What Does It Mean Specifically To Segment Your Customers?

Customer segmentation is the practice of breaking consumers into groups based on similar traits, with the end goal being for businesses to be able to promote to each group in an efficient and successful manner.

In the context of marketing to other businesses, a firm may divide its clientele into distinct groups according to a broad variety of criteria, such as the following:

  • Industry
  • The total number of staff members
  • Products that have been acquired from the vendor in the past¬†
  • Location

In marketing directed at end-users, corporations often divide clients into distinct groups based on demographic factors such as the following:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Whereabouts (urban, suburban, rural)
  • Life stage (single, married, divorced, empty-nester, retired, etc.)

Why you should segment Customers Into Groups?

Marketers are able to better customize their marketing efforts to a variety of audience subgroups by segmenting their target audiences. These activities may pertain to product development as well as communications. In particular, a business benefits in the following ways from segmentation:

  • Craft and disseminate marketing messages that will resound with some subsets of buyers but not with others, then transmit these messages (who will receive messages tailored to their needs and interests, instead).
  • Determine which kind of communication will be most effective for the section, which might include sending emails, making postings on social media, advertising on the radio, or using any number of other approaches.
  • Find methods to enhance existing goods as well as prospects for developing new products or services.
  • Develop stronger ties with your existing customers.
  • Examine the many price alternatives.
  • Pay attention to the clients who bring in the greatest money.
  • Improve customer service.
  • You should try to sell more items and services via upselling and cross-selling.

To segment your customers, you can use special customer segmentation solutions.

How to Divide Up Your Clientele?

In order to successfully segment their customer base, businesses need to first collect detailed information, often known as data, about their clientele and then analyze this data to look for recurring trends that may be utilized to define customer subgroups.

A portion of this may be determined based on the information obtained through purchases, such as the job title, geographic location, and things bought, for example. A portion of this information might be derived from the manner in which the consumer accessed your system. An online marketer who is operating off of an opt-in email list may, for example, segment marketing messages according to the opt-in offer that attracted the consumer. However, in order to gather additional pieces of information, such as customer demographics as age, and marital status, other methods will need to be used.

The following are examples of common techniques for acquiring information:

  • It is possible to conduct interviews in person or over the phone.
  • Surveys
  • Research on a more general scale utilizing information already available in market categories
  • Focus groups

Utilizing Different Types of Customers

A company’s marketing approach and the items and services it offers to distinct consumer groups may be based on their shared traits. Because younger musicians have less discretionary cash, a small firm that offers hand-made guitars may market lower-priced items to younger guitarists and luxury instruments to older players. Younger artists are less likely to be affluent, therefore this selection would be based on segment information. A meals-by-mail company may emphasize convenience to attract millennials and “tastes-like-mom-used-to-make” to attract baby boomers.

Customer segmentation is something that can be used by any company, regardless of its size, sector, or whether it conducts its sales in-person or online. It starts with the collection of data and continues with the analysis of that data, and it concludes with taking action on the information collected in a manner that is both appropriate and effective. 

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