What Is Video Conversion? Why Would I Need To Convert My Videos?

Videos appearing on media come in different formats. These formats support different platforms. The video that suits one channel or platform is not suitable for the other in this case you have to change their format to the respective option. The process of video conversion is no longer something that requires professional help. It can be handled using multiple applications. The process to convert one form of the video into another is called Video Conversion. 

The format of the video means resolution, audiovisual codec for example H264 and AAc, aspect ratio, bit rate, and finally the container format. 

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What Is A Video File Format?

A  video comprises two main components: the container and a codec. A video format defines the container that can store the audio, video, subtitles, and other multimedia data. In creating a video for any online or offline platform the video codec performs the task of encoding and compressing. The audio codec performs the same encoding and compression function as the audio files. Once encoding is completed the video and the audio files are synchronized in the form of file format.

Types Of Video Formats 

The video formats are of the following types:


It is one of the earliest video formats that was introduced back in 2001. It is one of the most popular formats that are incompatible with most platforms and devices. It is just the perfect choice to keep the audio files, video files, still images, and text. Besides this, the MP4 videos come in high quality in a minimum size. 

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MOV video format is the creation of Apple. The purpose is to handle the QuickTime player. MOV files include videos, audio, subtitles, timecodes, and other media types. It is for this reason that those MOV video files are just a perfect choice for playing the videos on Mac and Windows. There is no match to the quality of the videos but it is essential to remember that it occupies more space on a computer. 


WMV is the video format introduced by Microsoft. It is a popular choice for Windows media players. It gives better compression and better outcomes. It may not work with Apple devices but can be used to download Windows Media Player for their iPhone or Mac.

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 FLV is the appropriate file format by the Adobe Flash Player. It is a highly versatile format that can go well with all kinds of platforms and browsers. It is just the perfect choice for online videos. The videos are not too big so it is possible to download them without any inconvenience. 


The AVI file format has been a popular format since 1992. It might not compress the videos like MPEG or MOV therefore the resultant videos up to 2 or 3 GB can become a problem. If you have limited storage space on your system then these big files can be a huge problem. Some AVI files don’t need any compression. 

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AVCHD is just the right format for HD videos and digital recording. This video format is introduced by Panasonic and Sony that ensures a high definition professional video. It permits to the storage of high quality, using the H.264/MPEG-4 video compression technology. The recent version of the format supports three-dimensional video.


 Back in 2010, Google came up with this open-source video format. The main idea was to create a format that can support internet videos. WebM is just the right choice for HTML5. The video codecs do not require too much compression power and so it permits to unzip the file easily as well. This makes online video streaming very easy that permits to play videos on multiple devices like tablets, desktops, smartphones, or devices like smart TV.

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MKV helps to get the audio, video files in just a single file. This format was created to serve the plans. Thus, you can keep the files updated on the system. MKV is just the perfect choice for all kinds of formats. Hence, each format it supports is highly adaptive and user-friendly. 

Tips To Choose The Right Video Format 

Determine the video quality that suits your requirements. This Is the first prerequisite in choosing the file format. The video needs to fulfill the required quality. If the videos are of much higher quality then it becomes hard to download, convert, share, and manage. Make sure about the quality that you want to view. There is a specific format required for the different browsers, programs, and devices. 

Before choosing the video format here is what you need to know about choosing the right video format: 

  1. To watch or download an online video, get the format that is supported by most browsers. Hence, you will be able to get the right video for the right browser. The most helpful formats of online videos are the MP4 and the WEBM.
  2. Home recordings require high-quality videos. Get the future-proof formats in the form of open-source formats instead of proprietary formats. The best are the MP4 and the AVI formats. 
  3. For Windows, get WMV that is compatible with Windows. 

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Why Is Video Conversion Needed?

Videos are converted if the device does not support the original video format. The formats that don’t work on a distribution channel require to be changed in the right format.

The huge files occupy too much space. The videos need to be converted to make sure that the file size is minimized and so it is possible to share store, and playback the videos the way you want. 

Thus the video conversion is required when 

  • You have a video codec that is not good for your system.
  • Sharing a video is not possible in the format that you are using.
  • Saving and playing that is large enough and you want it for your smartphone.
  • Compressing a video that you want to share through email.
  • For quick uploading of your video creation on your phone. 

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