Popular Korean Boy Names List

Korean male names are a little different from other countries. They’re brimming with significance and firmly entrenched in tradition. These names are still evolving, however, due to contemporary trends and ethnic contexts (for example, Korean-American communities), providing new and expectant parents with an almost limitless array of options to choose from.

For those seeking to commemorate their ancestors’ Korean ancestry, or for those wanting to express their admiration for Korean culture in general, we have the perfect collection of names to assist them. In reality, there were 99 of them.

Know All About Popular Korean Male Given Names.

First and foremost, it’s important to grasp the fundamentals of the Korean naming procedure before we get into our list of Korean baby boy names. If you’re already acquainted with the material, you may skip this section. If not, continue reading.

To put it another way, Korean baby names are composed of two to three components (often three syllables). The first half of the name is for the family name, and the second part is for the first name of the child.

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The Way It Works Is As Follows:

  • The first syllable is the initial letter of the family name (similar to a Western surname).
  • The second syllable is usually the generational name, which is written as dolimja (). This demonstrates that the newborn is a member of a certain generation inside a specific family.
  • The third syllable is a one-of-a-kind name, which is often chosen by the grandpa or by a professional namer.
  • A name like Lee Min-Ho () would come from this, in which “Lee” is the family name and “Min-Ho” is the given name, as an example.
  • Given names are thus hyphenated and composed of two parts, each having a distinct meaning, which is combined to form the given name. Because of this, there are many current Korean boy names to choose from, with multicultural families often choosing for a hybrid name that pays respect to the customs of the past while still maintaining a touch of modern flair.
  • So, what are some of the finest Korean first names for boys that you can think of? Let’s have a look at this.
  • Please keep in mind that Korean names are usually spelled in either the Hanja or the Hangul script. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently used translations.

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Names And Meanings For Korean Boys

Find the ideal name for your child from this list of our top 25 Korean baby names:

  • Bae: Bae is a short name that may be used alone or as part of a larger name. It is loosely translated as “inspiration.”
  • Baek-Hyun: The first half of the name (Baek) means “white,” while the second part (Hyun) may indicate “intelligent.” Baek-Hyun is a male given name in South Korea.
  • Bitgaram: This name, which translates as “shining river,” pulsates with vitality and purpose.
  • Bon-Hwa is a magnificent name that literally translates as “glorious.”
  • Chan-Yeol is a Korean name that may signify both “bright” and “fiery,” depending on the context. This is a passionate pairing.
  • Chin-Mae: This name, which means “truth,” is a pure and sweet-sounding choice.
  • Chung-Hee: The name Chung-Hee means “righteous,” and it is a solid and powerful choice.
  • Dae-Hyun: This name may be translated as “huge show-off,” which means you could have a lot on your plate!
  • A lovely, simple name that means “moon,” Dal is given to newborn babies. Fun fact: The moon is considered to be a sign of good fortune and wealth among the Koreans.
  • Gi is a Japanese word that means “brave.” Gi is a strong, brave name for a bold young guy, and it fits him well.
  • Ha-Kun is a Japanese name that translates as “rooted in intellect.” Perfect if you want to encourage someone who has a lot of potentials.
  • Haneul, which translates as “heaven and sky,” is a good choice for that special someone in your life.
  • In-Su is a melodious name that translates as “keeping knowledge.” Ideal for a young child who is wise beyond their years.
  • A tradition has it that Kija, a famous Korean monarch, was the one who introduced Chinese civilization to the Korean people millennia ago.
  • Kwang-Sun: The name of this character translates as “broad kindness.” Appropriate for a tiny bundle of joy who brings so much happiness into the world. Kyong: Another name that means “brightness,” Kyong is easy to pronounce.
  • Man-Shik: This name, which translates as “deep rootedness,” is a tribute to the traditions of the past.
  • Minjun is a popular and lasting name that may mean anything from “likeable” to “handsome” to “intellectual.” Minjun has a number of meanings that range from “likeable” to “handsome” to “clever.” There’s no pressure on you, child!
  • Moon: The name moon is derived from the Korean word for “educated” or “literate.” Mama, you’ve taken one little step closer to having a baby bookworm.
  • Saem: This short name, which translates as “fountain” or “spring,” is as pure as it is beautiful.
  • So: Short and to the point, So is an abbreviation for “smile.” And we’re willing to bet you’ll do so every time you gaze at your child.
  • In addition to being a name with presence, Tae-Hyun may imply “big” or “highest” in addition to “excellent” or “virtuous.”
  • U-Jin: This name may signify both “universe” and “authentic,” depending on who you ask. Both in Korean and in English, it is a common phrase among mixed-heritage households because it sounds familiar.
  • Yong: Yong is a Chinese name that translates as “dragon,” and it is one of the most significant and powerful names in the world.
  • Young-Jae: The name of this one translates as “mountains of wealth.” A suitable moniker for a life-altering and joyful occasion.

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