Ways to improve workplace efficiency

In the modern business world, efficiency has become the watchword for companies of all sizes, all over the world. As competition escalates and firms struggle for opportunities in an increasingly global marketplace, heightened efficiency in the workplace can mean the difference between landing that next project or being left out in the cold.

Today’s commercial environment is now more competitive and cut-throat than ever. This has, in part, been down to the growing economic implications of coronavirus – but cost-cutting and improving efficiency have been the aim of many companies for many years as they try to forge a competitive edge against one another. 

As is so often the case in life, sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact – particularly when taken as a whole. Here are a few apparently minor alterations you can make to your working practices that could have a huge overall effect on your company’s productivity and efficiency.  

Know your employees’ skills and match them to tasks

Rather than simply choosing employees at random for a task, think about their particular skills first and match them to tasks and duties where you think they’ll excel. Likewise, even the most dedicated staff members have limitations, so try to avoid mismatching them to jobs where they clearly don’t fit. 

You could also consider offering in-house training to help you identify employee problem areas. Not only will your staff appreciate the fact you’re investing time and energy in them, you’ll also end up with better-qualified employees. 

Invest in a capable, scalable IT network

You can’t expect your staff to work productively if you don’t provide them with adequate tools. According to a survey conducted ZenBusiness in 2019, over 83% of office employees complained of outdated computers while 70.5% said the software they were provided was out of date. Additionally, almost 34% reported out-of-date cloud-based solutions with a further 26.7% complaining about cybersecurity.  

Very often companies struggle on with outdated hardware or networking solutions that simply aren’t fit for purpose. In the same way your company doesn’t stand still, neither should your IT processes and your in-house solutions should scale as your business grows.

If you suspect your IT hardware, software or network are slowing your operations, consider seeking help from an expert like HLB System Solutions. Specialist IT and networking companies have the skills, knowledge and experience to redesign your network around your specific needs, greatly improving your company’s efficiency.   

Take time to address employee happiness

It’s well-documented that a happier workforce is more productive so think about ways to improve your employee satisfaction at work. Also, remember that job satisfaction doesn’t necessarily revolve just around money. While low wages are one of the most common complaints among workers there are many other factors that contribute to happiness at work, including environment, provisions for improvement (i.e. training), a clear ladder for workplace progression, and sympathetic management. 

Taking steps to improve your staff’s contentedness at work can pay huge dividends when it comes to their general attitude and can vastly improve employee output and efficiency.

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