5G and How It Can Improve Your Business App

Faster mobile internet speeds have been rolling out across Canada since 2020, and it’s going pretty well. Mobile company Bell has released a 5G coverage map showing its progress, as has Rogers

For those that don’t know, 5G is a faster and more improved mobile internet network for all your portable devices. Currently, businesses use the mobile network infrastructure to drive their business. Cities, for example, can use it for real-time bus timetable updates or sending live updates to direct traffic on the highway. 

So how can you harness this power for your business app, and how will it improve the experience for your users? Grab your 5G-ready device and start taking notes!

Tangible Improvements

Accessing data from an app can require access to the internet, especially if pulling from a remote database. Apps that act like a portal to a website or database to manage an account (Facebook, Amazon, etc.) can improve their experience with a faster network connection. 

Removing the mobile data speed limitations from this kind of app will improve access speed and latency for your end users. 5G will reduce this access time to just one millisecond for IoT devices and four milliseconds for general internet browsing. That is the definition of ‘superfast.’

Real-Life Use Cases

Improved city infrastructure for the public sector is just one example of how business entities can harness the power of 5G. Let’s look at other use cases more closely linked to business apps.

With the pandemic forcing everyone online, healthcare access has improved with virtual doctor visits, and appointment scheduling shifted to online platforms. This improvement in patient care and interaction was overdue and has allowed better resource planning within the healthcare industry.

Retail businesses can use 5G superfast access to update their customers on current stock levels in almost real time. Customers have a more streamlined experience when browsing on a 5 G-compatible device.

In addition to retail and healthcare sector improvements, we will see an increase in speed and a reduction in latency when using devices controlled by apps. The time between IoT devices running on 5G networks and the associated apps could decrease to mere milliseconds.

What’s Next?

While there are devices capable of running 5G, only some are aware of the revolution happening around them. When 5G becomes the norm, we’ll look at the current 4G network in the same way we see the internet access on the Motorola Razr flip phones! These developments are fascinating and still happening around us, with many infrastructures needing to be upgraded to handle the extra load.

And while these upgrades are compatible with the existing app configuration, and there should be no need to alter the app, you may find that the previous internet speeds masked bugs and issues lurking in your code, slowing down your data access. 

Avoid this and make sure your app architecture is 5G ready by speaking to a Canadian app development company like The App Labb and be prepared for the superfast revolution.

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