10 Easiest Ways to Make Money in OSRS

Welcome to this installment of our weekly gaming guides! This article will explore ten of the best ways to make money in-game. OSRS gold can be hard to come by in reasonable amounts, which is why we have compiled this guide to give our readers a fighting chance at success! 

Before we get into the organic methods, we must point out that users can take the easy route and buy OSRS Gold from vendors such as GamerTotal. Doing so can provide you with the correct amount of currency you need, all for an affordable price without the waiting game. However, for those of you looking to knuckle down on the grind, we have compiled a list to let you know how to acquire the needed currency; without further delay, let’s explore the list! 

Ten Ways To Make Money Fast! 

The list we have compiled is in no particular order of which method is faster or more efficient. Instead, this list simply showcases ten of the best ways to make bank! 

1- Fletching 

For this method to be the most beneficial, we recommend being of at least level 50 Fletching. Don’t stress about this, as Fletching is relatively quick and easy to work through, so getting to where you need to be shouldn’t be too time-consuming. 

2- Mining 

Mining is an easy method to make a bank, but you might find it a little boring and slow. You’ll need to ensure you are at least 40 Mining to do this, but it can earn you an easy half million profit per hour. Any lower levels can still turn a profit, but it will be significantly lower; the same applies to higher levels bringing in more. 

3- Cooking 

Cooking Karambwans with a cooking level of 30+ can mean you make approximately 400-500k each hour. This method is relatively easy in comparison to some of the others we have listed, so despite the repetitive motion, try and stick with it for some easy cash. 

4- Fishing 

This method, in order to be profitable, will need to be leveled to 90. Once you have done so, you can go AFK and still acquire the fish required to turn a profit. For this method, you are best to fish for sacred eels as this can make you upwards of 350k per hour. 

5- Farming 

Farming can be an excellent method to earn some quick cash; best of all, the leveling requirements are significantly lower than others on our list. You will need a level of 30 Farming

to do what needs to be done. There are plenty of farming methods to earn your gold, but we recommend herb runs. As this method can earn you around one million per hour, and farming can be carried out AFK and non-AFK. Remember that your earnings will vary depending on which you choose. 

6- Magic 

This method requires at least level 70 magic, as well as the completion of ‘The Dream Mentor’ and ‘Lunar Diplomacy.’ Once you have done so, you can begin to make money from this skill; we suggest humidifying the clay for this method. Doing so can earn you an impressive one million per hour. 

7- Smithing 

Much like Farming, you can earn yourself some gold at a low level; much lower, in fact, level 15 Smithing is all that is required for this method. You’ll be required to find the blast furnace; this can be done across the map. You can do this for as long as you wish. Your level and the time you spend Smithing will determine the amount you can make per hour; of course, a higher level and more time dedicated will see you earning significantly more. 

8- Thieving 

Arguably the fastest way to get your hands on some quick cash, and rather large amounts of it too. This method will require you to have some significant skill if you wish to turn a worthwhile profit; you’ll need to ensure you are or at least 85 Thieving and to turn a better profit, 90 Herblore. 

9- Runecrafting 

This option is more of a given, but it is, of course, still worth mentioning! Runecrafting as a whole can be a profitable endeavor, but Astral Runes are what we will be focusing on in this segment. Of course, there is also the fact that you must be at least 80 Magic to carry out Runecrafting of Astral Runes, but leveling yourself to this point is certainly worth it for the profit that can be turned in. 

10- Hunting 

Last on our list is a rather risky one, but beneficial nonetheless. Hunting requires you to enter the wilderness, a daunting task if you have a lot to risk; but if you are willing to take the risk, you could hunt the black Chinchompas for a whopping possible 

1.5 million. Make sure you have a good understanding of the wilderness and the risks you face before taking on this task; it could be the difference between making a bank and losing it all.

Thanks For Coming! 

Thank you to our readers for trusting us to provide them with the insight needed to quickly earn yourself some OSRS Gold! We sincerely hope that you have been able to find the information you need and that your bank is filling up nicely! Why not check back with us next week? We’re sure to have a new and exciting article ready for you.

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