How Well Do You Know Your Favorite Disney Movies [Disney Trivia]

With these Disney trivia questions for kids, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test.

Disney characters are enthralling and lovely to see. As part of a mystical environment that is both breathtaking and strange, they have vivid and strong personalities that stand out from the crowd.

You may have adored all of the Disney Pixar films and songs, as well as all of the stand-alone Disney films when you were a kid. Now is your chance to demonstrate your vast Disney knowledge by taking this quiz, which contains some of the most difficult Disney topics. All of your favorite characters, including Mickey Mouse, The Lion King, Snow White, and Monsters Inc., are represented here. Fill out this questionnaire to find out how much of a true fan you are!

After seeing how well our previous Disneyland trivia and Disney song trivia questions performed, we decided to create this collection of tough Disney trivia questions to put the minds of Disney lovers all around the world to the test. Continue reading to learn more about Disney movies trivia and to find out how to solve these trivia questions!

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How Well Do You Know Your Favorite Disney Movies?

Prince Philip Is A British Monarch.

Aurora’s father, King Stephen, and Philip’s father, King Hubert, are both in agreement that the two should marry when they reach the age of marriage. Perhaps that wasn’t the most thoughtful thing to do for their children, but everything worked out in the end. Check out some more interesting facts about some of Disney’s most well-known characters in this article.

Foot On The Left

To figure out that piece of Disney trivia, you’ll have to pay careful attention to what’s going on. Take a look at these life-changing statements from Disney princesses to get you motivated.

In this Disney quiz, there is a trick question on Prince Florian. Disney trivia specialists recognize him by the moniker of Prince Florian despite the fact that his name isn’t stated in the film. In a television commercial, Disney France announced the name, according to Disney Wikia. In addition, he is sometimes referred to as Prince Florian during Disney on Ice performances.

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Who can forget Scar yelling out, “Sarabi!” as she passes through a swarm of growling hyenas with her head held high, a moment from the film The Lion King? The scar will not be able to drag her down since she understands her position. You’re on your way, girl!


This is another another bit of Disney trivia that needs more investigation. No one knows what her actual name is, although she does sign some of her paintings with the name “Mary.” Let’s see how many of these movie trivia questions you can answer with confidence.


Hans has 12 elder brothers, making him the youngest of the group. Hans is the youngest of the group. Did you get this Disney quiz question incorrectly answered? Allow it to go. Take a look at these films that have the greatest soundtracks.


When Dumbo, the eponymous elephant from the 1941 film Dumbo, speaks, he does it without saying anything. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty is a close second, with 18 whole lines to her credit. Throughout the whole film, there are barely 1,000 words of spoken conversation between Bambi and the other characters. Did you know that these items are prohibited from appearing in Disney films?

“There is no request that is too extreme.”

It has been recreated hundreds of times since the film’s release in 1940, and it continues to encourage listeners to wish upon a star in the same way that dreams come true for them. Here are 11 quotations from Walt Disney that can motivate you to pursue your goals in life.

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Another difficult piece of Disney knowledge to remember. Despite the fact that this prince’s name is never mentioned in the film, he is universally known as Prince Charming. Snow White refers to her prince as “charming,” yet she refers to him as an adjective rather than by his given name. What do you think about some more cartoon trivia? These questions will put your knowledge of well-known cartoon characters to the test (including some Disney favorites).

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