How to Win Your First Game of COD: Warzone

Winning a game on your first try is always amazing. However, it is something that is not going to happen at all costs. Reason? Your inability to perform well! Well, it is not right to blame yourself only. Actually, you need to work on your gaming skills and improve your chances of winning your first game of COD. Your victory and defeat both depend on the way you play. 

Since Warzone is more challenging than other teamplay games, you need to keep polishing your gaming skills. To make the challenge of winning your first game, you should look for some pro tips suggested by the advanced players. In fact, you can also check out their website to figure out the best gaming strategies that improve your chances to win the first game of COD. 

You can follow some tips mentioned below and make your win doable with relative ease. So, let’s get started: 

Get Your Loadouts in Order 

Acquiring loadout drop is always important and you should focus on it first. It will not only help you access the weapons that you usually prefer but it also helps you get permanent perks with grenades and attachment in the game. You will also see that these loadouts will help you survive for long in the mid-game. When your eyes are on the victory, you should look for loadouts as the first thing you need to get in order. 

Get Your Hands on the Best Weapon Combos 

You need to ensure that you will get decent results when you fight using the best weapon combos. You can easily combat your enemies using the best weapons and increase your chances of winning your first game at Warzone. Make sure to keep your focus on the mechanics and the positioning of your map to let the weapons do their job. Moreover, you should consider using the combo of M4A1 and MP5 if you are going to fight many opponents at the same time. In fact, you can go for the combo of Kar98k and M4A1 if one-hit headshot kills is a thing for you. 

Get the Best Equipment in Warzone 

The game features a lot of amazing equipment that you can use to enhance your chances of winning your first match at Warzone. You can easily make the best use of such kinds of equipment and you are ready to enjoy your win at Warzone. Have a look at the best equipment: 

  • Heartbeat Sensor 

Isn’t amazing to detect your enemies just by tracking their heartbeat? However, most people don’t pay much attention to this heartbeat sensor. You can make use of this tool to detect opponents, who do not use the ghost perk. 

  • Proximity Mine 

No matter what stage of the game you use, it always seems amazing to use the proximity mine tool. This tool will ensure you stay safe while looting and it will also kill the enemies, who trigger it. If it does not make any sense or kill your enemy, it will at least notify you that your enemies are coming closer. 

Get An Idea About Where to Drop-In 

When you have loadouts with you, the time has come to drop into a game. Of course, you will find a place where you can get a decent amount of cash, ammo, and weapons when you want to drop. Make sure to choose a safer spot to drop in and increase your chances of winning the first game in Warzone. Make use of your map to find the drop spot and increase your chances of survival with relative ease. Moreover, you should always avoid dropping in a spot where a large group of enemies is there. Certainly, your drop spot makes a huge sense. 

Get Ready to Strategize Your Play 

How to begin and how to improve your chances of survival to win the first game might be the questions that hit your mind. Well, you are not one, who thinks about it. This is why you should always strategize your play and make your chances of winning improved easily. You can easily plan how you are going to make use of ammo and which weapon you should choose. This will surely help you make your first game a success. 

Earning victory in the first game is no longer rocket science. You can easily improve your play and boost your chances of winning the first game in Warzone. Just follow this guide and claim that sweet victory. 

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