Mental Health Centric Applications For Your Self Care

There are many industries that are going pro mental health. Giving their people the right amount of leverage when it comes to conducting activities for the benefit of their mental health.

The tech industry is not far behind.

In the past few years, we are seeing many software and applications emerging solely for the benefit of mental health. People are going leaps and bounds to ensure a good headspace for everyone.

There was a point when the talk of mental health was almost invisible, and people thought of it as something trivial. However, soon people realized that messed up mental health not only causes physical distress but also makes our environment crumble.

Where we are not able to concentrate anywhere and not entrust our hard work to our full potential. This is why keeping tabs on your mental health and things for self-care is very important,

Because there is no care as effective as self-care!

How Can We Take Care Of ourselves?

In order to take care of ourselves, we have to first understand our own needs. Is it just stress, or are we dealing with anxiety?

Will only drinking that tea is effective, or do we need to see a therapist as well?

Now, these are some of the questions which you have to ask yourself while you are self-exploring in order to understand whether the problem is just trivial or something deeper.

Some of our enlisted self-care applications will help you do the same. Now, some of this software might ask for purchases, or you might have to buy them, but do not worry.

You can click here, and this will take you to a decentralized domain that will help you download all the content over the internet just for free.

Mental Health Centric Applications

Here are some of the mental health-related applications which can help you get a hold of your mental health issues and most probably fix them accordingly.

1. Moodfit

As you can probably guess from the name, Moodfit is an application that helps you keep track of your mood. With an excellent customer review, this application can recommend activities based on the mood that you are dealing with at the current moment.

Some of the key functions of the applications are as follows –

– It can help you reinforce positive messages for daily affirmation or when you need a motivational talk after encountering a negative situation.

– They will provide you with a mood journal where you can enroll your mood every day.

– Cognitive Behavioral activities can help you deal with any sudden mental discomfort.

2. Headspace

This is a phenomenal application that gave meditation for stress relief a new idea. There have been users who have reported an improvement in their stress level after just two weeks of usage.

It has a plethora of meditation packages, focused music, deep sleep stories, and even sleep-inducing music. Whether you are working or you are battling mild insomnia, Headspace will definitely have something to help you.

3. Happify 

Happify is running with the motto of acquiring the art of being happy. You can never be happy if you do not learn how to feel it. Happify is there to help you with it. It has sensible content which can cater to people with some of the most critical mental health disorders.

The creator calls it a technology that can make people’s lives better. It also gives some good CBT activities which can help you in crucial times.

4. PTSD Coach

Before we speak about this application, we would like to give a fair disclaimer that this application is not a substitution for therapy.

When someone is dealing with something as serious as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, they need to undergo a CBT with a professional. However, when things seem too bad and you are unable to reach your therapist.

Then you can always try this application and the activities which can calm sudden panic attacks.

5. SuperBetter

‘You are stronger than you know.’

Running with this amazing manifesto, SuperBetter is that application that can always teach you how to build more resilience in a tough situation. This will not only teach you self-care but also teach that life is tough, and one needs to build fortitude to take care of their mental health.

Take Care Of Yourself!

Yes, you can definitely have people to talk to and share your tough day with. However, there will be no care better than self-care because it is the most selfless one. You will never give yourself conditions, and neither will you have an ulterior motive.

Sometimes we forget how important it is. So, it is high time that you download these applications as soon as possible.

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