Here’s Why Your Company Needs A Social Lms

A social learning management system or SLMS is a powerful tool that allows businesses to build, administer, and deliver staff training in effective ways that cover both formal and social training. 

They vary from the traditional learning management systems or (LMS) in a way that they allow the participant trainees to communicate just as shown on various social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The goal of an ideal social learning management system like Docebo is to interest individuals, engage them and give their training a human aspect.

Here is why your company needs a social learning management system

Best of Both Worlds

Formal training programs, whether in a classroom, virtually, or a combination of the two, are an important aspect of any experience. It establishes a method for your workforce to acquire critical information, skills, and behaviors uniformly. However, not all kinds of learning take place in a formal context or environment. Maybe during lunch or even in a brief team meeting, many of the essential lessons as well as best practices are shared. A social learning management system can help you manage both formal and social training. People can complete eLearning courses or read job aids, then return to report whether they utilized whatever they acquired on the job along with the outcomes they obtained.

Collaborative Learning 

You want to access and utilize the knowledge of your staff and more or less they too want to share their knowledge with their peers and that is exactly what the ‘joy of learning is; learning and sharing the knowledge. They’re prepared to share their knowledge and assist one another.  Employees can learn even more and remember the acquired knowledge better as they start to actively engage in the training programs. A social learning management system provides you and your staff exactly what is needed for better knowledge retention, collaborative learning where peers help each other. 

Improved Engaging Training 

Forums and in-built rating systems serve a dual purpose. They are, after all, social learning instruments. They can also be used to provide learner feedback. Have you noticed a question that keeps popping up on numerous forums? These insights may be used to detect and close the skills gap. Have you heard good things about a new, more engaging eLearning format? Making more classes like this are primarily to keep the students engaged. A social LMS can be your biggest weapon for improved training design.

Boosted Loyalty With Feedback-based Learning

Another manner a social learning management system delivers value is through efficient collaboration.  If a student has a concern or query, they may get an answer promptly. They’ll be able to discover which career aids their colleagues found the most useful. They could start a conversation or look through a previous comments section to receive immediate assistance through old conversation threads. They get precisely everything they need, exactly when they need it, allowing them to devote their time and energy to more vital responsibilities thus increasing productivity in the long run. 

Continuous Learning And Growth

Training programs are just another task on the list when it comes to a standard LMS. Trainees do their tasks and then just leave the program. However, a  social learning management system (LMS) can help you make your training programs have a longer life span to help the learners get enough time to understand and retain what they have learned. Conversation and cooperation have a compelling quality to them. As individuals gain more expertise, they attract their teammates again to raise new ideas and engage in new results, fuelling this tremendous circle of continuous progress and expansion.


Social learning might seem like a very insignificant thing but it makes a difference in how an employee works, how they perceive the company, and how productive they are. As social learning is very much important for an employee, it should also be easier to carry out for you and the best way to make sure of that is getting a Social Learning Management System. 

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