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How to Water Storage Containers for Emergency Preparedness

Almost half of the world did experience water scarcity and we will agree on one thought that we cannot survive without water. According to researchers, 71% of the Earth consists of water but only a portion of it is drinkable which leads us to the fact that it is important to save water because water is life. Without water, there is no life. A lot has been happening all over the world, floods, forest fires, earthquakes, and natural disasters that make us worry. It is proper that we are ready during these times of emergencies and one of which to consider preparing is water. Water that can last for some time for our survival.

In this article, we will be highlighting some of the durable water storage containers that you can purchase for you to prepare in times of emergencies or calamities and also the things that you have to consider when investing in water storage containers.

Things to Consider When Buying Water Storage Containers

Best to Check if it BPA free

It is important that in considering buying water storage containers, it should be free from BPA which stands for Bisphenol A. BPA is a very harmful chemical commonly found in plastics. It is best that before you purchase, check what it’s made of for the safety of your family. As long as it is flood-free, you have that peace of mind that your water container will help you store your water even for quite some time. Though, it is still best to clean your containers once in a while.

Color Consideration

Some people don’t care about colors, but some do. Some opt to choose lighter colors for easy visibility of water discoloration or to see if there is already formation of algae. However, it is highly advisable to choose a dark green or black water container because it prevents the exposure of water to sunlight thus, preventing the growth of algae or harmful microorganisms.

Determine the Tank Size

In purchasing water storage containers, choose the one that will make your family survive for a couple of days. So it also depends on the size of your family. But better be sure to buy the right size to serve its purpose.

Water Storage Containers To Choose From

1.   Collapsible Water Storage Bag by HydraPak Seeker

This water storage bag is indeed jaw-breaking because of its awesome features. It is safe for anyone of all ages because it Is 100% PVC and BPA-free. Awesome, isn’t it? And because it is free from those two harmful chemicals, there is no need to worry about unnecessary or weird tastes. It expands and collapses accordingly, expands when full and you can twist or collapse it down when empty to maximize space without even damaging it. They say you won’t even feel it in your backpack because it is lightweight. You can also be assured of its durability because it is made of abrasion-resistant TPU. It is not just good for emergencies but even for hiking, day out, or travel.

2.   Water Jug with Carrier by Coleman

Coleman is known for such a long time for producing high-quality water jugs. That is why this 5–gallon water jug is specially made for camping, family gatherings, and emergencies, very perfect for outdoors. Installed to it is an easy-to-use faucet that you can use conveniently and will make pouring of liquid drink easy for you. And for easy transporting and carrying of this water jug, Coleman has created it with an easy to grip handle. Not only that, to maintain its quality, it was made out of tough polyethylene which makes it impact and scratch-resistant. Feel free to bring it anywhere and anytime.

3.   55 Gallon Water Storage Barrel by Augason Farms

Augason Farms believes that a tradition worth preserving will bring you peace of mind. That is why this 55 – gallon water storage barrel will give us that peace of mind because it is constructed for the storage of a large amount of potable water supply for emergency cases. This is BPA-free and does not have any aftertaste for as long as you keep it clean and make sure that the two plug fittings are tightly closed. Just a safety reminder that when you intend to store it for a long period, do not place it directly on cement or even in a location where there is direct sunlight because of the risk of water contamination.

4.   Water Dispenser by Sansone

Famously known as Italian Fustis, this stainless steel water storage container is of world-class quality certified by NSF which stands for National Sanitation Foundation. Meaning, this water container is made out of materials that passed the health standards. This 15 – liter liquid dispenser is multifunctional, you can store water, condiments, juice, or even alcohol without worrying about it rusting because it is crafted from a high-quality standard food-grade material so it does not rust.  Not only that, because of its silver and classy features, you can not just use it for storing water for emergencies, but you can also use it for parties.


We have listed the things that you must consider when looking for a water storage container that you can use during emergencies and not mention, not just the considerations but most of all, its safety and quality. We do not know what is yet to come, but it is better to prepare for the worst. And again, water is life, therefore, we must prepare an ample amount of water that can help us survive during calamities. We have just listed 4 water storage containers that would be helpful to you and your family, but feel free to browse more options on because they have a lot more to offer. It will be helpful to invest in water storage containers for as long as they can serve you for a couple of years.

That said, we hope you enjoyed this post, and be sure to check out for more storage items and furniture!

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