The Importance of Technology in Customer Service

In today’s fast-paced society, firms are expected to respond rapidly to consumer inquiries. How can you accomplish this, given that the COVID-19 epidemic has increased demand for digital channels?

The answer lies in the application of Customer support tools that improve customer service and their utilization. To master customer service and remain competitive, you must: Identify technical gaps that prevent you from offering consumers a seamless experience.

  • Manage and utilize your resources with efficiency.
  • Maintain and improve your technology.

Applied wisely, technology may provide increased consumer responsiveness and relevance.

The Impact of Technology on Customer Service

When you have the proper technology in place and a plan to utilize it strategically, you can affect the whole customer experience chain, from the productivity of your customer care representatives to the delight of your consumers.

Reduce Busywork

Technology may decrease busy work, allowing customer-facing representatives – from service to field sales – to devote more time to value-added tasks. The automation of superfluous manual operations can decrease stress and boost workplace productivity (or at the home office, in this time of social distancing).

Gain Greater Insights

By observing and collecting behavior patterns, you may identify opportunities to enhance the customer experience and choose the best solutions. Collect client information from emails, social media posts, and other sources in order to grasp your customers, meet their needs, make better-educated marketing selections, and build sales-boosting strategies. Microsoft Relationship Sales, for example, integrates Dynamics 365 Sales with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to provide information on 500 million professionals, enabling salespeople to focus on an organization’s key decision-makers.

Identify High-Quality, Targeted Leads

When you discover current customer profiles and utilize those insights to target prospects, you zero in on consumers you can service and offer a solution that meets their wants and resolves their problems.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into your toolset for evaluating and acting on customer behavior by combining transactional, observational, and behavioral data for a holistic picture of customers.

Improve Customer Relationships

Your technology should ideally assist you in enhancing customer connections, expanding your client database, regaining old customers, and identifying new prospects. It will supply your staff with the important facts and information they need to comprehend the specific client journeys, obstacles, and expectations.

Your technology can even assist you in adjusting your offerings to meet the actual requirements of your clients. These enhanced procedures can result in enhanced customer service, an increase in inquiries, and a rise in revenue.

Improve Product Support With DevCRM

A new breed of companies is leading the way in supporting their customers by tying customer interactions with product features and creating bespoke workflows that smartly detect issues even before users are aware of them and proactively fix them. This requires stitching systems like live chat widgets, customer identity, a support ticketing system, and a backend work management tool like Jira. Dev CRM is helping to support their customers with code, and automation and looking to bring their customers and customer support engineers closer to their developers.

Add Relevantly, Value-Added Services

By gaining a deeper awareness of your client’s pain spots, you can provide them with the necessary skills and training to get more valuable solutions. As the requirement for safety personal protective equipment (PPE) has grown crucial for protecting their employees, many distribution organizations, for instance, provide point-of-use access to safety supplies on the factory floor to enhance compliance and boost responsibility.

Tap Into the Power of Technology for Better Customer Service

New technology and more intelligent systems enable you to serve each customer uniquely and to cultivate connections. Here are some strategies for optimizing your technological stack.

Invest in an Effective CRM

The most effective customer relationship management (CRM) solutions enable users to comprehend unique consumer requirements. Your business is able to identify and pursue the proper prospects, resulting in increased sales productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales enables sales teams to adapt to rapidly shifting consumer preferences, abrupt company changes (sound familiar? ), and swiftly moving competition. The technology monitors purchasing signals and provides sales representatives with relevant data.

NetSuite CRM offers visibility into all aspects of the customer relationship, including support issues and transactions, providing a 360-degree perspective that may boost sales success and efficiency across the customer lifecycle.

Provide Customer Self-Service Tools

Customers anticipate being able to reach us and us reaching them via many methods. And COVID-19 has increased demand for digital alternatives. Prior to the epidemic, we utilized internet forms, chatbots, email, surveys, and feedback requests to enhance customer service. There is an increase in demand for digital channels, especially self-service choices like e-commerce and mobile inventory replenishment applications. Companies that provide quick self-service options can increase client retention and satisfaction.

Don’t Forget the Human Touch

The finest customer service combines technology with genuine human interaction. Your customer experience journey should be relationship-driven above everything else. Offer live chat, screen sharing, and instant messaging options. Success in business is directly proportional to your capacity to convey your expertise to consumers. Even adding a birthdate column to your CRM to ensure you reach out to clients with a simple “happy birthday” email takes only a few seconds and has a significant impact on the client.

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