The Benefits Of A Career In Cybersecurity

For those with a passion for technology, there are few better industries to work in than cybersecurity. Cybercrime is a continuously growing threat that affects people and businesses of all sizes, so cybercrime is an incredibly important field and one which allows people to lead their lives and businesses with confidence. For those with a passion for technology, there are few better industries to work in than cybersecurity. Cybercrime is a continuously growing threat that affects people and businesses of all sizes, so cybercrime is an incredibly important field and one which allows people to lead their lives and businesses with confidence.  Many people are turning to a career in cybersecurity, and this is for good reason because there are so many perks to working in this field, especially if you have a passion for technology. Still having doubts you can go for myers briggs personality test online.

It Is In Demand

With cybercrime continuing to rise and becoming a huge threat to modern life and businesses everywhere, cybersecurity jobs are certainly in demand. It is likely they will be for the foreseeable future. In fact, the number of cybersecurity professionals would need to grow by as much as 145% to meet the current global demands of the market, and this will only increase as the world becomes more digital. Therefore, if you pursue a career in this industry, then it should not be too challenging to find work. Plus, you can also find work all over the world, so it does not matter where you live or what your future plans are (especially with so many people now working remotely).

Job Security Is High

Similarly, you will find that job security is very high in this field, which is important. Cyber threats are constantly increasing and becoming more advanced, so there will be a strong need for skilled cybersecurity specialists for the foreseeable future. The pandemic in 2020 has proven just how important job security is. Therefore, this makes cybersecurity a good field to enter for anyone with an interest in technology and who wants to make a difference to the world.

It Is Rewarding

When you are a cybersecurity professional, you are making a positive difference to the world and on the front line in the war on cybercrime, which means that it is incredibly rewarding. On a global scale, the average cost of a data breach is nearly $4 million, so if you are able to stop these breaches from occurring, then you are saving businesses and making a big difference. While this does mean that it is stressful and high-stakes, this is all part of the thrill for many cyber professionals. This means that job satisfaction is high, and when people get satisfaction from their work, they are often much happier in all areas of life.

It Is Flexible

As such an important part of modern life, a career in cybersecurity can be incredibly flexible. You can work in a wide range of different areas in both the private and public sectors, or even start your own cybersecurity firm or be self-employed. Additionally, there are many different cybersecurity areas and roles to consider. Think about whether you want to be an ethical hacker, an artificial intelligence security specialist, or a data security analyst. Not only this, but remote work is very common in cybersecurity, which can bring many perks, such as providing a better work/life balance and being able to live where you want.

You Can Earn A Masters Online

In order to qualify for the top jobs and earn the most money, you will need a masters in computer science, and this is a qualification that you can earn entirely online. The online masters in computer science for non CS majors will prepare you for a rewarding career in cybersecurity and make you an expert in computing, giving you great flexibility with your career. The cybersecurity track will focus on network security, data analytics, and the policies and procedures for dealing with potential threats and allow you to qualify for vital roles in technology. 

The Money Is Good

As you would imagine, in a tech career and one which is so important in today’s day and age, a career in cybersecurity can be lucrative too. While it will depend on the role and the location, the average cybersecurity salary, according to Glassdoor is $96,609 in the USA, but this can go up significantly, especially with a master’s degree. Those in cybersecurity tend to earn more than other IT roles (which is still a high amount), and with so many different options and progression opportunities, there are always other ways to earn more money if you are inclined.

It Is Always Changing

As the threats become more prevalent and advanced, it also means that cybersecurity is constantly changing. While this can make it challenging to keep pace, many cyber professionals find it thrilling having to constantly stay current and know how to defend against the latest threats. This differs from many other types of jobs, which can be repetitive, and you should find that no two days are ever the same.

There Is A Strong Community

There is a misconception in cybersecurity and tech-related roles that professionals tend to work alone and are not social. This is not the case. Many roles in the cyber-tech industry can be highly social both in terms of working as part of a team and building relationships with clients but also through networking. Cyber professionals appreciate the hard and important work that those in their profession do, so there is a strong sense of community. Networking can be a great way to get ahead, build your reputation, and find new opportunities.

Final Words

These are the main perks to a career in cybersecurity, but there are many others too. If you have a passion for technology, this is certainly a field that will interest you. You will benefit from great job security, a lucrative salary, and rewarding work; what more could you ask for from a job? 

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