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What is Personalized Email Marketing? Definition, Tips, and Best Practices

In the last several years, technology has advanced and made people’s life simpler, and the marketer has not been left behind.

The power of email marketing is one of the greatest debts marketers owe to technological breakthroughs.

Advances in email marketing have made it possible to develop more meaningful connections with clients, resulting in incredible returns on investment – $44 for every $1 invested. You must take your connection with each of your clients to a new level in order to realize the advantages of email marketing as a marketer.

You must get to know your consumers on a personal level.

This is where the use of tailored email marketing comes in.

What Is Email Personalization?

When you integrate subscriber data inside your email content to make it tailor-made for each receiver, you’re using personalization in email. Email customization does not stop at addressing your subscriber by name, contrary to common perception. It entails sending out timely, relevant material that your subscribers can’t help but devour. Anything from a name to a birthday to shopping preferences may be used as data.

Personalizing emails has the goal of making your subscribers feel like VIPs rather than simply another email address in your database.

You may wonder why customized email marketing is important to your marketing plan. I’ll offer you three compelling reasons.

1. Increases Open Rates.

Personalization, especially in the subject line, is a fantastic approach to boost open rates. Personalized emails may increase open rates by as much as 26%. Keep in mind that your subject line is your first opportunity to create a good first impression. Make an impression that is as personal as possible to evoke an open.

2. Drives Engagement.

Another reason why email customization is becoming a popular marketing approach is that it increases engagement. Everyone enjoys being treated differently. Customers will interact with your emails more if you show them that they are valued individuals via personalization.

3. Increases Revenue.

Personalization of emails has been shown to enhance revenue by up to 760 percent. The simple answer is that individuals like to spend their money where they are valued.

If those advantages of personalization email marketing seem appealing to you, let’s look at how you may use email personalization in your email marketing strategy.

7 Email Personalization strategies That Go Beyond 

I’m sure you’re thinking something along those lines. What additional email customization tactics may you use if personalization extends beyond addressing a subscriber by name? Let’s look at seven email customization options that aren’t limited to a name. It’ll amaze you how simple it is.

1: Use Segmentation.

Segmenting your list is one of the most effective strategies to tailor your emails. Simply said, segmentation is the process of separating your list into parts that share specific characteristics. Here are a few examples:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Function in a company

The parameters you choose to segment your list are determined by the industry you’re in and the campaign’s objectives. Your subscriber will feel like you know them on a personal level if you use that little piece of info in an email. As a consequence, they will be able to link to your email, engage with it, and hopefully perform the action you want.

Most, if not all, customized email marketing techniques are built on segmentation.

2. Consider browsing history.

Using your subscriber’s surfing data is another wonderful technique to tailor your emails. Here’s an excellent example from Asics:

They collect a user’s browser data using cookies and send them an email with links to the goods they were looking at on the website. The good news is that this kind of personalization is also quite successful when it comes to cart recovery emails. This method may also be used if your consumer has bought product recommendations that need additional accessories.

This is the targeted email marketing technique you should use if your objective is to recover abandoned carts or cross-sell items.

3. Employ Triggered Emails.

Email automation is one of the most effective ways for personalising email marketing. Email automation is when you utilize email marketing software to send emails to subscribers automatically depending on the particular criteria you set.

Sending tailored emails depending on their behaviors is one approach to use automation. These triggered or behavioral emails are an excellent approach to make a subscriber feel as though you know who they are. The following are some examples of triggered emails:

  • Emails of welcome
  • Reminders
  • Emails for lead nurturing

This form of email personalization is so effective that the study suggests it may account for up to 75% of a company’s income. Setting up triggered emails does not have to be difficult.

4. Send Emails From A Person.

Another wonderful way to personalize your emails is to send them from a person rather than a company. People are more inclined to trust and connect to an email from another person than they are to an email from a corporation, according to research. In fact, 68 percent of Americans believe the “From” name influences their choice to open an email.

Use a real person’s name in the “From” box and a real person’s face instead of a logo or an avatar to personalize your emails.

Hubspot conducted research and discovered that when an email from “Hubspot” was sent, the click-through rate was 0.73 percent. When they switched to sending their emails from a member of their marketing team (a real person), they saw a 0.96 percent increase in click-through rates. That may seem like a minor difference, but when you realize that it led in an additional 292 clicks, it’s well worth it.

Sending business emails from a real person gives your company a personal touch, which you can utilize to boost the efficacy of your email marketing campaign.

5. Use Important Anniversaries.

Everyone enjoys commemorating anniversaries, particularly their own. You may add another degree of personalization to your subscriber’s experience with you by remembering important dates in their journey with you. It might be anything from their birthday to your joint anniversary.

You attach yourself to your subscribers by utilizing anniversaries as a manner of personalizing your communications. They’ll almost certainly respond by interacting more with your emails and participating in your promotions.

What’s The End Result?

An increase in the amount of money you make from your email campaign.

Obtaining crucial data for your subscribers is an important aspect of any marketing plan. It enables you to personalize your emails beyond merely utilizing the first name of your subscribers.

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