for scheduling posts in advance exist. If you know that you will not be available, schedule some content in advance and do not miss out on regular posting time.


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