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How To Get Out Of Facebook Jail

How to get out of Facebook jail? This question keeps coming to the mind of those who are facing the problem of blocked Facebook accounts. It is the most popular social media site that is known for connecting people from all over the world. The most important thing regarding Facebook is that it works with great simplicity and ease without bothering the users. It helps in preserving the rights of the clients regarding privacy and security. Each member on the forum is considered important and so the data is kept private. To ensure that the users enjoy the affair environment, Facebook tracks what each user is doing on the platform. To make sure that the users do not face any challenge there are some predesigned rules and regulations that each member must follow. 

In case a member or members go against these rules or the auto-tracking system of the application finds someone to be guilty then there is an option of punishing the member. This is called Facebook Jail. At first, the user’s account is blocked temporarily and he is warned of severe circumstances. In case the attitude persists Facebook administration completely blocks the users and then it leads to permanent deletion of the account. 

How To Avoid Facebook Penalties And Jail?

 There are several ways to stay safe and secure and to avoid the Facebook penalties leading to Facebook jail. If any of the users is found guilty of going against the standards set by Facebook then by no means he can stay away from the restrictions. Many people who faced Facebook jail in the past are looking for some solution to handle this matter. 

Here in this article, we intend to guide you about different aspects of Facebook jail. This guide would help you find the right solution according to the kind of penalty. 

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Types Of Facebook Jail? 

Before finding the answer to the question, how to get out of Facebook jail?, it is important to check the different types of Facebook jail. The popular types of Facebook jail are as follows:

1)- Temporary Facebook Jail means the temporary phase of restrictions. Under this category, Facebook will restrict certain activities that are either reported as spam or Facebook itself has found the activity to be spammy. The restrictions under this category are just for a certain period. After the set, the period is gone the normal functioning will continue and the limitations are lifted. Thus, all services start working in a normal way. 

2)- Permanent Facebook Jail is just the opposite of the former type of jail. Here all the restrictions are permanent. In this case, the individual is deprived of access to all the features and activities of Facebook. This is an irreversible process as under this set of penalties Facebook does not allow the users to enjoy Facebook. 

Once you are penalized keep in mind that it is not possible to reach out to the spam detection team. Once you are punished with permanent jail you cannot have a chance to appeal against it. Thus, it is very important to stay safe and be very vigilant while using your favorite network. 

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What Is Facebook Jail Important? 

There is no doubt that the question regarding the Facebook jail bothers many but it is very important in some way or the other too. Facebook is a social platform. It deals with people and so it is extremely important to make sure that the platform stays safe and sound. Facebook considers it the individual responsibility of every member to ensure that the other members are safe as well. It is for the sake of responsibility that Facebook has introduced Facebook jail. 

The concept of Facebook Jail ensures that no dirty activity is promoted on the forum. It was created to share good feelings and happiness. Thus, Facebook does not permit any user to share anything that is against the sentiments of the other users. Facebook Jail is an auto-penalizing mechanism to protect all users. 

Although the Facebook administration is monitoring all user’s activities, it’s not possible to check them regularly due to the huge number of posts pouring in every day. It is for this reason that Facebook asks the users for some support too. The administration has asked the users to Report any such post that is inappropriate morally, culturally, and is enough to hurt the feelings of any particular group of users. 

What To Do?

How to get out of Facebook Jail? If you are looking for the answer to this query then it is important to understand the different circumstances that a user might experience while facing the Facebook Jail. 

1.Permanent Blockade 

If you are trying to access the Facebook account but failing to log in then you need to know that you are permanently blocked. So far there is no solution to the permanent blocking of the user. The best solution to permanent blocking is creating a new account. The account will be rejected if you will add the credentials that you were using in the previous accounts. Make sure that you add a new name, email address, password, phone number, and even address. In case you are using the same details, you will possibly face the blocking once again. 

2.Temporary Blocking 

If you are blocked temporarily then there is nothing to worry about. It is a blocking that will last for just a few weeks or months. If you are facing such a problem then all you have to do is browse safely.

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Tips To Come Out Of Blocks 

If you are thinking that you can play your cards any time that can take you out of the problem then remember that this cannot happen. Facebook Jail is completely automatic. It keeps track of your activities on its own. The system applies the restrictions after analyzing the posts and the shares. Once the punishment time is over the system will start working and you will be able to get back to normal Facebook usage. All you can do in this time of temporary blocking are the following activities:

  1. Reduce your routine Facebook activity. Try being a lazy user instead of using it frequently.  Post and comment after a considerable difference in time.
  2. Check the reason for which you are facing the Facebook Jail. Be kind to yourself and don’t repeat your previous mistakes. 
  3. Google is a good search engine that helps many users when they are looking for different problems. The search takes you to the third party that has a list of solutions for your problem but many third parties are simply looking for filling the pockets. They would give you some Javascript or suggest some link/URL to resolve the issue. Be careful. All of these can be fraudulent initiativess to access the FB account. It can further put you into big problems like permanent blocking. 
  4. Stop using auto bots options on Facebook. These Autobots would never let you get back to the normal routine. This can also result in permanent blocking of the FB account. 
  5. Be original in whatever you do. Share the original content and keep away from copying the stuff from the sites that have some copying restrictions. 
  6. Don’t tag people even if you know them without any reason. Tagging is appreciated only when the post is concerned. 


This is a comprehensive guide and we believe that it would help you in sorting out the things when you are facing the blocking or the Facebook Jail. Instead of crying over the spilled milk, it is better to take all the necessary precautionary measures. The more careful you will be the better your FB experience will be. 

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