Enhancing Office Security Before the Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful season filled with joy and festivities, but the risk of security threats can put a damper on your celebrations. When most organizations are busy wrapping up work at the end of the year or out of the office for the holidays, they become vulnerable to security threats, such as theft or cyberattacks.

The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have observed an increase in powerful attacks during holidays and weekends. Any security risk can significantly impact your organization’s financial health and credibility, so how can you secure your office and reduce the risks?

Implement Robust ID Card System

It’s essential to have a strong ID card system that limits access to your workplace to non-employees. If more guests can quickly enter the building, there is a risk of theft and data breaches. Implementing a robust ID card system will enable you to monitor who enters the office site, reducing the risk of threats.

When looking for the right security products, consider Avon Security Products – a company that’s well-recognized for the quality they provide. Your choice may depend on the size of your office, the type of card you prefer, and what software you’re comfortable using. Compare the different products the company offers and choose a system based on your individual needs. 

Monitor Security Cameras from Home

Many security incidents can occur when you and your employees are out of the office. If you neglect to check on your office when you’re away, you may come back to significant losses, such as theft of office property and data loss due to cyber threats.

Invest in a robust security camera system that allows you to monitor and control your office security from home. Place cameras on different areas of your office to ensure that you can view the space from various angles.

Strengthen Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are an ongoing threat to businesses of all sizes, and the average data breach costs increased to USD 4.35 million in 2022. So, reducing the risk of incurring high costs is crucial and understanding what steps may jeopardize your company during the holidays. A malware attack could spread through the company systems if an employee falls for a scam email promising discounts on a holiday item and clicks on a suspicious link. Cybercrime can also occur if employees are using their office devices outside the office and leaving the device unattended or using random Wi-Fi networks.

As hackers become more strategic with their attacks, businesses need to enhance their cybersecurity measures. Incorporate robust anti-virus software in each computer, try to limit the use of office devices outside of work premises, and educate your employees about potential risks and actions to take in case of an attack.

Activate Alarm System

If your security cameras fail at any point when you’re away, you might not be aware of a crime at your office. Activating an alarm system that goes off when anyone enters your office when it’s closed will aware the neighbors of a potential breach. A strong alarm system will also scare the unauthorized people attempting to enter the property and may stop your office from becoming a target in the future.

Many alarm systems send notifications to apps, allowing you to identify the threat immediately and take necessary action. Some companies also hire security teams that receive the notification instead, enabling them to assess the situation and handle it based on its severity.

The holidays should remain joyous for you and all your employees. Take suitable measures ahead of time to enhance office security to keep security threats away!   

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