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Why Cant I Message On Tiktok How To Fix It

TikTok provides a range of privacy and safety settings that allow you to control who can contact and comment on your child’s posts and profile, as well as how often they can contact and remark. It also has a Digital Wellbeing function that helps users manage their time on the app by blocking problematic information and limiting how long they spend on it. There are a variety of reasons why TikTok messages may not be functioning properly. In the event that a user discovers that their TikTok DMs aren’t loading in their inbox, there are a few things they can check to see if they can resolve the problem. It is also possible that this error will occur while the TikTok servers are unavailable.

Why Can’t I Message On TikTok

It is a regular problem for individuals to discover that their messages are simply not appearing for them. DMing on the PC version of TikTok may have resulted in this error message for certain users. Unfortunately, the messaging feature is only available through the mobile application.

There are a few difficulties that can cause TikTok DMs to not appear in the inbox, however, these can be resolved by adjusting the appropriate settings:

  • The age limit has been set at under 18 years old.
  • There is no phone number that has been submitted and validated.
  • The privacy options are quite restrictive.

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TikTok Direct Messages  Are Not Sending 

Yes, TikTok is not intended to be used as a chat app. Instead, it serves as a platform for you to express your creativity through the creation of content for the rest of the world. However, the ability to send brief messages to fellow TikTokers in order to connect with them is unquestionably a plus, and in some cases, a requirement. There are a variety of reasons to slide into TikTok DMs, ranging from requesting TikTok duets to simply having a discussion with someone. Users, on the other hand, frequently experience sliding and crashing, as well as problems with TikTok messaging. When commenting or sending a message, TikTokers frequently see the “Unable to Send” error notice, which can be frustrating.

  • When commenting or sending a message, TikTokers frequently see the “Unable to Send” error notice, which can be frustrating. Because of this, the next section discusses the reasons of TikTok messaging issues as well as the six solutions available. Additionally, this article is designed to work with all mobile devices, with a focus on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.
  • Because of this, the next section discusses the reasons for TikTok messaging issues as well as the six solutions available. Additionally, this article is designed to work with all mobile devices, with a focus on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.
  • Make sure your phone number has been correctly entered and verified for TikTok by checking the status of the service.
  • Check the Messaging Privacy Preferences to make sure they are set correctly.
  • Try messaging another TikToker/account or checking for TikTok app updates if the problem persists.
  • Contact TikTok Customer Service.

Why Your TikTok Messages Are Not Working or Sending?

Most TikTokers who experience message issues can be traced down to a few main factors. So that you can cut down the possibilities for fixinZ the problem, understanding the reason is important.

1. You’re Under The Age Of 16

It is true that all TikTokers, regardless of their age, were initially able to utilize the TikTok messaging service. TikTok, on the other hand, was compelled to prohibit private messaging for users under the age of sixteen in early 2021 as a security measure. It’s a little odd or bad that the vast majority of users are teenagers. However, in this day and age, they are the platform regulations that must be followed in order to safeguard the safety of everyone. If you truly need to get in touch with a fellow TikToker, you should consider utilizing a different messaging app. In most cases, their bio will include their contact information, such as their phone number or email address for commercial purposes.

Aside from that, you’ll have to wait until either you or the recipient is 16 before messaging will be available to you.

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2. You Haven’t Verified Your Phone Number For TikTok

As part of its effort to combat spam texting, TikTok has made it mandatory for users to authenticate their phone numbers before they can send messages. Additionally, it’s possible that you registered with TikTok using your email address rather than your phone number.

As a result, you can go to Step 2 to determine whether or not you have previously successfully validated your TikTok phone number.

Possibly, you are unable to input your phone number because “This number is already registered” appears on TikTok.

If that’s the case, check to see if you’ve previously used it for another TikTok account. You can try logging in with your phone number if that works better for you.

In addition, you can contact TikTok Support using the app’s settings menu to report the problem. As a result, they can attempt to resolve the situation for you.

3. You’re Trying To Message Someone You’re Not Following Or Aren’t Friends With

Another requirement for sending TikTok messages is that both you and the recipient must be following each other on the app. Furthermore, the privacy settings for messages for both you and the receiver should be set to “Everyone,” “Followers,” or “Friends,” depending on your preferences.

Not to fear, we’ll walk you through the process of navigating and selecting these Privacy Settings in detail.

4. A Widespread TikTok Server Issue

As an added precaution, if there is a problem on the TikTok end, this may prevent your messages from being sent. In reality, the “Unable to Send” error message is caused by an issue on the server’s end.

5. A TikTok App Glitch Related To Your Phone

While we’re on the subject of TikTok, your messages may be briefly unavailable owing to an annoying app problem or bug.

The following general troubleshooting measures can be carried out in this situation:

  • Restarting the TikTok mobile application
  • I’m looking for new TikTok app upgrades.
  • Restarting your smartphone is a good idea.
  • Clearing the cache of the TikTok application

6. An Account Issue

Another possibility for why your TikTok messages aren’t being sent is if there is a problem with your account. Yes, this is an extremely unlikely occurrence.

However, we urge that you contact TikTok support (Step 6) to determine whether or not there are any underlying account difficulties.

You’ll be able to tell for certain if texting has been disabled for you in this manner. If you’ve been shadowbanned, it’s even worse. However, this is an extremely rare occurrence.

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7. Check The Privacy Settings For Messaging

As a result, if your TikTok privacy settings do not permit messages from your friends or followers, you will not get messages from them, which is understandable. As a result, they’ll be presented with the following error message:

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