What Devices can Improve Your Skill when Playing Shooters

Shooters are one of the most popular genres in world gaming due to the constant dynamics, and saturation of the game world with various interesting weapons, and unlike other genres, it is in shooters that every character plays a key role, without exception, and not just team actions as in other genres.

Improving the gaming experience in games will help not only the destiny 2 power level, but also devices that will help to significantly enhance the gaming experience and your skill in MMO projects like Destiny 2 and other shooters.

What devices will improve the gaming skill:

  • Game Mouse
  • Mouse pad
  • Sleeve
  • Headset

Game Mouse

In modern gaming, a good gaming mouse with flexible settings and good software can increase the level of the game due to its capabilities.

What gives a gaming mouse:

  1. Flexible sensitivity setting – the DPI system is the ability to set several sensitivity levels for different tasks and switch them at the touch of a button. From the smallest to the very fast.
  2. Additional buttons – buttons that are always at hand greatly simplify the game. A gamer can set anything to the buttons – any skill and not spend milliseconds moving to the keyboard.
  3. Setting up macros and scripts – macros are combinations of keys and movements that can be remembered and repeated with the mouse in the required amount. Scripts are entire actions recorded with the mouse, which can be executed by pressing the game button once.
  4. Highlighting – although not a mandatory attribute, it becomes a pleasant addition, given that with its help you can significantly decorate the room and the accompanying lighting. Due to the application settings, you can change the color of the lighting, intensity and run animations.

There are gaming mice with a smart DPI system – they are more expensive than usual, but they provide a number of advantages.

All players know that in order to hit the head with high quality and regularly, the sensitivity of the cursor should be small. This allows you to avoid jumping the scope further, or closer to the enemy. The smart DPI system adjusts to the movement of the hand and makes the movement of the cursor smooth and the way the player requires it.

The system takes some getting used to, but it can provide a qualitative increase in aiming and headshots through the right conditions and a more professional approach.

Mouse pad

A mouse pad may not be a necessary addition and not an influencing factor at first glance. Its role should not be overestimated, but it should not be underestimated either.

The mouse pad needs to be large enough to cover the full potential amount of arm waving and smooth enough for a gaming mouse to move quickly and smoothly over it.


The gaming sleeve is a relatively new and underestimated attribute of the gamer. Now it is used only by professional players and ordinary gamers are starting to buy a little bit.

The essence of the sleeve is the flexibility and safety of the hand with frequent sharp movements of the mouse, which are regularly performed in shooters. A sharp move of the mouse and a constant game of reaction can lead to injury to the hand, but the game sleeve fixes the hand and the entire arm and reduces the risk of injury.


A good headset is a key to a good game and frequent wins when playing shooters.

The ability to hear the game soundstage clearly, loudly, and correctly is the key to increased convenience and control of the situation.

Good sound can be provided by two types of headsets:

Virtual 7.1 – Sound from 7 sources is created by software that saturates the gaming scene. A good budget option with nice effects. Produced by companies specializing in gaming peripherals and devices for gamers.

Real 7.1 – sound from 7 sources is created by the components of the headset itself, which saturates the game scene with a projection of real sounds that the player would hear in real life. Such headsets are more expensive and are made by the most famous companies that produce audio peripherals.

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