Phonexa Review 2022 – Features and Pricing

Phonexa is a call monitoring platform with all of the functionality that customers want. It is important for firms wanting to examine their complete marketing performance and focus on phone calls and web leads.

Customers may use the platform to get data insights that might assist them select which actions and processes to pursue to get the most value out of their investments.

Phonexa enables you to give consumers a simple onboarding process while also providing valuable data insights. Integrated accounting is one of their key advantages, as it allows you to spend less time on that aspect and more time on company operations.

Prices start at $100 a month, and there are plans for individuals as well as businesses. Phonexa’s contact information is provided on their website, including their phone number and email address.

Technical Specifications of Phonexa

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Desktop

Customer types

  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Enterprise

Support Types

  • Phone
  • Online

Phonexa Pricing

  • Free – 0$
  • Lite – 100$/mo
  • Premium – 100$/mo
  • Enterprise – 100$/mo

Phonexa Features – Why You Should Use Phonexa?

Phonexa’s main features include analytics, tracking, lead distribution, email marketing, and adjustable accounting. Continue reading to find out more about them:

1. Analytics
With Phonexa, you can see and understand the results of your marketing efforts. Using crucial and relevant facts and information, you may have a deeper knowledge of your customers’ growth and behavior.

2. Tracking
This call monitoring software allows you to view metrics and incoming call reports with extra data and parameters. Having access to this information allows you to develop ways to improve your return on investment.

3. Lead Distribution
A Ping Tree is included in Phonexa’s lead management and distribution software. This multi-tiered Ping Tree may be able to help you boost your business margins. You may do this with the aid of the program by distributing your leads to a wider number of buyers.

Email Marketing
You can provide your clients a pleasant onboarding experience while simultaneously gathering real-time data on their engagements. The entire email marketing process is already automated, ensuring a simple onboarding procedure for your clients.

5. Customizable Accounting Features
The system gives you a lot of options when it comes to customizing accounting functions. This allows you to devote more time to other duties and less time to manual labor.

Phonexa’s Marketing Tool & Features

1: Call Tracking & Distribution
Use call data from your marketing efforts to identify patterns, plug holes in your call funnel, and develop more successful campaigns.

2: Interactive Voice Response
Callers are greeted with pre-recorded messages and guided to the appropriate location via voice or touch-tone responses.

3: Predictive Modeling
Uses predictive models to estimate the expected outcomes of various marketing campaigns based on data.

4: Call Tracking
To gain thorough attribution on all your incoming call traffic and rapid interactions with call representatives, use trackable phone numbers.

5: Real-Time Reporting
You can remain on top of the status of your ongoing marketing activities and prospects with thorough, real-time data supplied right to your mailbox.

6: Call Recording
Keep track of caller-agent interactions for quality control and training purposes in order to enhance customer service.

7: Toll-Free and Vanity Numbers
Callers will remember your unique and free phone number, increasing the likelihood of receiving additional calls.

8: Professional Recordings
Choose from a variety of professional voice artists or submit your own pre-recorded messages to create your ideal IVR client experience.

Lead Tracking & Distribution

1. Lead Analytics
Take data from your online campaigns and analyze it with analytical tools to find ways for your business to expand and earn more money.

Lead Tracking
You’ll be able to identify where all of your sales leads are coming from thanks to technology that depicts the life-cycle of your leads and makes it easier to locate new earning opportunities.

3. Lead Distribution
To automate your lead distribution process, make a more efficient workflow, and decrease client wait times, use custom-set options.

4. Real-Time Reporting
Fast-loading reports on your leads that are clear, easy, and accessible provide immediate access to and knowledge of all your campaign data.

5. Predictive Modeling
Puts data to work by using predictive models to show the possible repercussions of changing methods for your marketing efforts.

6. Ping Tree
Using automated algorithms, lead makers and purchasers may buy and sell web leads strategically.

7. Filtering And Restrictions
To enhance the quality of your leads, customize and alter filters that optimize your traffic, as well as constraints that limit or expand your marketing scope.

Cloud Phone System

1. Outbound Calling
Call your online lead prospects and put them in touch with an agent immediately away to increase your conversion possibilities.

2. Uninterrupted Service
You can ensure that your activities remain online no matter what happens with a cloud-based phone system that operates from anywhere.

3. Call Scoring
Keep agent productivity high with the ability to track and rate word usage in discussions.

4. Affordable Setup
Set up a phone system using Phonexa Cloud PBX to save money and keep costs down with fewer maintenance fees.

Click Tracking

1. Dashboard Overview
You can examine the whole route of your offer with a dashboard that tracks every crucial step taken by a customer.

2. Precise Targeting
To receive the leads your marketers want, target the demographic groups and places that work best.

3. Journey Control
Use unified management of all your offer journeys to ensure you’re delivering exactly what advertisers desire.

4. Performance Tracking
Do real-time performance monitoring on advertising offerings and affiliate traffic to maintain your finger on the pulse.

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