Most Beautiful Chinese Girl Names

There are a plethora of Chinese baby names to choose from, whether you’re looking for names to honor the Chinese heritage in your family or to express your appreciation for Chinese culture and tradition.

There is something for every baby-to-be, ranging from ancient Chinese names to contemporary and cool Chinese names to traditional Chinese names.

Symbolic meanings for Chinese baby names can include everything from flowers and precious stones to virtues such as courage, intelligence, and peacefulness. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of 70 of our favorite Chinese names and phrases to serve as inspiration for you on your journey.

Prior to getting into the list, let us take a look at how Chinese parents (as well as Chinese expats) go about choosing a name for the newest member of their family.

What Are The Names Given To Chinese Babies?

A person’s surname is always written first in China, followed by their given name according to the country’s naming conventions. A typical Chinese surname consists of a single Chinese character, with the given name consisting of one or two additional characters. (This means that Chinese first names are actually second names!)

Parents are generally discouraged from naming their children after any older relatives because it is considered disrespectful. Additionally, it is best not to use the name of a celebrity or historical figure because doing so could bring bad luck to the child.

Instead, parents will look for a unique name that includes characters that harmonize with the character of their surname, as well as characters that reflect their hopes for a happy and prosperous future for their child.

If they already have a child, the parents may choose a name for their new child that is a complement to the name of their older brother or sister. For example, if the first child’s name contains the character that denotes “sun,” the new baby might be given a name that contains the character that indicates “star.”

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Chinese Girl Names That Are Popular

Every parent considers the birth of a daughter to be a blessing, and as such, her given name should be memorable. There are a plethora of well-known and attractive names on the following list, which are associated with inspiring Chinese people, celebrities, and other prominent characters in the country.

  1. Ai, which is Japanese for “love.” Ai Carina Uemura is a well-known Japanese vocalist.
  2. It has the connotation of “quiet.” Ann or Anne is a Chinese form of the American name Ann or Anne.
  3. Bao, which means “treasure,” is pronounced similarly to the word bow.
  4. Chen is a Chinese word that means “dawn.” Li Chen is a well-known Chinese actor who has been in a number of films.
  5. Chun is a Japanese word that means “spring season.” Chun-Chieh Wu is an internationally renowned scientist. This is a lovely baby name for a girl who was born in the spring.
  6. Hui, which can be translated as “intelligence,” “cleverness,” or “smart.” Zhang Huiwen is a well-known actress in China.
  7. Jia is a Chinese word that means “family” or “kin.” The name Gia is taken from the Italian given name Gia. Hu Jia is a well-known human rights campaigner.
  8. Jun is a Japanese word that means “truthful” or “obedient.” A lovely name for kids born in the month of June.
  9. Kai/ Kaili (of Hawaiian origin) is a Chinese name that means “beautiful” or “victorious” in English. It is also the name of a Hawaiian goddess who lives in the Pacific Ocean.
  10. Li Hua, which means “pear blossom,” is a Chinese baby girl’s name that is appropriate for the spring season.
  11. Li Mei, which translates as “beautiful rose.”
  12. Ling, which can imply “delicate,” “dainty,” “soul,” or “chime.”
  13. Mei, which means “lovely.” Meiling Jin, Mei Nakabayashi alias May’s, and Mei Yaochen are just a few of the well-known people with the surname Mei. As a result, it has risen to become the most common Chinese girl’s given name.
  14. Ning is a Chinese word that means “calm.” If you’re looking for a unique baby name, consider one of the good Chinese girl names.
  15. Nuan is a Chinese word that means “kind” and “wholehearted.”
  16. Qing is a Chinese word that means “blue,” “green,” or “youth.” Pang Qing is a figure skater who competed in the Winter Olympics.
  17. Shu is a Chinese word that means “warm-hearted” or “the gentle one.”
  18. Xue is a Chinese word that means “snow” or “learning.” Shen Xue, a Chinese figure skater, won a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
  19. Yan is a Chinese word that means “beautiful swallow.”
  20. Zhen is a Chinese word that means “innocent,” “virtuous,” “precious,” and many other things. Upon Cao Rui’s accession to the throne of Wei, Lady Zhen was given the title of Empress Whenzhao in honor of her son.

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Chinese Girl Names That Are Different

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for unique and wonderful baby names for your little girl. These inventive girl names will be a blessing to you and your precious baby girl.

  1. Chu, which means “pearl,” is a valuable diamond. Chu was a state of the Zhou Dynasty.
  2. Cong is a Chinese word that means “intelligent.”
  3. Genji is a Japanese word that means “as valuable as gold.” The ‘Tale of Genji’ is Japan’s earliest novel and, according to some estimates, the world’s first novel.
  4. Hop (of Vietnamese origin), which means “agreeable,” is a derivative of the English word hope that means “hopeful.”
  5. Hua is a Chinese word that means “beautiful blossom” or “prosperous.” Hua was a state of the Zhou dynasty that existed in what is now the city of Yanshi in Henan Province.
  6. Lai is a Chinese word that means “future.” A lovely baby name for a strong-willed young lady.
  7. Mey is a feminine pronoun that means “beautiful,” “striking,” or “lovely.”
  8. Qiao is a Chinese word that means “handsome” or “beautiful.” It is a gender-neutral name that can be used as a middle name as well as a given name. Qiao Ting is a Chinese volleyball player who plays the position of libero.
  9. Qing yuan is a Chinese term that means “clear spring” or “deep water.”
  10. Qinyang is a Chinese name that means “sunshine of my heart.” During the Qin dynasty, the city of Qinyang in the province of Henan was known as Yewang.
  11. Ushi is a Japanese word that means “plant.”
  12. Wenling is a Chinese word that means “gentle jade tinkling.”
  13. Xin-jin, which translates as “crystal heart.” There are no other names like this in the world.
  14. Yanay is a name that means “woman who loves.”

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What Are Some Cute Chinese Names That You Can Think Of?

We’ve also put together a list of our top ten favorite Chinese baby names with adorable or quirky meanings, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

Are you looking for a name that incorporates legendary beings? Try “Chonglin” (the second brother unicorn) or “Jaw-Long” (the second brother unicorn) (like a dragon).

A name that conjures up images of the sun’s brilliance, for example, would be very lovely. For example, “Mingxia” (bright glowing morning clouds) or “Shoi-Ming” (dark glowing dawn clouds) (life of sunshine).

Here are some unusual Chinese baby names to consider for your little bundle of joy:

  1. Ah Kum, she’s as good as gold (f)
  2. Chonglin is the unicorn’s younger brother (m)
  3. Fengge – the pavilion of the phoenix (m)
  4. SWAN (Hong): A wild swan (m)
  5. Jaw-Long – as if it were a dragon (m)
  6. Lian is an elegant willow tree (f)
  7. Mingxia – a halo of brilliantly colourful morning clouds (f)
  8. Nuwa is the goddess of motherhood (f)
  9. Shoi-Ming is a person who lives a sunny life (m)
  10. Suyin – a raw and unadorned sound (f)
  11. You have 70 wonderful Chinese baby names to select from, and that concludes this list. Wishing you the best of luck with your decision!

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